Howard Fellows, 2011-2012

The Board of Administration of the George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation has awarded thirteen fellowships of $27,500 each for the academic year 2011-2012. The thirteen recipients, representing the fields of Creative Non-Fiction, Literary Translation into English, Film Studies, and Literary Studies, were selected from this year's outstanding group of applicants. The 2011-2012 fellows and their projects are:

Creative Non-Fiction

Eula Biss, Continuing Lecturer, Northwestern University, Quickening.

John D’Agata, Associate Professor of English, University of Iowa, Three Long Essays (One Short Book).

Amy Boesky, Associate Professor of English, Boston College, What the Gene Knows: Genetics and the New Myths of Personhood.

Daniel Raeburn, Lecturer, Creative Non-Fiction, The University of Chicago, Vessels: A Memoir.

Carmen Giménez Smith, Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, Squander: A Collection of Essays.

Literary Translation into English

Neil Blackadder, Professor of Theatre, Knox College, Translation from the German of three plays by Lukas Bärfuss.

Geoffrey Brock, Associate Professor of English, University of Arkansas, In the Fog: The Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli.

Brian Henry, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Richmond, Smugglers, by Aleš Debeljak.

Film Studies

Wenwei Du, Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature, Vassar College, Sound Out of “Electric Shadow”: The Aural Dimension of Chinese Film.

Jacqueline Reich, Associate Professor of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, Stony Brook University, Benito Mussolini and the Maciste Films of Italian Silent Cinema.

Literary Studies

Sara Guyer, Associate Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biopoetics: Sovereignty, Homelessness, Romanticism.

Julie Park, Assistant Professor of English, Vassar College, Interior Designs: Homemaking and Imagination in the Eighteenth Century.

Karin Roffman, Assistant Professor of English, United States Military Academy at West Point, A Biography of John Ashbery’s Early Life and Art.