The Monkees at Birmingham NIA – concert review

Monday 23rd May 2011, 11:30AM BST.

The Monkees at Birmingham NIA – concert review

The Monkees, Birmingham NIA

Forty songs and a two-and-a-half hour show — not bad for three men with a combined age of 200 years.

They may no longer be the young generation but The Monkees had plenty to say as Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork — no Mike Nesmith — were on the Here They Come — 45th Anniversary Tour.

On Saturday they recaptured the boyish sense of humour that made their TV series such a hit as a large screen showed excerpts from their (hey) heyday TV shows.

Tork had his ‘oddball’ role, Dolenz acts the clown but Jones may struggle to keep sex symbol status — a little like watching your dad dancing.

The Monkees were one of the first manufactured boy bands. Among anecdotes Dolenz told how he wrote Randy Scouse Git after The Beatles threw them a party. The title he took from Alf Garnett after watching Till Death Us Do Part.

They hit the stage with I’m a Believer and ripped through hits, obscure numbers and B sides such as It’s Nice to Be With You. All took a turn singing. The volume and depth is still there although Dolenz tried too hard at times.

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You really got people to their feet at an NIA not quite as full as might be expected.

Favourites such as Last Train to Clarksville, Saturday’s Child and I’m Not Your (Steppin’ Stone) featured before the band left the stage to Daydream Believer.

The encore was Pleasant Valley Sunday. A reprise of I’m a Believer kept fans singing — even me because after Saturday, I’m A Believer too.

By Diane Davies

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