Library News

Issue 12, February 1994

Open Learning

Australians have embraced the idea of studying by Open Learning with such enthusiasm that in 1994 the number of Open Learning students will leap from 15 000 to an anticipated 30 000; the number of undergraduate units to be offered is four times that available in 1993; and the number of universities offering units has expanded from five in 1993 to include approximately eighteen Universities and three TAFE colleges. Postgraduate units will be offered for the first time in 1994. A vital element in the growth and success of Open Learning has been access to library services and resources; ensuring and negotiating access to these services is the task of Open Learning Library and Information Services (OLLIS).


Monash University Gippsland Campus Library manages OLLIS. OLLIS coordinates an Australia wide Open Learning library network in conjunction with the open learning advisory committee. OLLIS determines guidelines, policies and procedures for the library support program; it distributes library support packages to students and, provides advice to libraries participating or wishing to participate in the network. OLLIS is also investigating the possibility of providing video or CAI Library instruction packages and providing library oriented input and advice on technological initiatives planned for the Open learning students.

The Open Learning library Network

Currently there are 26 university libraries nationwide formally participating in the network. Each library participating in the network has the freedom to determine its own internal policies relating to services they wish to offer to,open learning students. Open learning students' access to libraries participating in the network is based on a library voucher scheme. Library vouchers have a double purpose; they facilitate the student's use of the libraries and their resources, and they reimburse the libraries providing the services.

Challenges faced by OLLIS

The major challenges OLLIS faces in 1993 was to set up and operate a cohesive cooperative national scheme in a rapidly expanding and volatile open learning environment. Other challenges that OLLIS had to confront in 1993 included a minimal time frame in which to establish the network and voucher scheme. Within this short time frame OLLIS had to develop consensus with educational provider libraries which had diverse policies and philosophies relating to library access.

In 1994 OLLIS again faces similar challenges coupled with the phenomenal 1994 expansion and a very short time frame to negotiate library service policies with the new wave of educational provider libraries. Another challenge stems from the fact that some of the new educational provider libraries, unlike the original provider libraries, have no previous experience in providing off campus library services and no delivery infrastructures in place. Post graduate Open Learning will present its own challenges for libraries.

Senior staff appointed.

Technical Services Librarian: Paul Wilkins has been appointed to the position of Technical Services Librarian. Paul most's previous appointment was as manager of Monograph Processing at the University of NSW.

Paul's qualifications include a Master of librarianship from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Divinity form the University of London. Paul's management experience has been fairly extensive and he has worked in Acquisitions, collection management, and management development (policy and planning).

Before joining the University of NSW in 1982, he worked in the University of Sussex Library as Senior Library Assistant, and subsequently as Deputy Agent, Copyright Libraries Agency, London.

Network Librarian Appointed.

Deidre Schutz has been appointed to the position of Network Librarian. Deidre comes to MUL from Flinders University in Adelaide, where she occupied positions as Microcomputer Librarian. Acting Senior Systems Librarian, Systems Librarian and Subject Librarian. Deidre's professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Adelaide and the Graduate Diploma in Library Studies, South Australian Institute of Technology.

Deidre will be assisting Sue Steele, Systems Librarian, to develop, operate and integrate information networks into the mainstream information services now offered by Monash University Library. In particular she will be promoting the use of AARNet and Internet to Monash Academic staff.


Many readers may already be aware of the publishing activities of the Edwin Mellen Press and of the controversy that has arisen concerning the quality of the books which they publish. Those who have not already done so are strongly encouraged to read an account of the publisher's somewhat unusual practices reprinted in the December 9-15, 1993 issue of the newspaper "Campus Review".

Briefly summarised, the reprinted report suggests that this publisher produces what appear to be from their titles to be properly researched, refereed and edited scholarly books but which often prove to contain quite extraordinary gibberish. It is suggested that manuscripts are accepted unread and that proof readers are strongly encouraged not to correct errors.

Edwin Mellen Press uses electrostatic (photocopying) technology and usually prints only 300 copies of any title, but titles are guaranteed to stay perpetually in print. A recent catalogue from the Press promises 450 new titles per year and also makes it clear that academic and research libraries are their target.

By getting their books included in approval plans and publishing nearly all of their books in series to induce standing orders, Edwin Mellen has succeeded in selling some very bad books to many of the world's best libraries.

Monash University Library (MUL) too has purchased many titles from this imprint in good faith. Possibly some of these are quite good scholarly works which were judged to arcane by other publishers. At least one title is on a recommended reading list for an undergraduate course. Nonetheless we cannot but be concerned on reading the allegations in "Campus Review". MUL has no brief as a censor of scholarship, but would be very grateful to hear the opinion of Monash scholars on the value of many Edwin Mellen titles which the Library holds and can supply at least partial lists of these. Contact the Collection Management Librarian, Robert Stafford by telephone on 52613 or email

The success of this publisher, who to date has generally confined its interests to the humanities, cannot be separated from the publish or perish syndrome which has long plagued the sciences. In sciences, and indeed the social sciences, one consequence has been ever increasing serials costs to libraries, who have had to develop a range of strategies in response. We would be very pleased to have the advice of the academic community on whether or not we should continue to circulate new title information for this publisher's books. For those who are interested we can also supply copies of a four-page extract from Mellen Books in Print entitled 'how to publish a scholarly book '.

Robert Stafford
Collection Management Librarian


Over the last twelve months you will have read in Library News about the databases Carl Uncover and Current Contents and now there is Firstsearch. These three databases all enhance your access to information sources and resources.

Firstsearch offers a wide range of databases providing information about books, articles, theses, films, computer software and other types of material. Firstsearch's online catalogue has been designed with an easy interface that allows its users to move easily through the online search process in just a few simple steps without training and without online search experience.. CAUL, the Council of Australian University Librarians, has arranged for a three months free trial of the Firstsearch database from February 1994 and Monash University Library through its membership of CAUL will be taking part in this trial.

If you would like to find out more about the Firstsearch contact your Subject Librarian by telephone or Email you can refer to the list of SUBJECT LIBRARIANS and their contact details supplied with this issue of Library News.


Books written or edited by Monash staff or students are retained by the Library as they are a significant record of the intellectual life of the University and its staff. This collection, long maintained by the Library, has been extended to include works by staff from Caulfield, Peninsula and Gippsland campuses. Items from the collection cannot be borrowed, but access to them is arrranged through the library's Rare Books Section and works are included in various exhibitions.

Library practice has been to write to all publishing editors and authors requesting donated copies of their works. The Library is aware that not all publishers provide free copies to authors, the Library will buy copies in cases where authors are not in a position to donate.

The library also acquires copies of books by Monash authors for its open access collection. Authors and editors are asked to send copies of their works to the Patricia Miles, Gifts Officer, Technical Services Department, Main Library.


Miscellany - 21 FEBRUARY UNTIL 8 APRIL

The current rare books exhibition is a miscellany of recent acquisitions.Highlights include seventeenth -century editions of Sir Walter raleigh's Historie of the World and its sequel by Alexander Ross; one of the earliest accounts of Tutankhamen; and extensive collection of nineteenth century Victorian botanical samples compiled by Baron von Mueller the printers own copy of Heemskerck Shoals the finest of Australian private press books and a collection of mint copies of Australian thrillers from the 1950's and much more.

The exhibition is on display on the first floor of the Main Library ,Clayton campus and can be viewed at any time while the library is open. Entrance to the exhibition and an extensive catalogue are free.


The editors of Library News frequently advise to contact your subject librarian if you require further information or assistance on the use of databases or other services we are bringing to your attention. Who are the subject librarians and how do you make contact with the right person for your teaching area. This directory will guide you to the extensive network of subject librarians across all libraries and all campuses. These subject librarians have specialist knowledge and specific information skills in the area they are servicing.

EMAIL Contact. If you wish to contact any of the librarians listed above by EMAIL please use the following format :


Subject/ Contact Librarian/  Telephone

Accounting/ Judy Hopley/ 52317 or 55293
Administrative Law/ Petal Kinder/  52605
Air Law/ Nicholas Pengelley/ 52604
Alternative dispute resolution/ Petal Kinder/ 52605
American studies/ Grace Giannini/ 55472
Anatomy/ Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Anthropology/ Susan Little/52654
Asian languages & studies(Indonesian) Helen Soemardjo/ 52658
Asian languages & studies(Chinese)Dennis Kishere/ 52658
Australian studies/Grace Giannini/ 55472
Banking law/ Rosemary bunnage/ 52605
Bibliographical & Textual studies/ Richard Overell/ 52689
Biochemistry/ Wendy Baldwin/ 52642 or 52629
Bioethics/ Anna Davis/ 52654
Business/ Judy Hopley/ 52317 or 55293
Business/ May-Lee Wee/ 55293
Business systems/ Sara Miranda/ 55590
Centre for studies in religion & theology/Anna Davis/52654
Chemical engineering/Nhan Le/ 52645
Chemistry/ Nhan Le/ 52645
Chinese studies/ Dennis Kishere/ 52658
Civil engineering/ Krystyna Thomas/ 52650
Civil procedure/ Rosemary Bunnage/ 52605
Commerce/Judy Hopley/52317 or 55293
Commerce/May-Lee Wee/55293
Community Medicine(Box Hill)/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Community Medicine (Moorabbin)/Pauline Middleton/52629
Company Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Comparative literature/Phillip Watson/55293
Computer Science/Sara Miranda/55590
Conflict of laws/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Constitutional Law/Petal Kinder/52605
Contract Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Copyright/Patents Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Criminal Law/Poh York Lee/52605
Criminology/Poh York Lee/52605
Development studies/Helen Soemardjo/52658
Drama & Theatre studies/Stephanie Foott/55472
Earth Sciences/Krystyna Thomas/52650
Ecology & Evolutionary biology/Wendy Baldwin/52642 or 52629
Economics/May-Lee Wee/55293
Econometrics/May-Lee Wee/55293
Economic history/May-Lee Wee/55293
Education/Dennis Warren/52659
Electrical & Computing systems engineering/Krystyna Thomas/52650
English/Phillip Watson/55293
Environmental Law/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Environmental science/Simon huggard/52687
Equity/Trusts/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
European studies/Grace Giannini/55472
Evidence/Poh York Lee/52605
Family Law/Geraldine Woodhatch/52605
Finance/Judy Hopley/52317 or 55293
Forensic Medicine/Poh York Lee/52605
Genetics & Developmental Biology/Pauline Middleton/52629
Geography/Simon Huggard/52687
German & Slavic studies/TBA
Government publications(Law)/Petal Kinder/52605
Graduate School of management/Judy Hopley/52317
Greek,Roman & Egyptian studies/Phillip Watson/55293
History/Grace Giannini/55472
Indonesian/Helen Soemardjo/52658
Industrial Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Inheritance & Succession/Geraldine Woodhatch/52605
Insurance Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
International Law/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Japanese studies/Dennis Kishere/52658
Jewish studies/Grace Giannini/55472
Jurisprudence/Legal Philosophy/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Koori Research Centre/Anna Davis/52654
Korean studies/Jung Sim Kim/52678
Law/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Law & Gender/Geraldine Woodhatch/52605
Law reform/Geraldine Woodhatch/52605
Legal profession/Geraldine Woodhatch/52605
Legal writing & research/Petal Kinder/52605
Librarianship Archives & Records/ Stephanie Foott/55472
Linguistics/May-Lee Wee/55293
Management/Judy Hopley/52317 or 55293
Marketing/Judy Hopley/52317 or 55293
Maritime Law/Nicholas Pengelley/52604
Materials engineering/Michael Bertie/52652
Mathematics/Sara Miranda/55590
Mechanical Engineering/Michael Bertie/52652
Medicine(Alfred)/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Medicine(Box Hill)/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Medicine(Monash Medical Centre)/Pauline Middleton/52629
Medicine & the Law/Poh York Lee/52605
Microbiology/Patricia Naish/55367 or 52629
Migrant studies/Anna Davis/52654
Monash Asia Institute/Helen Soemardjo & Dennis Kishere/52658
MOSA/Dennis Warren/52659
Music/Georgina Binns/53236
Obstetrics & Gynaecology/Pauline Middleton/52629
Paediatrics/Pauline Middleton/52629
Pathology & Immunology/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Pharmacology/Pauline Middleton/52629
Philosophy/Anna Davis/52654
Physics/Michael Bertie/52652
Physiology/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Planning Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Politics/Gayle Whyte/52654
Property Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Psychological Medicine/Pauline Middleton/52629
Psychology/Patricia Naish/55367 or 52629
Pulp & Paper/Michael Bertie/52652
Religion & Theology/Anna Davis/52654
Robotics-Digital Technology/Sara Miranda/55590
Romance languages/Marie Pernat/55472
Social Work & Human Services/Anna Davis/52654
Social & Preventative Medicine/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Sociology/Susan Little/52654
Southeast Asian studies/Helen Soemardjo/52658
Surgery(Alfred)/Vivienne Bernath/52638 or 52629
Surgery(Monash Medical Centre)Pauline Middleton/52629
Taxation Law/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Torts/Poh York Lee/52605
Tourism/Simon Huggard/52687
Trade Practices/Rosemary Bunnage/52605
Visual Arts/Stephanie Foott/55472
Women's Studies/Anna Davis/52654


The editors of Library news frequently advise to contact your subject librarian if you require further information or assistance on the use of databases or other services we are bringing to your attention. Who are the subject librarians and how do you make contact with the right person for your teaching area. This directory will guide you to the extensive network of subject librarians across all libraries and all campuses. These subject librarians have specialist knowledge and specific information skills in the area they are servicing.

EMAIL Contact. If you wish to contact any of the librarians listed above by EMAIL please use the following format :


Subject/ Contact librarian/  Telephone

Accounting/ David Horne/ 32441
Anthropology & Sociology/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Applied Psychology/ Averil Dent/ 32536
Applied Engineering/ Sara Miranda/ 32439
Art & Design/ Gillian Marsden/ 32440
Banking & Finance/ David Horne/32441
Business/ David Horne/32441
Business/ Anna Ryan/32441
Chinese/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Cinema studies/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Classical studies/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Computing/ Eve Cupper/ 32264
Early Childhood Education (Peninsula)/Alison Trembath/44303
Econometrics/ David Horne/ 32441
Economics/ Anna Ryan/ 32441
Education (Peninsula)/Alison Trembath/44303
Engineering/Sara Miranda/32439
English/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
French/ Christine Sambell/32443
Geography/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
German History/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Greek,Roman & Egyptian Studies/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
History/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Human Services -Welfare/Averil Dent/32536
Humanities/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Industrial Design/ Gillian Marsden/ 32440
Japanese/ Christine Sambell/32443
Linguistics/Christine Sambell/32443
Management/David Horne/32441
Marketing/ Anna Ryan/ 32441
Mathematics/ Sara Miranda/ 32439
Nursing/ Alison Trembath/ 44303
Philosophy/Christine Sambell/ 32443
Physics/ Eve Cupper/ 32264
Policing & Public Safety/Averil Dent/ 32536
Politics/ Christine Sambell/ 32443
Primary Education/Alison Trembath/44303
Psychology/Averil Dent/ 32536 
Sciences - Physical/ Sara Miranda/ 32439 
Social Sciences/Averil Dent/ 32536  
Water Studies/ Sara Miranda/ 32439


The editors of Library news frequently advise to contact your subject librarian if you require further information or assistance on the use of databases or other services we are bringing to your attention. Who are the subject librarians and how do you make contact with the right person for your teaching area. This directory will guide you to the extensive network of subject librarians across all libraries and all campuses. These subject librarians have specialist knowledge and specific information skills in the area they are servicing.

For all subjects at gippsland library contact ext. 26683