The following links are to Orders and/or Temples who are seriously providing valuable information on Golden Dawn-related topics. Many provide initiation and/or study courses. Some provide astral initiations and others do not.

It is not lineage, nor the intent of this Golden Dawn resource to make value judgments on temple politics or anything else. Neither are we suggesting that the use of the name Golden Dawn, even in trademark form, provides and special connection to the original current. The seeker would do well in making their own decision by visiting the sites.


Golden Dawn Blog


Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ®
(Hermetic Order of the Morning Star, Inc)
International Order providing members with full initiation into the classical Golden Dawn system of magic. Offers astral initiation for correspondence members, personal proctoring, extensive resources and a worldwide fraternity of people dedicated to "invoking the light to the four corners of the earth". Wiith active temples in the U.S., Canada and Europe, this Order's headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.
Temple of Ptah Thge Temple of Ptah is dedicated to the "Great Work" of self-mastery, and through the teachings of the traditional Golden Dawn, the student is carefully guided from Neophyte to as high as his or her aspirations will go.
Sanctuary of Isis-Osiris The Sanctuary of Isis-Osiris is dedicated to spiritual growth, the use and development of your intuition, the study of Mystical Christianity, Qabalah, Egyptian Mysteries, philosophy, Tarot, Greek Mysteries, alchemy, astrology, astral travel, clairvoyance, and ritual magic.
Golden-Dawn-Forum An active forum providing in-depth discussion on the Golden Dawn Tradition, magic, tarot, qabalah, hermetics and a variety of related topics. The forum has a growing on-line section of resources.
GoldenDawnPedia Online Golden Dawn encyclopedia. Information on the original order of the Golden Dawn and its magical teachings, as well as biographies on select members.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Chic Cicero)


One of the most active groups, with temples in Florida and other locations. Chic Cicero has authored several books relating to the Golden Dawn. They applied for a U.S. trademark in the mid 1990's and were challenged by another group. The right or privilege of the trademark to use the Golden Dawn name was then split between this order and another. This Order provides an effective and informative website with a growing library of information.
Temple of Auriel Proactive temple serving the southwest United States with the true and classical Golden Dawn tradition of spiritual development. Regular classes and complete initiations are provided.
Golden Dawn Blog Continually updated articles on themes and current events relationg to the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn weblog is maintained by members of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn