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File 130689466980.png - (92.13KB , 652x532 , WIP-Mfight1.png )
5925 No. 5925 watch
I am pleased to announce the upcoming game My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic, a, well...fighting game! Starring of course the main cast, however, online play will be supported, with a total of 17 characters will be playable in total, and the mane six playable at initial launch. More information will be forthcoming at a later date.
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>> No. 5926

Other screenshots.
>> No. 5929
File 130689611795.png - (163.34KB , 348x362 , dash so happy.png )
>> No. 5931
will luna and celestia be playable?
>> No. 5934
Needs a Sleepyjack alternate character, like Sleepy Nayuki from Eternal Fighter Zero. That would be wildly destructive! While we're at it, Pinkamena like Dark Ryu and Flutterage like Orichi Iyori!!
>> No. 5936
Oh they need to have Twilight's final move, teleport her enemy away
>> No. 5939
File 130689970116.jpg - (23.11KB , 476x344 , 130646566332.jpg )
>> No. 5940
File 130689978106.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , 236 - animated twilight_sparkle omg.gif )

The legends were true...
>> No. 5943
I came... for serious...
>> No. 5945
Can there be vids, please?

I want to see a couple of them before squeaking like a high school girl over this.
>> No. 5947
I need to lie down for a bit I think I might faint!
>> No. 5954
File 130690840092.jpg - (66.47KB , 600x600 , 130163168260.jpg )
Are you the same one that had a loop/video of Twilight vs Nightmare moon?
>> No. 5958
-William S. Sessions, Director, FBI

(the words "insert coin" begin flashing at the bottom of the screen)




(Shot of Twilight's character portrait)


(Demo of Applejack comboing Gilda and chaining it into her super attack, Apple Barrage)


(Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy's character portraits flash by in rapid succession)


(Spike, Trixie, Zecora, Big Mac, Gilda, Apple Bloom, Angel, and Princess Luna flash by)


(Silhouette of Night Mare Moon rises ominously from the bottom of the screen)

(Shot of Pinkie and Rarity doing their combined super attack, Rubber Chicken Ensemble)

(Shot of all fighters gathered together, and a BOOM sound effect. The logo appears, as the announcer yells...)


(c) 2011 Capcom

(you insert a coin and the announcer says the title again.)
>> No. 5964
man, i am SO maining pinkie pie.

i bet she's all over the screen and goes crazy deadpool style.

cant wait for more. awesome work. have my babies.
>> No. 5967
File 130691437434.jpg - (47.33KB , 500x300 , SpikeShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.jpg )
>> No. 5969
Gonna main Dash SO HARD!

Speedy, chip damage characters have always been my foray :D
>> No. 5970
Fluttershy gets "Yay" as her special projectile attack with "Yaaaaaaay" as the EX version! Each strength of basic "Yay" can use each of the soundclips.
>> No. 5977
That looks awesome ! Will it be free and will there be an open alpha or beta so we can try it out ?
>> No. 5981
File 130692472174.gif - (9.23KB , 125x125 , 426.gif )
>> No. 5991
File 130693141698.jpg - (154.75KB , 479x620 , 1300230448601.jpg )
it HAS to be free, or Celestia will smite them
>> No. 5994
File 130693287168.jpg - (11.20KB , 250x250 , 130548453279.jpg )
I would very much like to engage in consented intercourse with you solely for that post, Anon.
>> No. 5998
augh... just four measly pictures and i am hyped as fuck.

cant wait bro, cant wait.
>> No. 6002
thank you kindly for doing this brony.
>> No. 6003
File 130694221559.png - (233.60KB , 500x334 , twilight_pinkie_choke.png )
This looks really good - cannot wait for more information.
>> No. 6013
File 130694797543.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , uawesome.jpg )
Definitely gonna keep an eye on this!
>> No. 6015
File 130694887071.jpg - (66.30KB , 1137x935 , 130237411285.jpg )
I was wondering when this would happen ever since I saw those pictures floating around.

Can't wait!
>> No. 6016
Programmed in what language? VB? C#? C++? 6502?
>> No. 6017
So when can we expect Super My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic Turbo 3rd Strike Arcade Championship Edition?
>> No. 6018
At the speed this fandom works?
Around the start of season 2.
Which will the lead to adding more characters.
>> No. 6019
File 130695036400.jpg - (429.81KB , 2270x1123 , mlp___dissidia_012_cast_by_lynxgriffin-d3e07w2.jpg )

>> No. 6020
File 130695064246.png - (68.20KB , 276x321 , It blends.png )
Are there going to be Mortal Kombat-like fatalities? :3
>> No. 6021
Pinkie pie special = Parasprite parade
Works like Tron Bon's servbot move but replace ray gun with the trombone and the servbots with parasprites.
>> No. 6023
File 130695169660.jpg - (25.20KB , 360x198 , 1303756180393.jpg )
I want.
>> No. 6024
MLP fighting game.
MLP and violence... oh well. This is the last thing I expected.

But I'll keep my eye on the project.
>> No. 6025
File 130695221389.gif - (485.43KB , 200x112 , 130623253054.gif )
This is very serious.
I must put on my war face.


There. Now show me yours.
>> No. 6026
File 130695268025.png - (152.57KB , 411x679 , 130341000097.png )
Now we just need them ported to Mugen so they can fight more than just other ponies. =D

Well done, sir. Can't wait to play it.
>> No. 6027
File 130695270057.jpg - (418.87KB , 759x759 , 15507.jpg )
Will we be able to add our own characters, or request/commission characters from the team?
>> No. 6028
File 130695274419.png - (60.33KB , 406x478 , cldkckrhurk.png )
>> No. 6029
File 130695301575.jpg - (96.23KB , 480x640 , 2011-03-27 11_10_35.jpg )
Yes, that is me.
>> No. 6030
File 130695322726.gif - (472.26KB , 450x253 , werideatdawn.gif )
>> No. 6031

Please make Twilight do pondou-ken,please make Twilight do pondou-ken!
Also we need Tirek as a secret boss,at least!

Ps: and of course the Sonic Rainboom guile's version :D .
>> No. 6032
File 130695340068.png - (67.58KB , 1226x1274 , Rainbow Dash wubs woo in unnecessarily, ridiculous.png )
>> No. 6033
File 130695340881.jpg - (17.60KB , 358x222 , 130411238896.jpg )
>> No. 6034
File 130695353057.jpg - (192.70KB , 900x900 , 130411251512.jpg )
zecora had better be a playable character... with a "potion throw" attack...
>> No. 6035
File 130695368815.png - (117.12KB , 340x376 , bulimia-(n1298065710536).png )

>> No. 6036
File 130695371807.png - (45.09KB , 452x484 , Dash.png )
The alternate skins for the mane six should be their Gala dresses. also Nightmare Moon for final boss.
>> No. 6037
I was sold the second I saw the name 'Trixie'.
>> No. 6039
File 130695496279.png - (275.64KB , 976x855 , ajhappy.png )
This will be very interesting
>> No. 6041
File 130695535328.png - (124.83KB , 500x500 , kaminapony.png )
>> No. 6042
File 130695541381.jpg - (160.47KB , 980x1600 , 17262 - artist Didjargo badass big_macintosh cleri.jpg )
Was serious about creating/requesting/commissioning own characters in the game, by the way.
>> No. 6043
File 130695549571.png - (23.36KB , 300x300 , fallen mlp.png )
Oh, same here. Especially for that pony version of The Fallen to get in. Or THE GREAT AND MIGHTY KAMINEIGH!
>> No. 6044
File 130695607746.png - (59.09KB , 179x196 , 130680262629.png )
Oh God my... my body isn't ready...
>> No. 6045
This. Is. So. HYPE!
I sleauthed a bit, and the icon of the window suggests that Fighter Maker 2 is used, am I correct? That's what Valkyria Princess is made in I believe.
I won't suggest anything be put in, I trust you guys know what will be best. Looking forward to a demo or footage! :D

Please... No freaking OCs. There are plenty of real characters to spend time on making :/
>> No. 6046
They're not exactly OCs. Fallen Pony is based of The Fallen from the Transformers series, and THE GREAT AND MIGHTY KAMINEIGH (as I like to call him) is based off of Kamina from Gurren Lagann.
>> No. 6048

With all the work this guys are doing to get each character in, I doubt it's possible.

I mean, animating a single movement out of two dozen different sets the least for each pony mustn't be easy. The sprites look custom. Haven't seen them anywhere else, at least.

And then comes actually getting them working... And they're doing 17 of them. That's a crapload of work.

I think you'd be lucky if they made custom chars for free. or cheap
>> No. 6049
File 130695792212.png - (414.14KB , 480x640 , Big Mac.png )
I wasn't expecting either free or cheap (just leaving the possibility open on the first one, eheh). It IS a crapload of work. Hence the commission part.
>> No. 6051
File 130695816025.jpg - (29.82KB , 500x387 , FUCK YEAAAAAH LIONS!.jpg )
>> No. 6052

*Custom pony cost*

"well now, I don't think I had ever seen so many zeros together after a 1"
>> No. 6053
I wouldn't think it'd be too much work to implement a sort of "custom pony" feature. It'd basically be a customizable palette, hairstyle, body style (as in pony, pegasus, or unicorn), and moveset, and would feature generic animations. Could even make it possible to save custom ponies, and bring up a menu of which one to load upon selecting "Custom" on the pony selection screen.

I reckon all that would be easy enough to rig up. Cutie marks may present a problem, but other than that, there's no real issue. And honestly, I wouldn't mind having to use a blank flank all that much.

Not that I wouldn't be playing as Rainbow Dash anyway, but I can't deny that for many people OCs are kind of a big part of the MLP experience.
>> No. 6056
File 130695955254.jpg - (224.93KB , 1920x1080 , 1300844015759.jpg )
Cutiemarks could be made via the Chrome Hounds/Black Ops emblem creator. Simple enough.
>> No. 6057
File 130695957973.jpg - (31.55KB , 640x358 , Clipboard01.jpg )
>mfw too much epic
>> No. 6058
File 130695966559.gif - (1.26MB , 320x214 , omgomgomgomg.gif )
>> No. 6059
File 130695976777.jpg - (17.44KB , 376x271 , Capture.jpg )
>> No. 6060
The author may for example make the Windows version paid and IRIX version free <3
>> No. 6062
File 130696031943.png - (115.33KB , 480x268 , I came paper.png )
If you put in Vinyl Scratch..... My body would not be ready.
>> No. 6063

>> No. 6068

That was one of our team at (>>3708). The loop itself is pre-project.


Totally free. No open alpha, am afraid, but we're working to get the "live" release as soon as possible, without stepping in the way of quality delivering.


Fast. Good. Free. Pick two. We know which ones we picked ;). Also. See previous answer.


Getting a character into the game requires character planning, concept balancing, concept art sketching, concept art cleaning, high-res conversion, making of sprite-sheets, importing into the game, testing, re-testing, calibrating, movement balancing against the other 17 characters and itself, SFX, Background Music, Background Stage sketching, cleaning and conversion, stage testing, engine Modification, GUI Modification, more testing, compiling, testing for unforeseen bugs and issues that might appear... A huge load for each char in.

We'd like to focus in releasing characters that the whole fandom would enjoy and recognize. And we're focusing on quality. Even if we could do Custom characters easily, we'd not want to half-flank the job.

About a Custom Pony generator to use ingame. It's... Just not possible. Don't ask. Too technical.

As for "commissioning" them, we're doing this strictly non-profit. Our DevTeam is all-volunteers (and awesome), and releases are going to be free. We're doing this project out of fan-love for the show, more than for " Ze Moneyz!". We're not even asking for donations. Commissioning characters is out of the question.
>> No. 6069
File 130696307830.png - (96.54KB , 945x943 , 1297103922750.png )
Thank you for all those informations ! Glad to know that it will be free !
If we, bronies, can help you in any way (Donations, Free Hugs... ) don’t hesitate to mention it !
Also... will it be Open Source or at least multi-platform ? :x (please please Linux support !)
>mfw I want to play it on Linux support
>> No. 6071
In which case, will the source code be released after the project's completion?
>> No. 6072
Any possibility of a demo before the final release to whet our appetites (like, two playable characters and only one mode)? Or is it the same deal with no Open Alpha?

Thanks for all you're doing for this! Can't wait to see the finished product!
>> No. 6075
>About a Custom Pony generator to use ingame. It's... Just not possible. Don't ask. Too technical.
Unless the engine you're working with is completely muffins, I don't see why it wouldn't be. I could whip something like that up myself if I had a reason to, although it wouldn't do much good anyway when your game is already half complete.

And if you mean it wouldn't work from a balancing point of view, you must consider that it wouldn't be the first fighting game to feature created fighters.

Regardless, don't take any of this to mean that I'm not excited about your project. As I said before, I'd just play as Rainbow Dash all day erryday anyway. Besides, I know what it's like to be working on something, and to have people continue to pester you with unreasonable demands. If you say it won't work, then whatevs. I've still got all the mane characters that I care about.
>> No. 6080
File 130696589550.png - (222.95KB , 1280x1271 , colgate___not_on_ice_this_time_by_moongazeponies-d.png )
Please inculde Colgate/Atria :D
>> No. 6081

"We're not working in flash, where you can easily recolor and replace. Every frame of animation is a separate image that must be drawn, colored and exported "by hand", then added to the engine, tested...etcetera.

We know our engine, We know what it can do, how we can push it, and where it is simply not possible. This is one of those cases. The engine is more dev-directed than a tool for end-users."
>> No. 6083
sounds to me that all you need is an image loader, and an image exporter. You can make oc pony a standard pony with standard moves. Upon completion, take base-oc pony, insert colours, save the oc, and load the full pony
>> No. 6085
I never said anything about Flash, or any other such "hurr i can program" application for that matter, but okay.
>> No. 6087
Custom created fighters may have been featured in several games, but it has never been a good idea.
>> No. 6088

I thought they just said it was harder than that? I mean, reading up on comments, it seems like they're taking their time to do things right, from scratch, rather than just pasting colors and be done with it.
>> No. 6091
File 130696770442.jpg - (203.33KB , 1536x574 , akuma1_end_final_copy.jpg )
You have no idea how estatic I really am.
>> No. 6092
I'd love to see footage soon! Even if it's not completely ironed out yet, it'd still be awesome to wacth!
>> No. 6093
I want this.
>> No. 6097
File 130696853954.png - (517.80KB , 1366x768 , I cannot belief my eyes.png )
Hoof-fighting action overload!
>> No. 6101
File 130696910776.jpg - (122.81KB , 1024x768 , 1306367697342.jpg )
as soon as this shit is out I am taking my Vacation! It's gonna be a friendship massacre.
>> No. 6102
File 130696916151.png - (106.21KB , 506x359 , steven_magnet_crop.png )
I am STEVE MAGNET master of mustache
>> No. 6104
File 130696935784.jpg - (130.81KB , 900x900 , pinkiepool_by_johnjoseco-d3eoqjy.jpg )
"a new challenger appears"

>> No. 6109
File 130697014777.jpg - (30.60KB , 298x345 , 130512252297.jpg )
I expect to be overpowered.
>> No. 6110
File 130697037092.png - (301.67KB , 1280x720 , 130505444227.png )
>> No. 6112
File 130697037652.jpg - (13.19KB , 112x180 , 130297752585.jpg )
Also is it too late to change the name to My Little Bloodbath: Friendship is Brutal?
>> No. 6114
File 130697074074.png - (45.47KB , 474x279 , OctaviaFillyCello.png )
If Octavia's in this...words cannot describe how happy I'll be.
>> No. 6116
File 130697092298.jpg - (130.05KB , 900x900 , pinkiepool_vs_the_oatmeal_by_johnjoseco-d3ewso3.jpg )
"ooooo......isn't this exciting"

"It's Cuttin time"

>> No. 6118
File 130697102374.jpg - (216.69KB , 1360x768 , asd.jpg )
>> No. 6119
File 130697130981.png - (445.48KB , 900x900 , pinkie_pool_by_tite_pao-d3he9hq.png )
"I just beat steven freakin magnet"

"Where yo Curly mustache at"
>> No. 6121
I don't think Angel is in it. Maybe one of Fluttershy's moves?
>> No. 6126
File 130697399966.jpg - (11.88KB , 261x193 , INCEPTION 5.jpg )
I expect INCEPTION in it.

>> No. 6129
A few questions in rapid succession.
Is there a game this closely resembles?
What will the control setup be?
What style of throwing is in the game 6H or 2 buttons?
Will there be air blocking/throwing?
Will there be dashing/air dashing?
Will the CMC be one character or three separate characters?
How will meter be gained?(whiffing normals/specials, on hit/block getting hit/blocking)
Can you be guard broken/dizzied?
Is there some form of infinite prevention(hit stun deterioration, gravity increase, loop detection, poration, burst)
Are there plans for 2v2/3v3 battles?
Will you have "evil" versions of characters ala psycho pinkie(e.ryu)?
Will any of the supers be cinematic(behold I am rarity)?
Are there plans for special intro in key battles likeTwilight vs Celesita (Iori vs Ryo in kof)?
>> No. 6130
A few more:
Does the game allow for OTG combos?
Can you cross up in the corner?
How fast can one pony move across the screen?
How big of an emphasis is on footsies(hoofsies?)
>> No. 6132
File 130697503908.jpg - (132.56KB , 631x353 , 1298195447358.jpg )
If you need any help with this, i would LOVE to. I've wanted to make a poni fighting game for a while, but now that somepony else is making it, might as well just help out instead of making my own.
>> No. 6134
File 130697553174.gif - (862.76KB , 700x500 , OMG.gif )
I must play this and do a let's play video for youtube when this is done!!
>> No. 6139
File 130697613323.jpg - (71.12KB , 788x1014 , p.jpg )
other fandoms have tried making games

but they never made any progress from the start

MLP:FiM fanbase has done so many things in less than a year, thats saying something to other fandoms

and im damn proud to be a part of this community

keep it up bronies!!!

also I can rip sounds from SFIII Third Strike or other fighting games if it would help this project
>> No. 6140
YAY! some good questions :) I will not answer them here but I can say a couple of the things without spoiling too much. (hopefully my fellow devteam won't be too annoyed at me)

>Will there be air blocking/throwing?

>Is there some form of infinite prevention(hit stun deterioration, gravity increase, loop detection, poration, burst)
We will be working very hard to prevent infinite/100% combos, yes.

>Are there plans for 2v2/3v3 battles?
We would love to have tag team battles (friendship is magic after all) but at the current stage it's looking unlikely. This is a purely technical issue unfortunately.

>Are there plans for special intro in key battles likeTwilight vs Celesita (Iori vs Ryo in kof)?
This is something we have designed for :)

I think the questions related to the fighting mechanics are awesome (and they all have answers) but I think we are probably going to keep a lot of that under our hats until a while later :) DevTeam feel free to correct me on this!
>> No. 6143
What the hell, dude? I thought you weren't- oh, nevermind. I know what's up. Eh, very well.
>> No. 6144
haha. :P
>> No. 6145
File 130697688030.png - (86.29KB , 314x307 , amused.png )
Forgive me for bothering you with this kind of question.
But is there any predicted date for when a public demo of some sort might be available?

I am a pretty hardcore fighter game fan and pretty much died of joy when I saw this project was real. I hope you guys make it work!
You have all my love, all of it!
>> No. 6152
If you want to get in contact with me I sent an email to OP. My friends and I are legit fighting fans and bronies. It's reassuring to know that the dev team is more concerned with balance issues than custom ponies and fatalities.
>> No. 6157
i think lauren would be proud to hear about this, in the othe fangames everyponys afraid of making the ponies "too violent" when lauren herself said she wanted to get rid of the "mary sue" complex that female characters seem to have in shows and videogames, can't wait to see this when its finished
>> No. 6163
please make Crazed Pinkie Pie a separate character.
>> No. 6164
if only was blazblue...
Celestial Finish!!!!!
>> No. 6165
Updated the EqG article with the Q&A stuff
>> No. 6170
We want this to be good in it's own right, not just because it has ponies. I think I can safely speak for the team on this :)
>> No. 6172
if AJ isn't top tier I'll be pissed
>> No. 6175
I don't want you to spoil what the characters are but I do want to know if you guys have already decided on which characters will be in the game.
>> No. 6177
Is this going to be like Brawl, with shit tons of speculation about characters and moves and things like that?

Because I hope it becomes that way.

17 characters, Main (mane) six already confirmed, and there are eleven places still left. Zecora, Trixie, Gilda, Spike, Big Mac? Derpy? Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders be one character, or three separate ones? That's 7 or 9 more characters there. What about Luna and Celestia?
>> No. 6180
I can confirm that we have locked in the characters. We'll let you guys speculate for a while while we are developing for first release:) 11 spots to fill!

We won't be able to please everypony with every decision but we'll try our best to please ourselves as fans of ponies and of fighting games. We figure if we can do that then we must be on the right track.
>> No. 6182
Mane Six:

1) Twilight Sparkle
2) Applejack
3) Rainbow Dash
4) Rarity
5) Fluttershy
6) Pinkie Pie

The Next Eleven:

(If guys are in the cast)
7) Spike
8) Apple Bloom
9) Sweetie Belle
10) Scootaloo
11) Princess Celestia
12) Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon
13) Derpy Hooves
14) Big McIntosh
15) Zecora
16) Gilda
17) Trixie

(If guys aren't allowed)
7) Apple Bloom
8) Sweetie Belle
9) Scootaloo
10) Princess Celestia
11) Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon
12) Derpy Hooves
13) Spitfire
14) Little Strongheart
15) Gilda
16) Zecora
17) Trixie
>> No. 6183
File 130700031442.png - (81.60KB , 471x265 , rainbowdashisautistic.png )

Do you guys have any plans to include taunts? Somehow I doubt it, but still curious.
Rarity would have the best taunt by far. "But I thought you waaannttted whiinnniiiiinnggg!

In the meantime...

*picks Rainbow Dash*

*repeatedly abuses Sonic Rainboom*
>> No. 6185
The only fighting game I've ever gotten into in my life is Super Smash Bros on the N64. I played Soul Calibur (3?) a bit at a friend's house years ago, but thats it.

I can't wait for this game to come out. I'll be terrible, but you can bet your bits I'll have fun being terrible.

Some speculation about the other playable characters:
-spike, maybe?

This is going to be awesome. my face = /)^3^(\
>> No. 6189
File 130700304056.png - (32.36KB , 512x448 , go-home-and-be-a-family-man.png )
>*picks Rainbow Dash*

>*repeatedly abuses Sonic Rainboom*
>> No. 6197
Is there any way to donate to you guys?
>> No. 6200
File 130701350103.jpg - (110.83KB , 500x300 , shut up and take my money.jpg )
>> No. 6203
Steve magnet as boss character.
>> No. 6204

And that's all she wrote.
>> No. 6206
File 130702389273.jpg - (15.57KB , 200x141 , excellent.jpg )
>> No. 6211
Will this game support arcade sticks?
>> No. 6218
Does this game need some music?
I've been told a few of my pony related songs would work really well for that sort of thing, I'd love to help with development.

>> No. 6230
File 130704081969.png - (243.70KB , 1000x500 , 130538680087.png )
That and Eurobeat Brony would be more than perfect. I'd squee a billion times if Spitfire was a playable character.
>> No. 6244
Hey :) The engine we are using does have a joystick control option, so I IMAGINE any kind of game controller that you can map buttons to would work. I'm getting a ps2 adapter to test that soon.

The engine is FigherMaker2nd. So if you can find any game that somepony has made in that, you can test your arcade stick. If it works, it works!
>> No. 6246
File 130705579229.png - (436.32KB , 653x497 , 1298754313111.png )
Amazing! I can't wait for it! :D
>> No. 6273

FighterMaker2 supports arcade sticks. I've played VanPri with an arcade stick.
>> No. 6311
Sweet! :)
That answers that. I couldn't really see why it would have any problems (the input part of the controller is handled by your OS, not the game) but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Arcade sticks are go.
>> No. 6338
Waiting for pegasi to have triangle jumps. Oh, it'd be glorious if they did.
Is this game technical like Street Fighter or less so like Marvel vs. Capcom 3? I'm just super curious.

And now, just for the hay of it, I imagine these:
Twilight - Hadouken spamming
Pinkie Pie - Safe-on-block tatsus
Applejack - Super easy Balrog links
Rainbow Dash - Magneto triangle jumping
Rarity - Projectile spamming as well
Fluttershy - "Yay" taunt loops
Luna - Seismic hammer stomps ('cause of flash vid)
Apple Bloom - Dive kicks... dive kicks everywhere
Sweetie Belle - "Slashy slashy", 'cept with her cuffs
Scootaloo - Rekkas with her cuffs
Big Macintosh - He has to be a grappler.
Gilda - Roars that stun and connect into other links
Trixie - Magic that resembles mu-12's lasers.

I'm sorry... I know that wasn't necessary at all, but I couldn't help myself, hehe.
>> No. 6342

Celestia: What seems to be the problem, Fluttershy?


Celestia: I'm sorry? can you calm down?

Flutterage: RAAAAAAAGH!!

Celestia: Very well, I'll calm you down by force!


EVENT BATTLE!: Flutterage vs Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon: Ha! You're too late! The world shall be covered in everlasting night!


Nightmare Moon: Fool! You dare to challenge the mighty Nightmare Moon?!


Nightmare Moon: I see there is no negotiating with the likes of you. Very well, then. HAVE AT YOU!

>> No. 6347
File 130707905913.png - (374.76KB , 1024x439 , no_25_by_thestoicmachine-d3bxnv2.png )
>> No. 6348
Why don't you use MUGEN? Fighter Maker is pretty limited.
>> No. 6351
haha don't worry about getting excited thinking about all the different stuff, it's pretty much what we do as well.. except then we have to make it frame by frame, action by action :)

Because we are making a game, not a collection of sprite rips. We COULD achieve the same result in MUGEN but it would take double the time/energy. There are a few key features that FM has (speed of development and online play being a couple) that we are very very grateful for.

Fighter Maker is more limited than MUGEN, but not in any ways that apply to this project,and it has far more pros than cons for us.
>> No. 6352
File 130708256065.png - (296.70KB , 766x636 , 1300411192419.png )
>online play

and this is key

atleast half of my motivation while working on this is that bronies from all around the world will be able to battle eachother online when we're finished!
>> No. 6357
File 130709090595.png - (117.64KB , 1280x720 , Needtoderp.png )
>> No. 6367
File 130711641886.jpg - (17.47KB , 319x274 , 8D.jpg )
>mfw this whole thread
I will actually give monetary donations to something this awesome, got a paypal?
>> No. 6369
Oh wait, I didn't see the email
here, just gonna wait and see if I can
>> No. 6370
I like it, though here is my take. speculation of course.

Cutie mark crusaders - One character/"doll archetype" fights in the wagon can place one crusader at a time to be used later in a combo while the wagon can maintain pressure. depending on what crusader is placed the wagon will lose a "stat" apple b dropped - lose str/grap special. Sweetie dropped - hadokens turn to hibiki-hodokens. scoot dropped - lose speed.

Applejack - Agile grappler. Think vice/mature/rainbow mika. Can move around stage faster than your average grappler. Anti-air grab is lasso. several ground grabs with follow ups.

Fluttershy - Trap Character (testament/trish-mvc3/arc-chaos MBAA) has fly/unfly. summons her animals to do most of her work. Traps placed on screen (snake hole, beehive) Low stamina/blind spots with traps and normals.

Rarity - mid range lockdown w/ counters. Lock down comes in the form of Billy, hoops and spike which will come to her aid and assist her. For example she will complain and spike will bolt in from the bottom of the screen and hit for a fast mid attack. Counters come in the form of a handkerchief drop ->enemy attack-> manticore kick.

Rainbow dash - Rushdown. Tri-jumps, quick highs lows and follow ups.

Twilight - Shoto. Fireballs, invincible dp, some form of tatsu(foward momentum attack.) Something to get people interested and used to the mechanics.

Big Mac - Zangief Style Grappler. Not much to be said.
>> No. 6371
Out of the mane six I think the most fun would be pinkie. The dev-team could really go all out on this and just take stuff from the fandom and incorporate it into the game and it would work imo. Teleports out of the opponents body, she gets a jo-jo stand for a special move, command grab called "cupcakes" that leads to a black screen, painful noises and a knocked down opponent. Swimming in the air for an airdash. Of course stuff from the show works too like twitchy tail and her alligator.
>> No. 6372
File 130711830853.jpg - (165.14KB , 900x1138 , 1300789640212.jpg )
I like the Pinkie=god thing, but reminding us all of cupcakes when we play as her seems like a bad idea. But that's my opinion
>> No. 6379
File 130712653760.jpg - (5.03KB , 125x97 , 130647219674s.jpg )
AJ for main, followed by Rainbow Dash, Zecora and Pinkie Pie.
So hype for this.
>> No. 6383
She could have a cupcakes form similar to Iori's "riot of the blood " from SNK
>> No. 6384
File 130713397589.jpg - (9.80KB , 275x183 , INCEPTION 2.jpg )
Will there be an Inception pony?

>> No. 6385
File 130713649814.gif - (46.86KB , 261x218 , wry.gif )
Littlepip from Fallout: Equestria should be a secret character. Her finishing move would be eating a Paty-Time mintal and making the world stop, dropping a train car onto her enemy, jump on top of it and scream "WRYYYYYYY!!!"
Pic related.
>> No. 6387

Oh sweet a new mario game is coming out!! You know who should be in it? JAKE GYLLENHAL
>> No. 6389
What about special moves? Will they be unique to every character?

Also, will there be different levels for special moves? (Ex.: You need 3 full super bars to do your most powerful special moves)
>> No. 6391
Haha, me likey a lot :) My favorites are the first 3. I LOVE the Cutie Mark Crusaders idea; that would probably make them the hardest character probably, hehe. I can't help but imagine Applejack whipping out the lasso and flailing her head around to grab somepony out of mid-air. That seems awesome to me. And Fluttershy? Trap character? Awesomeness :D.

Good stuff!
>> No. 6394
>AJ grappler

No. Fuck off.
>> No. 6396
You obviously have never seen a SNK grappler before. Fast as hell, can combo into grabs, grab you out of the air...
>> No. 6398

I live and breathe fighting games.
>> No. 6399
Well, then some characters you simply won't enjoy. Fighting games have HUGE variation. We want to have something for everypony. Not everything for everypony :)
>> No. 6406
Yes, although in my defence Little Pip is quite possibly the most popular OC character.
>> No. 6407

In -this- fandom?, Hardly.

Anyways. Didn't I read somewhere they weren't doing crossover stuff. I'm sure I did...
>> No. 6412
Ah well, I didn't bother to go through all 147 posts so oh well >_>.
Still, somepony has to do a WRYYY moment. It's practically required for any fan-project, like making a Hadoken.
>> No. 6413
Can we create our own pony too?
>> No. 6414

>> No. 6415
>Still, somepony has to do a WRYYY moment. It's practically required for any fan-project, like making a Hadoken.

Phew. Luckily it's not ACTUALLY required. That would be terrible in almost every circumstance.
>> No. 6416
File 130716576942.gif - (3.43MB , 240x196 , 2e668a0d9406.gif )
>> No. 6417
Sorry, that person doesn't speak for us. But seriously, this isn't a project where we're doing just whoever. See post >>6068. As said on Equestria Daily:

"A note in general. We can't tell you who else is in the roster yet -we don't want to spoil the surprise!- but we can tell you: They are all from MLP. We're not doing crossovers with other shows or franchises. Afer all, it's "My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic", not "Loads of fighting with a pony stuffed here and there."
>> No. 6418
File 130716700120.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , not happy.png )
So you still don't want my donation?
>> No. 6420

We're not really accepting monetary donations; As mentioned before (>>6068) the project is totally non-profit.

There are, also, some legal questions with profiting from Hasbro's IP we'd rather not get into; It's a long shot, but we'd not want to get the project shutdown on something we could've avoided.

Rest assured, though, we ARE committed to the project, and we all went in knowing full well that it'd take us work and time, we're not dropping the project or half-flanking it on a whim, as we all are set on seeing it finished.

The project -is- happening.
>> No. 6421
File 130716873629.png - (164.06KB , 367x441 , 35582280.png )
Just wondering, ya know
to help pay for the coffee and junk
>> No. 6424
>Little Pip
>> No. 6425
Reading up in the topic, it's from some that Fallout crossover fic. Seen it come up on EqD often enough, but ain't bothered reading it.

In any case, I'd argue that said character being the 'most popular OC' isn't terribly accurate, and also a project like this shouldn't need to concern itself with OCs. They've got enough work lined up already as it is. Just getting the mane six properly designed, animated, and balanced is a challenge in and of itself, but to crank out 17 unique characters is a herculean feat.
>> No. 6427
Gotta agree with this. Theres enough ponies in the show to more than fill up this game.

There's already:
The mane 6, The 3 CMC, Luna/Nightmare Moon, Celestia, Spike, Zecora, Gilda, Trixie, Dark Pinkie, Spike, Wonder bolts, Big Mac, Prince Blueblood, Derpy, Cherilee, Diamond Dogs, Bully Pegasuses, Bloomberg, lyra, bon-bn, Gummi?, ummm I'm probably forgetting some other ones, but yeah. That's like 30 right there.
>> No. 6430
Clearly that's possible, but if I don't enjoy my favorite character from the show I'll be pissed.
>> No. 6445

Don't you mean Pegasi?
>> No. 6446
TECHNICALLY Pegasuses is right. (But it looks and sounds funny, so pegasi is better :p)
>> No. 6448
File 130722644736.png - (54.92KB , 142x311 , grinhuge.png )
This, my good sir, is amazing.
I don't care if I'm late to this thread.
This whole idea is amazing, and if Sweetie Belle is a playable character, I might explode from the happiness.
>> No. 6469
File 130723382288.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , 130319354874.jpg )
I love you Anon! Please add Pinkamina, Flutterrage, and Twilight/Rapidash transformation modes. Uhm...if...if you want to...that is...*eep*
>> No. 6472
File 130723576094.jpg - (226.25KB , 900x506 , 130457098891.jpg )
Remember, this isn't about ponies getting violent. This is about applying the classic Arcade Fighter genre to something we love!

You can imagine the same thing with just about any franchise--from Wizard of Oz, to fast food restaurants, or Monty Python--and still get a result that's solid enough to become a staple. I think that, ironically, the appeal is actually in its inane over-the-topness! However, your new Classic Fighter will only be as attractive as its content... (I even imagined my own workplace as a Fighter once, all the employees as playable characters, the managers as unlockables.... Fun, fun times.)

And Ponies. Are. Attractive.
>> No. 6475
File 130723662473.jpg - (138.46KB , 824x1100 , Evil Ryu.jpg )
I'm a big fan of fighters and MLP:FiM, and i have a Few questions about this title.

1.Will this be a 4 or 6 button fighter?
2.How will Super's be handled?? Will each character have a variety of supers like in Street Fighter Alpha, or will you have to choose your Super before the beginning of the fight, like in 3rd Strike??
3. Would it be possible to implement a Parry system in the game??
4. Could we have a hidden final boss in the game, such as an Evil Twilight Sparkle, possibly along the same design lines as Evil Ryu from SSF4:AE??

Sorry if i wrote so much, this looks like it's gonna be one hell of a game.
Good Luck with the project!!
>> No. 6479
I wish I had never looked that up long ago, now I twitch every time I hear Pegasii.

I think Pegasus' is also acceptable. ie, Ten pegasus' walk into a bar.

In fact the only one that DOESN'T make sense is "pegasii".

We are fighting a losing battle, Lance :)
>> No. 6482

No, no, you're doing it wrong, it's pega-holycow a flying horse!


Good Questions!...

1) Four buttons... or was it forty-two?, always seem to get those two mixed up... Think it was closer to eleventy...
2, 3, 4) Oh, my, look at the time, we have to water our dog and walk our plants!
>> No. 6591
Are you planning to release any kind of beta or demo?

Then we could tell what we would like you to add and improve but ofcourse it is up to you at the end that what you gonna do with your project.
>> No. 6592
while i am a big fan of parrying and 3rd strike in general, i dont think it will translate that well in to this project, since there is online-play involved.

after all you have to be very exact with the timing, and well... online is online.
>> No. 6610
needs to be blazblue style XD

Twilight: LET ME SHOW YOU THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP <proceeds with ultra finisher>

and Pinkies would be this
>> No. 6621

No open Alpha/Beta, as mentioned in >>6068 .

We also don't require volunteers -at the moment- for closed alpha/Beta, so please, don't send requests (some of you have already, so making announcement here); Feels bad to have to reject your applications, you know, it also floods our inbox.

Unsolicited "Beta-Tester" requests will be ignored.

The reason is this: We plan to release the "live" version of the game, as said in OP, with six playable characters (the mane cast), and then updates in a mostly regular fashion, adding characters until eventually reaching the 17 planned.

Offering a public demo/beta with one or two characters available, we feel, won't give players a real grasp of what the entire game is going to be. Instead, we'll hold our horses -pun very much intended- until live release hits Equestria.

Repeating from previous posts: We are doing our best to release as soon as possible, and still deliver a quality game for the fandom. We're very intent on making the game as fun for you guys playing it, as it is being for us developing it (read: a lot)
>> No. 6736
Any idea what style this project will be based on?

What I mean by that is, will it be like Street Fighter? Marvel vs. Capcom? Darkstalkers? Killer Instinct? Mortal Kombat?
>> No. 6742

What? No Vinyl Scratch? HEATHEN!!!
>> No. 6765
Game needs

Terumi Pony =P

Applejack GET OVER HERE move =P

Vinyl theme:

Rarity Theme:

Twilight theme

Crown Twilight (elements of harmony)

Spike theme

Big Mac theme:

Nightmare Moon theme or Nightmare vs Twilight:

Nightmare Moon VS Celestia:

Regular Luna theme:

Rainbow Dash theme:


Fluttershy theme

Derpy theme:

FlutterRAGE theme:

Celestia theme:

Theme for Evil Celestia char?

Pinkie Theme

Applejack vs Applebloom or Bic Mac:

Applejack theme:

Doctor Whooves

rofl =P

meh might add more later
>> No. 6769

As we mentioned before, everything, from BG art, to sprites, to GUI, to animations to SFX and music are custom-made for the game.

For the SFX/Music area we have the talents of

WherewolfTherepony (Derpy Hooves >>6218)


RainbowCrash88 (8Bit Themes Brony)

who are working in new music, exclusively for it.
>> No. 6773
I'm really, really looking forward to this! I'm even more excited to know how much work and dedication you all are putting into it!

Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time to do this.

Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!
>> No. 6774
Copiying my previous post:

"Any idea what style this project will be based on?

What I mean by that is, will it be like Street Fighter? Marvel vs. Capcom? Darkstalkers? Killer Instinct? Mortal Kombat?"
>> No. 6804
File 130738842402.png - (98.38KB , 328x288 , 1298940482699.png )
Yes. If this really goes all the way through, just... yes.
Got some questions for you though... uhm, if you don't mind, that is.

What languages do you use?
What programs?
What engines?
What plugins/libraries does it need?
Minimum specs?
How much will it drain on the CPU/GPU?
On the network?
On the server?
How stable of a connection must you have?
How will it handle time-out?
Package losses?
Is the code easily portable/modifiable?
Will the resources be open and replaceable (could you add custom music, sprites)?
File formats?
Will private servers/LAN be supported?
Will there be a Beta (at least for experienced coders and bug-finders)?
Will there be proper built-in error-handling and debugging?
Will it be open source or will you force me to crack it open?

I think that's most of what I had in my head atm.
>> No. 6814

Protip: If the Word-of-god doesn't answer you the first time, you probably shouldn't ask a second one.
>> No. 6815

Thanks!, We hope bronies enjoy playing as much as we enjoy developing it.


No, it's okay. If we don't answer your question a -second- time, however, it probably has been already been answered elsewhere in the thread.


We have a particular style settled on for what we want it to feel like. The DevTeam took inspiration from several fighting games, but in the end, we want it to be "MLP:FiM" style.

You'll have to wait a little more to see it in action. We think it's worth it, though.


That's a lot of questions there.

1 through 4. We're based on the Fighter Maker 2 engine. The Game release will include everything you need to play the game.

5 through 14. We could give you numbers right now, but they'd most likely have changed by the live release.

15 through 17. The way the engine is based isn't meant for end-user modification, as mentioned before (>>6068 >>6081) our efforts are currently aimed at developing a stable, balanced, quality-game rather than end-user customization.

18. There is no need for "private" servers. The online play is p2p. One player hosts, the opponent connects, and there are options for spectators to connect too. That probably also answers questions 9 to 14 partially.

19. As per >>6068 >>6621 , there won't be open Alpha/Beta releases. Closed Alpha currently needs no volunteers; We aren't yet considering Closed Beta; In case we require volunteers, an announcement will be made through the proper channels (Ponychan/Equestria Gaming/Equestria Daily, most likely); Until then, Unsolicited Closed Alpha/Beta requests will receive no further answer than pointing at this and previous announcements. We don't pretend to make you guys feel bad about it, but responding to unsolicited closed alpha/beta requests takes time away that could be spent at developing game for a better and faster release.

20. We intend to release as bug-free as possible. In the case of minor-bugs occurring after live release, we'll provide an e-mail address/site where you can send your reports, for our developing team to handle; Fixes will be provided with planned updates (which will also incorporate new characters to the live-release Mane6 roster). We foresee no need for emergency "gamefixing" updates.

21. Same answer than 15 through 17. The engine isn't made for end-user modification. We aren't forcing you to crack it open, but we'd appreciate if you didn't. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth, do you? ;)

If you are interested in helping with game development, you may inquire to join our team after live-release; Currently, as with Alpha-testing, we have a working team assembled and working to produce the game; If DevTeam positions open before live-release, we'll be making an announcement soliciting people here.
>> No. 6824
  Use this before a match or when both characters are selected, it'd be PERFECT.
>> No. 6825
File 130740618452.jpg - (65.41KB , 426x502 , Notaspy_normal.jpg )
Can I do an announcer voice?

I had a few ideas:

Fluttershy victory: "Lesson learned, beware the shy ones."

CMC member victory: "...Nope. Still no cutie mark..."

Applejack victory: "You just got applebucked!"

Flawless victory: "Damn. you got a grudge or something?"
>> No. 6826
But I'd wanna do the announcer... or something at least.

I haven't had a great break for a voice part yet...
>> No. 6828
Multiple announcers?

That is, if it's feasible.
>> No. 6830

We've Derpy Hooves and RainbowCrash88 (>>6769) on board for Music/SFX. We can assure you. Their stuff for the game is at least 20% cooler.


Sorry, we're not looking for voice actors at the moment; If we require volunteers later on, we'll make the announcement here.
>> No. 6832
Very well.

Feel free to use the line ideas I gave. I don't even care about credit.
>> No. 6840
Remember that our whole team are pony fans too :) We are likely gonna have similar ideas to a lot of you guys! I'm sure everypony will be pretty happy with what we are working on :)
>> No. 6848
needs more Capcom vs snk 2 announcer
>> No. 6860
File 130742257969.jpg - (12.29KB , 143x250 , 6.jpg )
Pinkie Pie's final move, like her fatality move or something, should be her baking her opponent into a batch of cupcakes. It wouldn't be gruesome, just maybe she makes a cloud of smoke appear around them and then they're cupcakes.
>> No. 6863
My brother and I were discussing this yesterday and laughing like a couple of maniacs. All of this came only from our heads with no input from anypony discusing this game. :)

I'm going to assume each character has two super attacks -- one that consumes 50% of their super guage, and one that consumes 100%.

In no particular order...

The Stare: Exactly what you expect.
Flutterrage: She yells "COME OUT!" The opponent is stampeded by animals, followed by "You're going to LOVE ME!" and Fluttershy stomping the crap out of them.

Applebuck Season: Your standard extended combo beatdown super.
Apple Family Reunion: Kind of a "Knights of the Round" type attack. Various Apple Family memebers pop out and bounce the opponent between them for a 50 hit combo. Big Mac delivers the finishing blow and his catchphrase.

Pinkie Pie
Musical Number: Pinkie starts singing, and the opponent starts dancing. That's kinda as far as I got. :)
Breaking the Fourth Wall: See Deadpool in MvC3. Hanging off the health bars, beating people with the super bar, you get the idea.

Rainbow Dash
???: No idea on the "small" super. Or rather, lots of ideas, but nothing that stands out.
Sonic Rainboom: I envision something akin to Tager's "King of Tager" finisher from BlazBlue -- Dash flies the opponent way up in the air, executes a rainboom on the way down, and crashes them into the ground.

Waterworks: A whining-based attack, as you might expect.
Art of the Dress: Naturally. Rarity wraps the opponent up in fabric, magics it into a beautiful (but constricting) dress, then yells "Stupid Rock!" and drops the Rock on them.

Rageface: Twilight transforms into Rapidash and burns everything in a radius for multiple hits.
Element of Magic: Basically, she goes into the Avatar State and obliterates everything on the screen. Like her origin story, but with a big boom at the end.

Apple Bloom (or the CMCs at a team)
???: Hadn't thought much about this.
???: No name comes to mind, but it's an insta-kill ripping off Shun Goku Satsu. Apple Bloom changes into her karate gi and beats the stuffing out of the opponent, then turns her back to the screen, and her gi has the kanji for "Apple" on it. This could be the last hit of "Apple Family Reunion" if AB and the CMCs don't appear as fighters in the game.

Party of One: Pinkamina knocks the opponent into the air. Rocky slides in (held by Pinkamina's hooves) and smacks them sideways. Madam LaFlour comes down from the top and whips them with her... corners (again, controlled by Pinkamina). Then Mr. Turnip and Sir Lintcelot, you get the idea.
Cupcakes: You knew it was coming. This has GOT to be an insta-kill. Screen goes dark, you hear the sound effects, then Pinkamina fades in and presents the tray of fresh-baked cupcakes and gives a creepy grin.
>> No. 6882
File 130743621607.jpg - (61.34KB , 640x360 , YES.jpg )
>mfw upon learning about this.

Good luck y'all.
>> No. 6901

>> No. 6905
Would be able to use the sprites to create a Mugen version since your not going along with the original plan?

I'd love to get some Ponies into mugen...
>> No. 6915

nah needs to be this
>> No. 6926
>21. Same answer than 15 through 17. The engine isn't made for end-user modification. We aren't forcing you to crack it open, but we'd appreciate if you didn't. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth, do you? ;)
Is that a CHALLENGE!?

Jokes aside, why not? I didn't say anything about modification. Looking at the code can make one understand a game much better. Like, you could see exactly how all attacks and stuff gets handled, exactly what stats all characters have, figuring out the best combo... or why the heck that awful bug keeps happening.
I'd totally look it through out of curiosity. It's great learning.
And, trust me... if I wanted to mod it, I'd mod it. It can't be all that complex since you're using some hookus pookus marijuana-level noo- chea- user friendly program. Cracking that thing would be a bi- Trixie, though, since I'd also have to get my hands on the source code of said program, and figure out how it technobabbles the whole shoolawoop.

Why does nopony use Visual Basic/Studio, or at least XNA, anymore? :(
>> No. 6927
No need to get disrespectul with the devs, Brony.

"hookus pookus marijuana-level noo- chea- user friendly program"? "technobabbles the whole shoolawoop." ?

You're making it sound like they are a bunch of junkies programming this.
>> No. 6935
File 130747737413.png - (55.49KB , 896x627 , flowchart.png )
Pinkie Pie is broken, I tell ya...
>> No. 6936
>> No. 6944
Make that one of Applejacks win lines, NAO. RIGHT. FRUKKIN'. NAO.
>> No. 6963
Am I? Well that wasn't my intention at all. I was just trying to be... I dunno... funny, random, straight forward... myself.

And that second part was not directed at them in any way. If it's an insult it's more on me. I wrote it like that because I got tired of all the words. D:

Also, if the program is as high-level as it seems like, they are actually not technically programming. </nazi>

And things people write on the internet are not to be taken seriously, you silly filly. :3
>> No. 6966

If you aren't programming in assembly then you aren't technically programming either. But what does it matter? It's a word that means something pretty close to what's happening and is understood by most users of English.

Now I have to go tell all of deviant art that if they are using computers they aren't technically drawing.
>> No. 6969
Since we've been receiving some repeated questions, and going through the thread might be starting to get tiresome for newcomers, we've compiled a FAQ, or "Frequently Axed Questions"

Here's a three miles long google documents link to it.

If you have questions that haven't been answered there, or previously on this thread, feel free to ask... It's not meant to keep you guys from posting, just to save us all time if stuff's been said already.
>> No. 6983
File 130750949124.jpg - (5.18KB , 202x161 , pinkamenarecoil.jpg )

>Even if we could do Custom characters easily, we'd not want to half-flank the job and disappoint our favourite fandom. Remember Art of the Dress?

>What one player loves, another player hates. Pleasing everypony is as hard here as it is in the show. [link to Suited for Success]

Doesn't sound like you guys are big fans of Suited For Success, eh? :P
>> No. 6988
Or, y'know, he could be referring to the morals of Suited for Success. Just sayin.
>> No. 6990

I think pretty much every artist/designer/programmer/coder/musician or anypony in general who ever had to work for commission identifies with Rarity in that one episode.

Being our team composed mainly of artists in one or other field, it's an episode we often relate with our work.
>> No. 6991

Ohhh, alright. Had a bit of a derp there for a moment. Hehe.
>> No. 6994
The finishers I made on Equestria Daily, made before >>6863
Final moves for the mane six.
Applejack: A good-ol' fashioned beat-down.
Rarity: Magics them into fabric, and then crushes them ala Gaara.
Pinkie Pie: Beats them senseless with her health bar(yes, I know Deadpool does it too.)
Fluttershy: Uses the Stare to paralyze them, and then apologizes and/or has her animal flock tear them apart.
Rainbow Dash: Grabs them, takes off, and slams them into the ground after a Sonic Rainboom.
>> No. 6995
And here are my ideas for the secondaries, and why can I see Sweetie Belle getting the joke character slot?

Gilda: Gilda used Roar! The enemy has fled the battle!
Luna: Goes Nightmare Moon and actually does stuff other than thorns and cracks in the ground.
Spike: Dr. Whoof yanks him into the TARDIS, shoves out his adult knight form, and he does all his badass stuff.
Derpy Hooves: The enemy tries to throw a punch, but Derpy takes their arm and goes 200% ninja on them, leaving them under a piano and wondering WTF just happened.
Owlicious: Hoots, and their head explodes from the Satanic chanting.
Scootaloo: Ropes them up and drags them behind her scooter, dealing multiple minor hits, possibly a 256 hit combo.
Sweetie Belle: Shows them generation 3.5, they kill themselves.
>> No. 7003
File 130753364183.jpg - (123.45KB , 1165x827 , K_O_.jpg )
THIS MUST BE DONE!!! /)^3^(\
>> No. 7004
>FAQ sez most things in the game are set, so they're not taking suggestions or additional help.
>thread is nothing but suggestions and attempts to get involved.

>> No. 7005
I have a few questions:
Do we see the pony statistic (strenght of punches, how fast they are et catera)? Or rather what stats will we see on the screen besides lifepoints?
Some of the ponys can fly, other cannot. Does the flying pony controls change(floating instead of walking)
Will there be combos? If so, only with combometer, or anytime?
Could we react with the area, like throwing something on anotherpony? Or is it simply the background?
How many attacks for pony?

Regardless of the answers I think you guys will make an awesome game. Sorry for my bad english, and cheers to everypony!
>> No. 7008
I still feel like you're personally targeting/attacking me with that bit about the custom character generator. That was the only section of the entire FAQ that really seemed to be written abrasively.
>Creating a viable custom character maker isn't as easy as it sounds;
I never said it was, I just said it was possible.
>It is NOT only creating a "blank" pony and tackling a custom pallet on top;
Again, I never said that was all there was to it. Obviously that's how it'd work for the end-user, but of COURSE that's not all there is to the dev-end implementation. It still doesn't make it impossible.
>it requires far more resources into developing and technical creation than we can invest on it,
Okay, that's a good reason.
>and the end result would be most likely unsatisfactory, both for the players and the Devs...
It is a gamble, and it's something that hasn't really fared well in other fighting games over the years, but how many wrong ways are there to invent the lightbulb?
>Not to mention it'd push back our Live release to the end of season 3, or so.
Okay, that's fair enough for me. Originally, you just outright said it wasn't possible at all, and when I said it was, you responded as though I was some mindless Flash using moron who knew nothing about the development of computer applications. If you had just said from the beginning that it would take too long and you don't have the time and resources to implement something that may or may not even be enjoyable, then the conversation would have been over right then and there.

Don't get the wrong idea about me: I am NOT here to argue with you. I'm eagerly looking forward to your game, and I think it's very promising. And like I've said multiple times already, I wouldn't even be using a custom character generator anyway. But I get the feeling from that FAQ that you're being hostile toward me, and I don't know why.
>> No. 7010
Persecution complex much? Congratulations on mastering the art of making mountains out of molehills, sir. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that everypony else reading the FAQ saw their answer for what it is - simply an in-depth explanation of why custom characters will not be implemented.

Why the in-depth, multiple part explanation? Because it's a popular question. Understandable, as people love their self-inserts. No doubt if the answer was a simple "Nope, no customs!" the thread would be inundated with "But why not?" By covering every possible base with their answer, they're simply attempting to save everypony's time by answering it just once. You know, the entire point of having a FAQ?

Anyway, who are you to accuse others of hostility when your post absolutely reeks of shit-stirring? Next time you post, I'd advise you take a few minutes to calm down, read what you've written, and think it over.
>> No. 7086
Shit-stirring? I think you didn't read the post very well then. I was the first person in this thread to mention a custom character generator, if I recall correctly, and I was the only person they responded to in this thread, and they weren't very nice about it. And really, they don't have to be, but I'd certainly like it if they were.

Also, I didn't say they should have said "Nope, no customs!" In fact, I said the exact opposite: that they SHOULDN'T have said that. That's more or less what they initially said, and that's why I pressed the issue before. If they had just explained themselves back then as they have now, there wouldn't be an issue. In fact, if I had it my way, there wouldn't be an issue now. When the devs answered me before, they treated me like a moron, and when the FAQ was released, they based an entire section of it detailing how moronic my suggestion was instead of just explaining politely why it wasn't feasible, and when I ask why all the hate, you accuse me of shit-stirring.

Well, all right then. Sorry for shit-stirring. That's not my intention. All I've seen is that I made a suggestion, it was shot down without a proper reason given, I explained that it was possible, but that if the devs said they couldn't do it, that was fine by me. They then replied "This isn't Flash" as though I was a 12 year old who thought that if I could make a game like that work in Flash, they could make it work with their engine. I got a little offended by that comment, but ultimately dropped it and said "whatever." Then they wrote up a "frequently axed questions" document with a section on that suggestion that only I made, and nearly everypony else thought was a bad idea anyway, thus meaning it was pretty much targeted at me, even though I had dropped the issue, and basically talked down to me some more, saying "It's NOT as simple as just making a 'blank' pony with a customizable pallet, you derptard."

So yeah, I'm sort of offended. I don't know why this issue is still going. They could have just said "we have no plans to implement something like that, because it would take too long, and would likely turn out unsatisfactory anyway." Instead they made mention of the fact that I had stated it to be possible, as though I had thought it to be a simple feat.

Whatever. You know what? Devs, I'm sorry for getting offended over what was probably nothing. Perhaps a misunderstanding at most. Just forget I brought any of this up. Just keep doing what you're doing, and I'll go back to doing whatever it is that I do. As I've said a bajillion times now, your project looks great. I'm here to enjoy your work, not fight with you over some stupid non-issue.

Damn drama.

But just for the record, for anypony else who wants to talk about "shit-stirring", this is me apologizing and dropping the issue. It's over and done with, at least for me.
>> No. 7102
Even though it's not MUGEN-based, can we still customize our game to a certain extent?

For example, could we change the music being played in a stage?

(I'm sure I just hurt the feelings of the music people just now...)
>> No. 7104
Speculating is always interesting and fun to do, as players. We Devs also like to see when what you guys think and what we got planned resemble each other. Makes us feel we're onto the right track. Just don't feel bad if it's not in!

>Do we see the pony statistic (strenght of punches, how fast they are et catera)? Or rather what stats will we see on the screen besides lifepoints?

You will probably not see many stats juggled around in the screen at any given moment. We're trying to make the game easy to get into, and we feel stats thrown around make it more an issue of fancy mathematics to pick your pony. We're focusing on balancing the ponies so that you can pick your favorite char and be effective against the other ponies.

>Some of the ponys can fly, other cannot. Does the flying pony controls change(floating instead of walking)

That was an interesting one in dev. At base level, their movements remain the same. Flyers get some different stuff thrown in the mix, but we're trying to make every pony unique, more than focusing in Earth vs Air combat.

>Will there be combos? If so, only with combometer, or anytime?

Yep. There will be. Lots of them.

>Could we react with the area, like throwing something on anotherpony? Or is it simply the background?

It's simply the background.

>How many attacks for pony?

They each got a decently sized variety to pick from

Actually, we got asked that a lot, in here and in other places. We also get suggested how to go about it a lot, particularly with the stated "blank>pallet overlay"; It's coming so often, we added it to the FAQ.

Ponychan is the "official" thread, but we monitor the feedback in other sites (the ones we submitted the info personally), and some other is mailed to us ("hey, have you seen site x?, guys are talking about your game!"), not to mention the direct-to-email questions some people have been sending to us.

You might notice not all the questions in the FAQ appear previously on the thread. Most do, but not all. That's because whenever a particularly interesting question pops up somewhere else, we answer it, though we rather prefer when you guys post it here. It's easier to follow.

Also. We apologize if we seemed rude. We don't like to reply questions with a flat "NO", as it makes us feel we're just throwing off ideas arbitrarily, which is why we usually explain our reasoning behind the answers, or why a certain idea isn't feasible.


We Devteam are a collaborative effort in making this game; The engine itself, as mentioned before, isn't end-user-modifiable. While we don't want to force things on you guys, releasing a music-free version without the great work of our music duo would make us feel terrible. We don't leave nopony behind.

Trust us, here, we got two awesome guys working in the music (their names and previous work samples are in the FAQ), and from what we have herd in development, their music for this project is amazing, and not only because we say so.


On a general note for everypony.

About the topic of OC characters ingame, we think we tackled the main questions of the issue, and, as such, it's most likely we won't be answering further questions on the matter, unless they're of a drastic importance. We still welcome questions on every other matter, and will try to reply to them to the best of our abilities.
>> No. 7108
Random questions set #2
Will singleplayer have a story behind for each character?
Oponents skill in single is changeable?
How many modes? VS mode, Story mode, multi mode, other modes?
Will we see some boss characters in single that would be to inb4 in multi(hydra, superpowered baby twilight, ursa)?
How about vocal parts before fight? Taken from the show, made by helpful people or no deal?
Only 1vs1 fights? If not, what numbers are we talking about?
Hall of fame for multi, all anonymowus or we choose?
Messaging another bronies before/after fight bulit in?
Backgrounds only static, or something like cheering ponies bulit in some?
Could we import music/backgrounds into game with ease?
How could we download it? Megaupload, torrent, website?
Thanks for previous answers, want this more than any other game from the last 10 years.
>> No. 7112
Do the ponies have special 'finishers'? (For instance, Fluttershy swarming the opponent with critters, or Rarity magically mummifying the opponent in a roll of silk?
>> No. 7114
Rapid fire Q&A go!

>Will singleplayer have a story behind for each character?
We'd like to reserve details about story mode until a later update.

>Oponents skill in single is changeable?
If you mean game difficulty, we're working on it.

>How many modes? VS mode, Story mode, multi mode, other modes?
Story mode and VS (Local/Online) at Live release.

>Will we see some boss characters in single that would be to inb4 in multi(hydra, superpowered baby twilight, ursa)?
See first question ;).

>How about vocal parts before fight? Taken from the show, made by helpful people or no deal?
There will be vocals, yes. A few might be lifted from show, but most will be original content.

>Only 1vs1 fights? If not, what numbers are we talking about?
1vs1 at Live release.

>Hall of fame for multi, all anonymowus or we choose?
There is no centralized node for online mode. We're considering alternative options for Hall of Fame

>Messaging another bronies before/after fight bulit in?
Unfortunately, no.

>Backgrounds only static, or something like cheering ponies bulit in some?
Definitely animated. Expect to see more on future updates.

>Could we import music/backgrounds into game with ease?
We just answered that one ;) >>7104

>How could we download it? Megaupload, torrent, website?
We're looking into our options. Most likely all of the above, since the response has been bigger than we thought.

They felt a bit out-of-spirit with the rest of our planned game feel. We've something special planned instead, though.
>> No. 7116
This has been asked at least 10 times in the equestria thread alone. It's not just you, brony! I promise.

DevTeam mentioned Fighter Maker at some point. (plus I recognize the logo from the screenshot :-) ) I tried to use this a couple of years ago for a project (I don't think it's been updated for a few years) and a custom character maker is actually impossible. There are a lot of steps involved in making a character and even adding one to the character select screen requires a fair amount of work. None of the resources for a character are external, it is hundreds of bitmaps and commands bunched up into one file. This includes color palletts. Making it so that other people can add custom characters or even colors without them doing an insane amount of work is not just "a lot of work", it's almost out of the question.

from this point of view reading their response they seem overly polite if anything.
>> No. 7139
I didn't think it was possible to be MORE excited for this- but every time I read a response or Q&A session by the developers I start bouncing in my chair with a big stupid grin on my face.

Am I mistaken or am I actually seeing hints about NON-combative finishing moves- maybe an inversion of Mortal Kombat's "fatalities?" :P


>> No. 7160
Will there be a robust training mode? (ala guilty gear or blazblue)
>> No. 7161
I'd love to see more screenshots, if possible.
>> No. 7211
Given the fighter maker 2 engine I'd doubt it, and unless the mechanics are really complex like guilty gear they may not NEED a complex training mode (guilty gear had air/ground techs instant/barrier/instant-barrier blocks and alpha counters)

Something simple to begin with would be nice, main-stray functions and meter variables would be great, even a "training-stage" could be implemented in a later version.

Functions usually in training modes:
Various Functions:
-Meter: Infinite, normal, fast refill(infinite meter but drops during combos and quickly refills to max.)
-Counter Hit: None, Always, Random(not a priority, but helps with hit confirms)
-Enemy functions:
-Random Block(not a priority, but it helps learning hit confirms)
-No Block
-All Block
-Block After First Hit
-Jump, Stand, Crouch
-Tech throws = Random, None, All

That's all I can think of at the moment. A training stage really wouldn't be a huge priority seeing as most of the community doesn't use the lines anyway. I would imagine you could use something like a mage chamber in the castle for a training stage. Mana runes would make the lines, or to beat the fans to the punch, make a boxing ring in the applebloom barn, with red and blue lines on the ring and some form of identifiable lines on the inside of the barn
>> No. 7212
The "man i hope my questions don't slow them down" question set.

If I want to fight Pinkie vs Pinkie, how can I recognise my Pinkie? Recolor, Pinkamena instead, some accesory?
You say 17 playable characters in total. Why 17? Limitations of the engine, or another reason? Would you add another bunch if season 2 brings us some worthwile characters?
About online play: Do you need/have server?
How much percent of the game is made now?
Do you have already plans for another pony project?
How large the fighting areas are? One screen, bigger or varies?
Do the picture of fighter changes with damage? Do the speed/strenght of the fighter changes with damage?
There won't be blood, but do we see any signs of damage on ponies?
Thanks for answerwing my previous questions! Hope that the game will come soon!
>> No. 7227

We feel an extensive training mode is unnecessary, at this point of development

Rapid fire Q&A: Dev-sneaking-out-of-working-in-game-to-reply edition, GO!

>If I want to fight Pinkie vs Pinkie, how can I recognise my Pinkie? Recolor, Pinkamena instead, some accesory?

We've made research, and found with no more than a 50% margin of error (statistically insignificant), that your Pinkie is usually attached to the rest of your hand. Consult your doctor if it happens to be otherwise.

Real Answer: We're doing pallete swaps to distinguish P1 and P2 characters. At the time of screenshot release, we had not yet implemented AJ's pallete swap.

>You say 17 playable characters in total. Why 17? Limitations of the engine, or another reason? Would you add another bunch if season 2 brings us some worthwile characters?

Now that's two questions there. First one is already answered in the FAQ. For the second. We are focusing on our current plans for the game at the moment; We might do something once S2 hits, but as to what exactly, we'll cross the bridge once we get to it.

>About online play: Do you need/have server?

Already answered. >>6815 / FAQ

>How much percent of the game is made now?

Higher than expected.

>Do you have already plans for another pony project?

As a team, we're focusing on MLP: Fighting is Magic at the moment. We've thought of other projects we'd like to work in, both individually, and as a team, but we're dedicated to see this one through first.

>How large the fighting areas are? One screen, bigger or varies?

Bigger. You'll see how much in a future update.

>Do the picture of fighter changes with damage? Do the speed/strenght of the fighter changes with damage?

The Portraits in GUI do; The character themselves will fight equally as good to the last hit. We don't want to have one-sided battles, after all.

>There won't be blood, but do we see any signs of damage on ponies?

Just like the blood. We thought showing the ponies taking "permanent" damage would take the concept too far into the grimdark side of the scale. We also thought it wouldn't make sense having ponies with crutches and bandages fight and move just as they would at optimal condition.


>NOTE: FAQ UPDATED! details at (short link to google docs. Their three-mile long ones get ridiculous to paste repeatedly)

> Update: The developer sneaking out of game work to reply to this questions has been dragged out and shot. Then dragged in again and put back to work.

> Update: No, we joke. Answering questions is what we have him for, after all
>> No. 7230
All right, sorry again for assuming. I guess that other anon was right, I do have something of a persecution complex.
Well, I wasn't really specifically referring to Fighter Maker 2002. I'm not even sure if they had mentioned that in this thread yet when I made the suggestion. They may have. I don't really remember. Either way, I'd never worked with it before anyway, so I figured something that just flat out wouldn't allow it would be kind of derp (and I said as much). It's true that I could make a system like that work if I made it myself, so I assumed that there wasn't really any reason why it wouldn't be possible for an entire team of devs to get it to work. Really though, I suppose it's like they've said: the cons of using Fighter Maker 2002 don't really apply when their focus is on making a balanced game that the end-user can't modify anyway.

It seems the dev team already knows exactly what they want this game to be, and currently any suggestions made are solely for fun, and are practically guaranteed not to make it into the game. That being said, how about a little fun?

Visible exhaustion at lower health (would be totally unnecessary, and would make the art take almost twice as long to implement, but it'd be really cool).

Flawless Victories being rewarded with a special voice clip of the winner saying something to the loser, such as "Come on, you weren't even trying!" or "Was I too assertive? I'm sorry..."

That's actually all I can think of off the top of my head. I have other ideas, but they're all things that pertain to the movesets, or character list, or stage list, or whatever. Things that you've already got covered.
>> No. 7278
ehm, about the blood... how about instead of the red liquid that supposedly horrifies kids you would just beat something nice from the ponies? like rainbows from rainbow dash, baloons/cupcakes from pinkie pie, butterflies from fluttershy?
>> No. 7280
Or just make some random color effects like in

Ok the red effects are most likely "blood" but they do not look like any bad..?
>> No. 7316
I'm not ENTIRELY sure why you chose to link to that game in particular. I'm pretty sure you are referring to the "hitsparks". These are in almost every fighting game :)
>> No. 7319

Sounds like you are referring to hitsparks, which are the effects that play when attacks hit the opponent. We do have those in the game. What we don't have, by choice, are visible signs of damage as the ponies get hit too much, such as bruises or cuts visible on the sprites.
>> No. 7333
are they at least as much awesome as butterflies flying from fluttershy? :)

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