Foundation 9 says goodbye to Charlottetown

Development arm Backbone Charlottetown has recently announced that it will splinter off from Foundation 9 Entertainment to form a new entity known as Other Ocean Interactive.

By Eugene Huang

Backbone Charlottetown once started out as a development studio under the Backbone label of Foundation 9 Entertainment, the company that declares itself the "largest independent game developer in North America". Located in Canada's Prince Edward Island, the studio works predominantly with retro games, creating such titles as the Xbox Live Arcade rendition of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, as well as the so-far unreleased XBLA remakes of Tron and Discs of Tron.

But just recently, Backbone Charlottetown announced its decision to splinter off from the Foundation 9 family, choosing instead to represent itself as a completely independent entity to be known as Other Ocean Interactive. Former Foundation 9 founder Andrew Ayre will act as majority shareholder and CEO of the new company.

"It's been a real pleasure being a part of the growth and success of Foundation 9 and it's exciting to bring this experience to a new opportunity," said Ayre, in a press announcement released last week. "I'm looking forward to growing game development in Atlantic Canada and further establishing the region as an up and coming location where top games are produced."

The release also notes that Foundation 9 will not retain any interest in the new studio, monetary or otherwise. The spin off is expected to be completed early next month.