Top 30 Japanese Video Games 08/10/03

Crystal Chronicles debuts behind Winning Eleven.

Here are the top 30 best selling games in Japan for the week ending August 10, courtesy of the editors and marketing researchers at Famitsu magazine.

As summer reaches its height, the game market heats up accordingly. A pair of surefire hits came out last week, with the newly crowned powerhouse World Soccer Winning Eleven showing extremely strongly. According to Famitsu, Konami�s sports juggernaut represents 96% of the soccer game market in Japan, and its nearly 600,000 units sold place it fourth on the all-time list of PS2 openings, behind Onimusha 2, Dynasty Warriors 4, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, Crystal Chronicles was released as well, showing strongly but not nearly matching its PS2 cousins� numbers, which create an artificially high bar for the humble GameCube.

  1. World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 (Konami, PS2) [598,933 / NEW]
    After the World Cup made it to Korea and Japan, the Winning Eleven series has experienced a huge boost in sales. Last year�s installment was a million seller, and this one may have enough lingering good will to top the mark once again.
  2. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix, GC) [191,602 / NEW]
    Square�s first venture to a Nintendo console since FF VI (III in the US) did well, boosting the GameCube�s sales over 50 percent in its first week of release. Yamauchi would roll over in his grave�if he was dead.
  3. Summon Night 3 (Banpresto, PS2) [152,285 / NEW]
  4. Super Robot Taisen D (Banpresto, GBA) [107,703 / NEW]
    Two Super Robot Wars games come out a year from Banpresto, and the robot strategy franchise has such a dedicated cult following that it�s like a license to print money�this year�s edition is no exception, it seems.
  5. Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Nintendo, GBA) [42,388 / 97,096]
  6. Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 10 (Konami, PS2) [36,227 / 360,167]
  7. Duel Masters (Takara, GBA) [30,0962 / NEW]
  8. Super Mario Advance 4 (Nintendo, GBA) [29,029 / 267,339]
  9. Kirby�s Air Ride (Nintendo, GC) [26,603 / 208,839]
  10. All-Star Pro Wrestling III (Square Enix, PS2) [26,230 / NEW]
  11. Kido Senshi Gundam SEED (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) [23,944 / 169,606]
  12. Tales of Phantasia (Namco, GBA) [21,327 / 77,297]
  13. Ys I & II: Eternal Story (DigiCube, PS2) [20,767 / NEW]
    The venerable, defunct RPG series has been out of commission since the days of the Turbo Grafx, and it shows�nostalgia is one thing, but Ys seems to have just been forgotten.
  14. Shutoko Battle 01 (Genki, PS2) [15,847 / 158,482]
    It looks like that first week was a fluke, with sales of the latest Tokyo Xtreme Racer going quickly down the tubes.
  15. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Nintendo, GBA) [14,831 / 4,617,684]
  16. Guilty Gear XX #Reload (Sammy, PS2) [11,448 / 52,449]
    A revision of Guilty Gear XX, with balance changes and a whole lot of �nerfs�, #Reload hasn�t proven very popular with the fans.
  17. Rahxephon (Bandai, PS2) [10,240 / NEW]
  18. K-1 World Grand Prix: The Beast Attack! (Konami, PS2) [9,779 / 29,465]
  19. F-Zero GX (Nintendo, GC) [9,354 / 71,924]
  20. Dobutsu no Mori e+ (Animal Crossing e+) (Nintendo, GC) [8,525 / 190,814]
  21. Space Invaders Anniversary (Taito, PS2) [8,320 / 20,924]
  22. Corokke! 2: Yamo no Banku to Ban-Joou (Konami, GBA) [7,976 / 64,006]
  23. Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP (Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge) (Capcom, GBA) [7,403 / NEW]
  24. Taiko no Tatsujin: Tatakon de Dodon ga Don! (Namco, PS2) [7,130 / 641,995]
  25. Real Sports Pro Yakyu (Enterbrain, PS2) [6,827 / NEW]
  26. Taiko no Tatsujin: Doki! Shinkyoku darake no Haru Matsuri (Namco, PS2) [6,737 / 300,926]
  27. SOCOM: US Navy SEALs (Sony, PS2) [6,323 / 34,122]
    Once again proving that the Japanese market just plain doesn�t like first person shooters.
  28. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Smash Hit! (Konami, PS2) [6,221 / 71,670]
    Pretty much the only chance this has to make it to the states is if Viz decides to stick it in the pages of its mega-popular Shonen Jump. But with an embarrassing wealth of fresh material, it doesn�t look like this will be able to make the cut.
  29. Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgames (Nintendo, PS2) [6,060 / 481,575]
  30. Rockman X7 (Mega Man X7) (Capcom, PS2) [6,055 / 89,775]