Mega Man X: Command Mission

Find out what we think when Mega Man X and friends run amuck at random in their first traditional turn-based RPG.

It looks like Capcom is off to a decent start with its most recent twist to the Mega Man franchise, taking it away from the action genre and into the realm of good, old-fashioned turn-based role-playing. The formula is simple, and Mega Man X: Command Mission targets younger gamers who might be new to RPGs.

The Man in Blue

Yep, all your X characters are here, including X, Zero, and Axl, shining ever so bright with their vibrant basic colors (red, yellow, blue, etc.) and cel-shaded look. Mega Man fans will be pleased to know that bosses play as big a role in this game as they have in the others. But as well detailed as the characters are, as cool and menacing as their designs appear, and as theatric as the swelling music is, the kiddy dialogue that passes between characters makes it instantly clear for what age group this game is aiming.

As far as gameplay goes, Command Mission brings nothing new to the RPG table other than a combat system that isn't necessarily outstanding--just different. The game features a few light puzzles to solve as you go through stages as well as unique ways to power up your characters, but the pieces and parts of these systems have appeared in other role-playing games in one form or another.

Bringin' the X

Sticking to a basic and virtually flawless RPG format isn't necessarily a bad way to introduce X and his friends to a turn-based style of gameplay. Command Mission might not exactly be topnotch when measured up again better-known RPGs like Final Fantasy. But as well developed as it is, it should still prove worthy, so long as it doesn't fail to capture the essence of Mega Man.