CO Introduction

From the Commanding Officer,

"We strive for excellence in delivery of training and expect no less back from our trainees in their efforts. AUR will enhance the Land Army's capability by providing well trained soldiers who are prepared for their duties and roles no matter where or under what circumstances they are called to perform them.

In particular, we expect of our leaders in training, that is, our Officer Cadets, the highest displays of professionalism and selfless sacrifice in the pursuit of becoming an Officer in the Australian Army. As a Officer Cadet you will be expected to behave in a manner which brings honour to the Army and the respect of your peers and members of the public. "Almost" is not good enough."


Welcome to the Adelaide Universities Regiment (AUR) Website.

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About AUR

AUR is responsible for the training of Officer Cadets in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Following a restructure which saw the unit come under Command of 9 Brigade in July 2008, AUR now comprises three key sub units who are responsible for achieving this outcome.

These sub units are Beersheba Coy (incorporating Northern Australia Platoon in Darwin) and Training Coy in Adelaide, as well as Tasmania Company in Hobart.

AUR is responsible for producing the junior officers to serve in the Central region with units such as:

  • 10/27 Battalion, Royal South Australia Regiment
  • 3/9th, South Australian Mounted Rifles
  • 48 Field Battery
  • 3 Field Squadron
  • 9 Combat Service Support Battalion
  • 144 Signals Squadron
  • Other units is South Australia
  • Norforce
  • Other units in Northern Australia
  • 12/40, Royal Tasmania Regiment
  • 16 Field Battery
  • 2 Force Support Battalion
  • Other units in Tasmania

AUR is also responsible for the delivery of residential Training Block 2 of the Army Reserve General Service Officer First Appointment Course (AR GSO FAC) twice annually. AUR is supported by Western Australia Universities Regiment (WAUR) in achieving this task.


The Regimental Headquarters,Beersheba Company,Training Company and Support Company of AUR are all base at Hampstead Barracks in Greenacres, approximately 6km North of the Adelaide CBD.

Hampstead Barracks Location