Libraries at Magdalen

There are five libraries at Magdalen College. 

New Library

View along the top floor of the New Library

The New Library is the main library at Magdalen and where the library staff is usually to be found.  It houses a large book collection for loan providing good coverage of most areas to at least undergraduate level and an extensive reference collection.  There is also a large film collection, mainly on DVD, available for loan.  More information can be found under the links on the left-hand side.

Law Library

The Denning Law Library contains an up to date collection of law books and periodicals.  The collection is reference only, and access is usually limited to law students at Magdalen although arrangements can be made for other readers.

Daubeny Library

The Daubeny Library is a discrete collection of books, mainly on the history of of science and scientific research, housed in the Daubeny building.  Access is limited but books can be fetched by library staff.

McFarlane LibraryThe Old Library

The McFarlane Library contains the specialist medieval history collections of Bruce McFarlane, Magdalen's late former Professor of history.  The collection is reference only, with restricted access upon application to the Fellow Librarian.

Old Library 

The Old Library is the original college library.  Today it holds a large collection of books published before 1800, including many donations acquired by William of Waynflete, and a number of manuscripts.  Access is restricted to senior membrs of the college, and others strictly by appointment only, although open days for all college members are held.  Information for visiting readers can be found here.