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AMD Technologies 


AMD App Acceleration
is your application's new
best friend.

Processor Technologies 

Enjoy faster Web browsing, online HD entertainment, and superb battery life with HD Internet Technology from AMD.
AMD has led the industry in developing features for x86-based computers that enable fast and efficient virtualization, such as energy efficient multi-core processors, advanced memory handling capabilities, and hardware-based virtualization technologies.
An essential component of any cloud computing environment is servers equipped with processors that deliver a balance of performance, I/O capabilities, low energy consumption, and hardware-assisted virtualization. AMD Opteron™ processors can help organizations optimize data center performance and cost-effectiveness to serve their cloud customers.
When server efficiency matters, it's not enough to compare spec sheets. AMD delivers power efficiency at real-world workloads. Specific power innovations include AMD Cool'n'Quiet Technology and ATI PowerPlay™, delivering proven, measurable benefits for businesses and consumers, reducing power usage, lowering energy costs and lessening the environmental impact.
Manage the desktops and notebooks in your network.
Protect your network and data.
Manage your workload by helping reduce changes and by utilizing consistent images over multiple months.
The AMD64 platform led the industry to pervasive 64-bit computing.
HyperTransport technology is a high-speed, low latency, point-to-point link designed to increase the communication speed between integrated circuits in computers, servers, embedded systems, and networking and telecommunications equipment up to 48 times faster than some existing technologies.
Direct Connect Architecture improves overall system performance and efficiency by eliminating traditional bottlenecks inherent in legacy front side bus architectures.
With the power of two, four or more processor cores on a single chip, AMD’s true multi-core processors deliver industry-leading performance and unique features that help systems run cooler and more efficient.

Graphics Technologies 

VISION Engine is the foundation of VISION technology that leverages AMD’s Radeon™ Cores, Video Accelerator and DirectX® 11 graphics to enable vivid HD entertainment, blazing fast Internet browsing and accelerated applications.
The AMD Catalyst™ Control center has been designed from the ground up to give you a stable, reliable experience and also allow you to control every aspect of your GPU quickly and easily.
Supporting multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, AMD Eyefinity technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience.
Powered by a set of innovative hardware and software technologies working in concert behind the scenes, AMD App Acceleration gives you enhanced speed and performance beyond traditional graphics and video processing.
AMD HD3D Technology is supported by an advanced and open ecosystem that, in conjunction with specific AMD hardware and software technologies, enables 3D display capabilities for many PC applications and experiences.
Multi-GPU gaming technology for ultimate high performance and 3D image quality.
Tested to the highest quality standards in world class facilities, AMD Radeon Memory is validated on AMD platforms in AMD’s labs.
GDDR5 is the ideal GPU graphics memory for the mainstream mobile users to achieve the right balance of high performance and power consumption for the ultimate on-the-go visual experience.
Get maximum performance when you need it or extend battery life for life on-the-go.
Forget everything you think you can do on a Notebook PC.
Technology that improves the energy efficiency of AMD Radeon™ GPUs.