Digimon World 3

Just because an RPG series has two sequels doesn't necessarily mean it's a must-play. Case in point...

Surprise, surprise: After releasing a monster-raising game and a Torneko-like dungeon hack, Bandai has made third game in the Digimon World series a more-or-less standard RPG. Playing as a kid freshly introduced to the virtual-reality Digimon network, you must adventure with three of the little rugrats to fight wild creatures and save the virtual world from a computerized terrorist group.

Despite some impressive world-map graphics and extremely catchy anime-style music, Digimon World 3 disappoints in countless ways. You can customize your Digimon's abilities by choosing what fields to enhance when they level up, but the actual process depends mostly on luck, meaning it's possible to level up and have no new powers to show for it. What's more, your monsters are extremely weak in the beginning and get pummeled constantly by local enemies. Even after the monsters on one map are no problem to beat, you'll be completely annihilated by monsters on the next map over, which is frustrating and smacks of poor play balance.

Add to this a sluggish pace, long loading times, and some very ugly 3D models during battles, and you have a game that's best avoided. There are dozens of PlayStation RPGs worth trying over this one.