More Final Fantasy X-2 Details

What's the battle system like? What happened to the "Rikku version"? And where'd Yuna get that outfit? All your doubts are answered in this week's Famitsu.

While Square was nice enough to provide our very first look at Final Fantasy X-2 yesterday, they were a little skimpy on the details. Probably unavoidable, we suppose; yesterday's meeting was primarily aimed at businessmen and stockholders, not information-poor gamers like you and I. Fortunately, weekly Japanese games mag Famitsu has come to our rescue once more: they interviewed FFX-2's chief development team to get the full scoop on what's new and what's fallen out of Square's top game of early 2003.

We don't have our hands on the full interview yet, unfortunately, but here are the top details:

  • There will be three main characters in FFX-2: Yuna (of course), Rikku, and an as-yet-unidentified woman making her FF debut. That's the trio displayed on top of the FFX-2 logo, by the way. (We know the third lady looks kind of like Lulu, but Square swears on the Bible that she's not. Sorry, guys.)

  • The game begins with Yuna discovering a sphere with an image of someone who looks kind of like Tidus inside. She starts off on a quest in search of the strange man, but this quest (as they tend to do in Square RPGs) eventually blows up into something far more important. (Kazushige Nojima, the scriptwriter, termed Yuna's new outfit as "the natural reaction to the heavy stuff she wore in FFX." We believe it.)

  • FFX-2, according to its developers, will be less linear than the original X during the opening stages. Since Yuna's no stranger to her homeland, she'll be able to access a comparatively large area of game space from the beginning, using hovercrafts and (possibly) other high-speed vehicles to get around.

    Although Yuna can jump and climb around on the main field, this doesn't mean that FFX-2 is an action RPG all of a sudden: the developers took pains to point out that the new moves are simply a way of making field map movement a little more interesting. As one developer put it, "you won't fall to your death after missing a jump or anything."

  • The battle and leveling system's been completely revamped�Toshiro Tsuchida, the guy who created FFX's battle system, isn't involved in this game at all. The whole sphere grid system is gone, for one, replaced with a new character-raising system that the developers didn't go into specifics on. We don't know what the new battle system's like, but the developers made cryptic references to an attack method that's nothing like the typical "choose commands from a menu" method you see in most RPGs. Overkills and Overdrives have been removed from this new system.

  • Although Square discussed releasing separate FFX sequels for Yuna and Rikku earlier this year, the developers confirmed that a "Rikku version" is definitely not in the works. There's always the possibility of an FFX-3, though�the staff said that there's some story material in X-2 that could cross over to another sequel, should one ever be made.

  • Square's been working on FFX-2 for approximately one year, and�according to one developer�the project's been progressing almost unbelievably smoothly. Voice work on the Japanese version is just about complete, and Square's promised that the game will take at least as long to finish as any other recent FF game.

As you can see, the new Final Fantasy's very quickly approaching completion over in Japan. Meaning, of course, that talk of the U.S. version is bound to start up sometime soon. We'll let you know when Square U.S.A. breaks out the goods, so stay tuned.