Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Crash Bandicoot: Warped gives gamers the total package: great graphics, super sounds, and hours of fun gameplay. You're a warped PlayStation owner if you don't immediately add Crash to your library.

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Undoubtedly the coolest platform game for the PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot: Warped spins out of control with insanely addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and some of the baddest Bandicoot moves and vehicles ever. If you own a PlayStation, you're a fool if you don't buy this game!

Crash! Bam! Boom!
In the previous two Crash Bandicoot games, Dr. Cortex failed to collect all the energy gems and crystals he needed to rule the world, and now his boss, Uka Uka, is pissed. So Uka Uka, with the help of one of his henchmen, Dr. N. Tropy, has devised a plan to use a time machine to travel through the past, present, and future in order to steal all the gems and crystals from their various hidden locations. Crash (our hero!) and his sister, Coco, find out about the plan and now must warp through time to stop the sinister trio's diabolical deeds.

Crash's frantic gameplay blazes by as you speed from level to level collecting the valuable gems and crystals, tornado-spinning enemies, and battling menacing bosses at the end of each Warp Chamber. What makes this game so much more fun than its predecessors is its unbelievable variety of levels and special attacks. Automatically switching between Coco and Crash (depending on the level), you fly planes, ride jet skis, race a motorcycle, and even jump on the back of a tiger to bullet across the Great Wall of China. And every time you defeat a boss, you learn a new move like the Super Body Slam or gain a special power such as the ability to shoot a laser-guided Fruit Bazooka.

Time Keeps on Tickin'
Crash's creators, Naughty Dog, have also included a new Time Trial mode to make Warped more of a party game. After completing a level, you can now re-enter the stage and race through it as quickly as possible to achieve your fastest time. Your time is then saved on the memory card. If you beat the time established by the game, you receive a Sapphire Relic. After you trounce the Sapphire time, a Gold time is displayed to further test your skills. If you beat all the Gold times in the game, a new Platinum time will be shown. But good luck--the folks at Naughty Dog established the Platinum times, so only the greatest players will beat them.

The time trials are outrageously fun as you and your friends will spend hours passing around the controller to see who will have the best result. The mode also serves a gaming purpose--every five Sapphire times you beat will unlock a new hidden level--and you can't finish the game at 100 percent complete without beating these worlds.

Dino Might!
Whether you're swimming through Atlantis, running away from a giant dinosaur in the Jurassic era, or shooting down bombers in a biplane, you'll be amazed by Crash's incredibly clean, detailed graphics. The water in the jet ski levels has the most realistic-looking waves of any PlayStation game we've seen so far, while the colorful backgrounds and spicy enemies will keep your eyes bugged out for hours. (For more technical info on Warped, check out "The Cutting Edge" in our November '98 issue.)

The sound also gets you pumped to play, especially the wicked drum beats that blare when you're charging through a level with the invincibility mask. Other audio effects--from the boiling lava and the roaring pterodactyls to the zany movie voice-overs--keep you entranced and entertained throughout.

Coo-Coo for Coco
Crash Bandicoot: Warped gives gamers the total package: great graphics, super sounds, and hours of fun gameplay. You're a warped PlayStation owner if you don't immediately add Crash to your library.

Defeating Cortex: Mine Your Own Business
To beat Cortex, first run counterclockwise behind the laser beam to avoid being hit. Wait for Cortex to start throwing mines at you, then jump next to him. After he throws the last mine, his force field disappears. Spin dash him into the hole in the middle of the room.

In Cortex's second phase of attacks, you must first avoid the giant whirlwind. Wait for him to drop the mines again, then after he drops the last mine, spin dash him back into the hole.

Cortex's final attack phase begins with two giant masks that attempt to smash you. Jump away from their attacks. After Cortex throws his last mine on the ground, spin dash him into the hole for the victory.