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New York Hot Tracks

Show Summary

Aired: 1983 - 1997
Show Type: Live Action
Country of Origin: US

90 minute music video show produced and syndicated by WABC in New York, mostly to other ABC stations. The show debuted summer July 22 1983, a full week before Friday Night Videos. The original host was WKTU DJ Carlos DeJesus who would introduce the videos from various locations, usually dance clubs. The style of videos shown were mostly Dance and Hip-Hop with a few Pop videos thrown in every now and then. from 1986-1987 the show was hosted by ABC's soap stars Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan from All My Children. It was cancelled late in 1997


raystormPosted: 12/13/2006
This must have been one of those past midnight shows or something because I don't remember this show at all.
EightiesCrazyPosted: 12/13/2006
Actually it came on at 11pm. And you don't remember it ray because it was aimed mainly at Black youth.
CocoPosted: 09/15/2010
I don't remember either but sounds cool, wish they would have music channels like this now

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