Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Movie licensed games have gotten a bad rap, and deservedly so-aside from a few notable titles like Chronicles of Riddick, games based on movies generally suck.

The Bourne Conspiracy, which is loosely based on the events of the first movie, doesn't suck. In fact, it's pretty good. Sure, it's not a true blockbuster but it's not total garbage either.

Straight To Video (Game)

Rather than a straight video game adaptation, The Bourne Conspiracy is more of a retelling of the first Bourne movie. It doesn't have Matt Damon's likeness and the narrative takes a lot of liberties with the storytelling, but it manages to retain just enough of the movie's grittiness and action packed thrills to keep you going.

I personally thought the storytelling was little uneven, as it's rather stilted and the cutscenes do a horrible job of segueing from one level to the next. I also spent way too much time battling nameless grunts and fighting camera issues. And why the developers didn't put in an auto-lock feature for the gun battles was beyond me. There is a pseudo-auto target feature but it doesn't really work.

Fists Of Fury

However, the game does do a few things right. The Unreal Engine-based graphics are decent and the hand-to-hand combat is ridiculously awesome. It's fairly limited-press and hold A to block, press and hold X and Y for light and hard attacks-but it's handled really well. The best aspect is the ability to launch a bruising finishing move once you've built up your "Adrenaline Meter." Activated with the B button, this results in a flashy animated sequence in which Bourne knocks out his opponents with a variety of moves, including the use of environmental objects. The meter has three tiers so if you build it up and activate it at the right time, you can take out a group of enemies in a very impressive manner.

The melee combat does get repetitive but it's worth it just to see the takedowns. There's also a vehicle based level that's interesting but ultimately forgettable and lots of timed-button sequences where you have to quickly press a specific button to trigger certain actions. It isn't particularly meaty or deep but like the movie the game is based on, it keeps the action moving at a brisk pace.

Where Is My Mind?

The Bourne Conspiracy isn't perfect. There were definitely moments when I wanted to chuck my controller across the room because one of its minor design flaws sent me to a cheap and unfair death. And yet, there were also moments when the game clicked for me and I really did feel like I was a damaged super spy on the run. Conspiracy is a flawed yet slick action title that has just enough going for it for me to recommend you check it out, especially if you loved the Bourne movies.

PROS: Melee combat system is awesome; the gameplay definitely has its moments
CONS: Storytelling is uneven; camera and gun targeting issues; repetitive combat

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I was disappointed with the first play and put the game away for a couple of months. I loaded it last week and played solid, thoroughly enjoying it... especially with the headphones on and the sound effects turned up. The sound is stellar and I had no problems with the gameplay. I've started it again and found that I now have complete control of the gameplay... as usual it's not nearly as much fun the second time around. All I can say is that picking up a PS3 and Assassins Creed and Bourne Conspiracy has me back as a serious gamer after 1 12 year absence.

I also disagree with the review with auto lock for shooting - I found it easy and the last few scenes challenged me to no end. Worth getting if you find it cheap or in a bargain bin.


Its going to be another corny movie made into a video game.... its as easy as that....


I knew it another movie videogame sucking, haven't played it but i trust gamepro, and honestly i saw it coming, i WAS gonna buy it, thanks Kim.

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