Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

If you�ve been waiting for a mascot with �down under� charms, then Ty may be the bonzer critter to fill the void.

With the slew of platform games flooding the market this year, it takes quite a bit to stand out from the pack. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger�s particular angle trades heavily on his surroundings, which is to say the Australian outback. Indeed, all the characters speak with colorful accents and the verbal exchanges between them are entertaining. The music fits the theme but is highly repetitive.

Controlling Ty is a bit cumbersome with jumping being particularly tough to get a handle on. The very awkward camera, which can�t keep up with Ty�s energetic movements, also adds to the difficulty. You always have to wrangle the view to set up your next move, and that can have disastrous results if any enemies are close by. Collision detection is also problematic, especially with the many platform jumps and run-ins with baddies. Using boomerangs is the most effective method of attack and is one of the game�s strengths. The visuals are on par with other games of this genre, but there are some levels that could use more detail to help differentiate between objects and environments.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger ends up being a very standard platform game marred by a wonky camera. Still, the vast levels that take a while to fully explore offer a lot of gameplay for the buck.