Fefe Dobson Donates Her Talents To Two Benefit Shows

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson jumped at the chance to headline Siren Sounds, a benefit concert to raise money for Interval House, Canada's first facility for abused women and children.

Dobson's sister was in an abusive relationship for years and there's abuse on her mom's side of the family. She knows the damage it can do and, when she was asked to help, she wasted no time in saying yes.

"To me, it was like, finally I can get my hands on something that I feel I can be a part of that's life-changing," Dobson says.

So on May 12, she'll take the stage at Toronto's Opera House along with 2005 Canadian Idol winner Melissa O'Neil, Anjulie, Zoe Bentley, Melissa Bathory, Goodbye Glory and Sarah Jean Villa in order to make sure that Interval House will continue to be around to help those who need it.

Dobson, who enjoyed success with her self-titled debut record in 2004, was about to release her Sunday Love follow-up for Island Records when they dropped her in the middle of 2006. The album — which teamed Dobson up with the likes of Joan Jett, Nina Gordon and Cyndi Lauper — saw some positive advance reviews, but wasn't what the label was looking for. So they shelved it. Instead of fighting Island for the record, Dobson decided to cut her losses and start over.

"It was sad," says Dobson. "But instead of sitting there and being depressed and begging people for the record, I went back to the studio, got people that I knew, friends that I knew, and I started again."

Dobson says her new efforts, still at the demo recording stage at this point, are coming along nicely and should see the light of day sooner than later. Though it was hard to see the demise of Sunday Love, she was happy to see the positive reactions to copies that leaked over the internet — which she's quick to point out had nothing to do with her.

"My real good fans, my hardcore fans, have it, so that's most important," Dobson says. "At least it got out there to a few hands, and now it's time to make a record on my own terms."

Siren Sounds isn't the only benefit show Dobson is involved with. She'll also hit the stage for the Jully Black-hosted Panty Schmooze at the Fox And Fiddle in Toronto's Leaside neighbourhood on April 23. The annual event collects clothing and donations for women and children at shelters around the city.

Dobson doesn't think of herself as a role model, though she doesn't bristle at the label.

"I have a lot of experience in life and I've experienced a lot of things for my age. If people want to look up to me, that's amazing. At least I'm not going to steer them wrong."

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