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Professor Paul Hudak

Department of Computer Science
Yale University
New Haven, CT

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Recent News:

bulletI am currently on medical leave of absence from Yale, until summer of 2011.  I am recovering from a stem cell transplant necessitated by a rare form of leukemia.
bulletOn July 1, 2009, I was appointed Master of Saybrook College.  My wife Cathy Van Dyke is the Associate Master.  Professor Edward Kamens is currently the Acting Master while I am on leave.

Older News:

bulletTogether with two of my colleagues, I recently helped establish the Computing and the Arts major at Yale, which is part of a larger initiative called "C2" (Creative Consilience of Computing and the Arts).
bulletIn the summer of 2008 my wife and I had the adventure of a lifetime: a 12-day raft trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  We took some nice pictures that capture the highlights.


I am a Professor of Computer Science at Yale University.  The Yale Department of Computer Science has an official personal website for me, but this one has far more information in it.

My professional work is described in more detail on my Professional Activities page.


I play jazz piano, but generally enjoy all forms of and venues for music.

bulletI used to play in a jazz group called Collectively Speaking.  In 1995 we were voted the Number 1 jazz group in New Haven in the New Haven Advocate's annual reader's poll.
bulletBack in the 70's I played in a rock/pop/disco(!) group called Meadow, with my brother Clark.
bulletIn an effort to combine business with pleasure, about 15 years ago I designed a language (actually a Haskell library) for composing music in Haskell, originally called Haskore.  That system has expanded in a number of ways, and is now called Euterpea.


I am married to Cathy Van Dyke and have two grown daughters, Cris(tina) and Jen(nifer). 

bulletCathy is the Associate Master of Saybrook College.
bulletCris is in the PhD graduate program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Utah.
bulletJen is a professional free-style skier.  Here is a YouTube video of Jen winning the Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter X Games:
bulletCris and Jen live in Salt Lake City, UT.  We have a house in Park City, UT, and thus get to visit them often.
bulletMy Mom died in January 2009.  She lived a wonderful life, and my family misses her very much.  My Dad (88 years old)  is still kicking though!
bulletI have five siblings, all of whom live in the Baltimore area, where I grew up.


I love all kinds of sports, and probably (my wife would say definitely) watch too much of it on TV.  I especially love lacrosse -- grew up in Baltimore and played at Vanderbilt University many moons ago.

bulletI was head coach of the Hamden High School Girls' Lacrosse team for eight years.
bulletI was President of CHSGLA (Connecticut High School Girls' Lacrosse Association) for three years.
bulletI co-founded  Hamden Youth Lacrosse, and was Girls' Program Director for a total of six years.
bulletI was President of the Hamden Soccer Association for four years.
bulletI am a member of the Faculty Committee on Athletics at Yale.  We meet once a month to discuss interesting issues regarding sports at Yale and in the Ivy League.
bulletI gave a talk at the 2007 Connecticut Lacrosse Foundation's Coach's Convention at Quinnipiac College.
bulletHere is my coaching resume.

Outdoor Recreation:

bulletI love to hike, camp, ski, and mountain bike.
bulletI also like to go white-water rafting; see our Grand Canyon trip pictures.
bulletI used to rock climb... but I'm too old for that now.
bulletMore pictures [ coming soon ]

Contact info:

bulletEmail:  paul.hudak (at)

Computer Science Office phone: (203) 432-1235
Saybrook College Master's Office phone: (203) 432-0540
Home phone: (203) 432-7630

bulletSaybrook College Business Address:

Saybrook College
Yale University
242 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06511
bulletComputer Science postal delivery:

Department of Computer Science
Yale University
PO Box 208285
New Haven, CT 06520-8285
bulletComputer Science street address (for express mail):

Department of Computer Science
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bulletPersonal street address:

Saybrook College Master's House
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