Playstation 2: A System for the Millennium? (Page 2)

Show Me the Games!
Yes, the tech specs are impressive, but what gamers really want to see are games. Fortunately, it looks like Sony is planning to deliver some awesome games at launch-most notably Gran Turismo 2000, Tekken Tag Tournament, and Street Fighter EX3.

The Gran Turismo 2000 demo featured eight cars racing on a track simultaneously. The amount of detail on the surrounding buildings was excellent as cars sped down the track at 60 frames per second unhindered by pop-up or clipping problems and without a trace of slowdown. The alpha version had three available views: cockpit, and tight or loose behind the car.

Tekken Tag Tournament should be another crowd-pleaser. Visually, Tekken on the PS2 blows its arcade parent away with sharper graphics and smoother character polygons. The characters in the early version were loaded with details right down to the variety of their garbs. The fighting backgrounds were also astounding-especially Eddy Gordo's stage where you could see individual blades of grass! Tekken Tag's gameplay was identical to the arcade version's, and each character retained his familiar set of special moves and linking combos. Street Fighter EX3 ScreenshotWhile not up to the graphic prowess of Tekken Tag Tournament, Street Fighter EX3 also looks to put in a strong showing. Although the texture maps weren't quite as detailed as those in TTT, the character designs were faithful to the 2D original's, and the familiar controls were dead-on.

Of course, these games are just the tip of the PS2 iceberg. Other titles in development include Mobile Suit Gundam, Star Ocean 3, Bloody Roar 3, Bomberman 2001, Darius III and IV, New Ridge Racer, Tenchu 2, Ninja Gaiden, and New Cool Boarders.

Start Your Motors
Sony's clearly gunning for the numero uno position in the next-gen console wars. Although it remains to be seen how the public will accept its initial asking price and how large Nintendo's Dolphin will loom in the background, the PlayStation 2 should be able to take on all comers.

PlayStation 2 Specifications
CPU: 128-bit "Emotion Engine"
System Clock Frequency: 294.912 MHz
Main Memory: Direct RDRAM
Memory Size: 32 MB
3D CG Geometric Transformation: 66 million polygons/second
Graphics: Graphics synthesizer
Clock Frequency: 147.456 MHz
Embedded Cache VRAM: 4 MB
Sound: SPU2
Number of Voices: 48ch plus software
Sound Memory: 4 MB
IOP: I/O Processor
CPU Core: PlayStation CPU+
Clock Frequency: 33.8688 MHz or 36.864 MHz (selectable)
IOP Memory: 2 MB
Disc Device: CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
Device Speed: CD-ROM 24X speed, DVD-ROM 4X speed
Communication: Via PC-Card (PCMCIA)