25 Games You Shouldn't Overlook (page 1/5)

You've already memorized the list by heart: Rock Band, Bioshock, Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, The Orange Box, etc. The list of AAA titles this year is huge, but as you continue your slog through the malls to find the perfect gift, don't forget that there are more than just those games out there.

With so many huge titles out there, it's inevitable that many perfectly good games will be shunted to the side in favor of their bigger, flashier console-mates.

But think about this: maybe your giftee already has all of the top titles, or your friend is an indie kid who doesn't like anything anybody else thinks is cool, or maybe you have a little holiday cash of your own burning a hole in your pocket. Whatever the reason or whoever you're shopping for, GamePro has a list of the five games for each platform that may not have been critical or mainstream darlings, but definitely deserve a second look this holiday season.


Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasue

"Zack & Wiki is a puzzle solving adventure that might look easy thanks to its colorful visuals and cutesy characters but it's anything but: the game will challenge you nearly as much as the NY Times Sunday crossword."

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Trauma Center: New Blood

"With two surgeons in the same hospital, there's a lot more than just equal opportunity at work here. The best addition that New Blood brings to the table is its multiplayer co-op mode. Two players can work together to complete the various operations, with each doctor receiving their own separate score; naturally, this allows for a competitive angle that further ramps up the tension and anxiety already innate in Trauma Center series."

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

"Umbrella Chronicles does a lot of things right. It combines the atmospheric charm of the ResEvil series with awesome light-gun gameplay, then throws in a wealth of bonus material to unlock and discover. It's the perfect way to prepare yourself for the upcoming Resident Evil 5."

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Geometry Wars: Galaxies

"The Wii version of Geometry Wars is a great port and the developers overcame the one potential hurdle--the controls. You move with the Nunchuk's analog stick, activate your bombs with the C button and aim your shots with the Wii Remote. It works surprisingly well, though some hardcore players will probably find it less accurate than a dual-analog setup. The simple graphics also translate well to the Wii and the game retains the awesomely psychotropic visuals."

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Battalion Wars 2

"The character-driven plot is entertaining and provides a few good laughs. The visual style is consistent at every turn, with gorgeously rendered cut scenes and almost Disney-styled game sprites. Time-specific filters added to scenes as well as some amazing anime-style tank and helicopter drawings look right at home in the BW universe, marking Kuju's astounding attention to visual detail."

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