Top 30 Japanese Video Games 01/26/03

Our weekly rundown of what's hot in Japan for the week ending January 26, courtesy of Famitsu magazine.

Here are the top 30 best selling games in Japan for the week ending January 26, courtesy of the editors and marketing research types at Famitsu magazine.

The market finally reverted to some semblance of normalcy this week, after the Nintendo-laden holiday rush of the past month or so. Pok�mon Ruby/Sapphire, ruler of the charts for the past seven weeks in Japan, has been demoted to fourth place as the first big rush of 2003 releases stormed down the marketplace. Top of the heap is Armored Core 3: Silent Line, the latest game in a series that's got a hardcore contingent of fans all around the world. However, the real story here is in the race for second place. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Tecmo's tribute to hot chicks and fast money, surprised most Japanese media types and sold over 88,000 copies in its first week, selling out in most shops and instantly becoming the second-best selling Xbox title ever in Japan (after DOA3 and ahead of Halo). Will DOAX break DOA3's 188,000 copies and become the Xbox's biggest seller in Asia? And, if it does, what does this mean about the psyche of the average Japanese gamer? Are you sure you really want to know?

  1. Armored Core 3: Silent Line (From Software, PS2) [103,229 / NEW]
  2. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Tecmo, Xbox) [88,230 / NEW]
  3. Power Pro-kun Pocket 5 (Konami, GBA) [69,531 / NEW]
    Konami's "cute" baseball games have a tendency to dominate nearly every system they get released on. This one, a combo of arcade action and sim-like strategy (like its big brother, you can raise a high-school player through his formative years and into the pros), always gets close to the six figures in sales.
  4. Pok�mon Ruby/Sapphire (Nintendo, GBA) [66,054 / 3,923,592]
  5. Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu (Spike, PS2) [34,550 / NEW]
    Take something like Sega's 18 Wheeler, add some RPG elements, tack on a goofy story and a paint tool that lets you customize the look of your rig, and you've got this series down in a nutshell. Actually, though, I suppose you could steal one of the bigger trucks in GTA and pretend you're playing this game easily enough...
  6. Ratchet & Clank (Sony, PS2) [31,447 / 477,229]
  7. World Soccer Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution (Konami, PS2) [15,916 / 527,144]
  8. Inuyasha: Naraku no Wana! Mayoi no Mori no Shoutaijou (Avex, GBA) [12,844 / NEW]
    A mixture of RPG and board game starring all the characters from the manga/anime. Demon hunting is never as easy as it seems...
  9. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyu Premium (Konami, PS) [12,254 / NEW]
  10. Mega Man Battle Network 3 (Capcom, GBA) [11,622 / 412,076]
  11. Momotaro Dentetsu 11 (Hudson, PS2) [10,394 / 381,546]
  12. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Square, PS2) [9780 / 319,962]
  13. Taiko no Tatsujin (Namco, PS2) [9564 / 330,599]
    An interesting title, this one--it's bobbed back into the charts for the second time after dropping off the list into apparent oblivion. Why does this keep on happening? Because the game's repeatedly sold out its entire stock--Namco keeps on underestimating sales and has been forced to frantically restock stores twice now to meet demand. All music games should be so lucky.
  14. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo, GC) [9488 / 573,099]
  15. Marie, Elie & Anis no Atelier (Banpresto, GBA) [9470 / NEW]
    A medieval RPG starring a bunch of lovely female alchemists that borrows more from Sakura Taisen than anything else stylewise.
  16. Resident Evil 2 (Capcom, GC) [9372 / NEW]
    Just like what happened in the U.S., the no-frills ports of Resident Evil 2 and 3 were announced as budget titles but ended up costing around $40 each. Maybe that's why neither of these titles could break 10K in the first week, eh?
  17. Jissen Pachislo Hisshouhou! Moujuuoh S (Sammy, PS2) [8827 / 214,098]
  18. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Capcom, GC) [8691 / NEW]
  19. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (Nintendo, GBA) [8449 / 585,802]
  20. Mario Party 4 (Nintendo, GC) [7766 / 813,353]
  21. Galaxy Angel (Broccoli, Xbox) [7577 / NEW]
    Hardcore anime nuts may know something about this series�it takes place in outer space and stars a bunch of hot anime chicks. This Xbox-only game is the requisite Sakura Taisen-like video version.
  22. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Nintendo, GBA) [6886 / 411,973]
  23. Final Fantasy X (Mega Hits edition) (Square, PS2) [6823 / 15,504]
  24. Unlimited SaGa (Square, PS2) [6775 / 385,865]
  25. Tales of Destiny 2 (Namco, PS2) [6011 / 739,028]
  26. Sonic Advance 2 (Sega, GBA) [5633 / 118,745]
  27. Samurai: Complete Version (The Best edition) (Spike, PS2) [5620 / 16,190]
  28. Lupin III: Majutsuoh no Isan (Banpresto, PS2) [5436 / 224,302]
  29. Dark Cloud 2 (Sony, PS2) [5148 / 235,395]
  30. Million God (JAB, PS2) [4964 / 68,291]

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