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Football Star and TV Lover Kicked Out Of Home


A FOOTBALL star and his girlfriend were among 20 people evicted from their luxury flats after their landlord failed to pay the mortgages.

Hibs striker Clayton Donaldson and former Fame Academy contestant Pippa Fulton have been forced to leave their apartment after the s3million default by rogue landlord Jason Baulk.

Baulk, 37, bought the homes in a trendy development near Ocean Terminal, in Leith, Edinburgh, and rented them out.

But he defaulted on the payments of the properties - which range from s200,000 to s300,000 in value - meaning tenants were forced out just before Christmas.

Baulk, a self-employed property investor, bought 12 flats at the trendy Western Harbour development in June 2006.

Alba Residential rented out the properties on behalf of his company, Rosslyn Property Investments Ltd.

Last night, Alba director Callum McGregor said: "Baulk seemed like an honourable guy. The first we realised something was amiss was when a tenant called to say they had received an eviction notice.

"At first, we thought it must have been a mistake.

"We tried to contact Baulk to resolve the problem but he didn't return any of our calls.

"Unfortunately, we were powerless to do anything against the eviction notices and the tenants were left with no choice but to move out. It later became clear he didn't even legally own one of the properties, despite signing documents to the contrary."

Last night, Clayton, 23 and 25-year-old Pippa, once dubbed Scotland's answer to Posh and Becks, declined to comment.

They are now renting an apartment in Edinburgh's New Town.

Shortly after moving into the s300,000 Leith apartment in July, Pippa said: "Our windows look right over the Ocean Terminal and the HMS Britannia.

"In the evening, when every thing is lit up, it's amazing. I have to pinch myself."

A pal said: "It has been a bit embarrassing but they are a very down-to-earth couple and found somewhere else quickly.

"They didn't want to make a big song and dance about it because they are young and fairly well-off, and there are people with bigger problems than them."

Another evictee, Dean Goodfellow, 25, said: "The way Baulk has acted has been nothing short of despicable."

Yesterday, Baulk astonishingly tried to claim Alba Residential were being racist against him because he was English - and hadn't forwarded any of the rent.

He said: "If they had done so, I would have been able to make necessary payments which would have averted the repossessions.

"I have lost my house as well and face bankruptcy. This is down to the severe failings of other people."

But Mr McGregor hit back: "Baulk was paid all rent money due to him."

'The way Baulk has acted has been despicable'

Tenant Dean Goodfellow