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Questions about Red Hat and ArsDigita answered

Recently, Red Hat completed the purchase of key assets, technologies, and personnel from ArsDigita Corporation. ArsDigita has a reputation for delivering flexible and scalable global content management and collaboration solutions, and has strong Open Source roots, which we think will mesh very well with Red Hat's culture.

As with all such transactions, questions arise. The following presentation was created to answer the most frequently-asked questions regarding Red Hat and ArsDigita.

What is the nature of the deal between Red Hat and ArsDigita?
  • Red Hat now has ArsDigita assets needed to deliver all components of ArsDigita Community System software.
  • Red Hat has all services capability needed to support customer deployment of the software
  • Red Hat has resources needed to provide ongoing support of customers
  • Red Hat hired a number of ArsDigita engineers, consulting engineers and sales people
How does the Red Hat/ArsDigita deal complement Red Hat's business?
  • Red Hat has been a strong contributor to creation and enhancement of Open Source software
  • Collaborative process is at the heart of Open Source software development
  • The collaborative Open Source process allows widely distributed contributors to participate
  • ArsDigita has strong Open Source roots
  • ArsDigita software enables content creation through collaboration
  • ArsDigita software and consulting expand Red Hat's ability to deliver the benefits of collaboration to the enterprise
How will Red Hat change the ArsDigita business?
  • Near-term, Red Hat will ensure continued delivery to customers
  • In parallel, Red Hat will develop its technology plan for the software
  • Red Hat will also plan for expanding services capabilities, leveraging Red Hat's world-wide services resources
Will Red Hat continue to develop ACS for the Java Platform (ACSJ)?
  • Java is an important technology for enterprise customers
  • ACSJ provides enterprise customers with a scalable, reliable platform for ACS deployments
  • Red Hat has no intention to alter ArsDigita's prior commitment to Java (Note: Sun's trademark prevents us from calling the software "ACS Java", though "ACS for the Java Platform" is OK. Hence the abbreviation "ACSJ".)
When will the 5.0 version of ACSJ be released?
  • In the near term, Red Hat will evaluate the technology plan for ACSJ
  • Release dates for future versions of ACSJ will be announced when this evaluation is complete
Will ACSJ remain Open Source?
  • Red Hat has committed to the Open Source software since its beginning
  • In light of this historic commitment, Red Hat will re-evaluate the non-Open Source licensing plans that AD may have had
  • Red Hat has no intention of changing existing Open Source licenses for ArsDigita software
Will Red Hat change the license for ACSJ from ADPL to GPL?
  • Red Hat has long released its software under the GPL
  • In the coming months, Red Hat will evaluate historical ACSJ licensing
  • Any changes to licensing will consider the interests of existing ACSJ users and customers
  • Red Hat will broadly announce changes, if any, to ACSJ licensing
Will ACS continue to be called "ACS"?
  • ACS Is well-recognized Open Source software
  • Red Hat has no plans to drop or change the name "ACS"
  • Red Hat will review naming of ACS as part of ordinary planning
  • Red Hat will broadly announce any naming changes for ACS
What will happen to
  • Red Hat recognizes the valuable resources available through
  • Over time, will be incorporated into
Will Red Hat continue to operate ArsDigita's public discussion forums (web/db, "ACS Core & CMS", etc.)?
  • Red Hat recognizes the importance of these forums to the ACS Community
  • Red Hat plans to continue operating these forums
  • Information from the forums will be archived for easy future retrieval
  • Red Hat will continue to support the public resources started on

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