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How to step through the sacred door way that will guide you into a life of magic and miracles

Dear friend and Seeker of Light,

Welcome and prepare to enter the region beyond boundaries. Welcome to the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

We as descendants of the direct teachings of MacGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn are privileged to have been passed on the sacred lantern of the ancients and the divine mysteries of Light. This is critical in your magical life because it means that you, through the sought after mysteries of our Order will unlock the keys over self destiny and true mastery of the Magic of Light, as taught by the ancients and classical Golden Dawn teachings.

Our Order wants to promise you one absolutely guarantee, that guarantee is that these secrets can and will lead you to the life you deserve and want. You can have full mastery over your spiritual life, emotional life, magical life and physical life.


The above quote comes directly from our Golden Dawn Neophyte initiation. What does it mean? It has several layers of meaning, but one is that most people live in darkness, slaves to the constant constraints of the material world. In our Order, you will learn how to break free of those constraints, and have power over your life and your future. We call this Self mastery and it will seem almost shocking to those who remain in the darkness and ignorance of the Light.



The Five Fold Principals and Promises of the Pentagram are available to you now.

They are as follows :

Principal & Promise #1 :
As a member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn you will enjoy complete access to a personal mentor, classes, temples, and the Magic of Light.
Our practical training program is easily accessible to you with a click of a button. Our trained and dedicated adepts teachers are available to help you and guide you w directly. You will not be tossed into an automated system of modern computer technology only to be lost. We want you to advance and grow.

Principal & Promise #2 :
As an initiate of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn you will have genuine connection to the entire egrore of the Golden Dawn including the un-published teachings of the oral tradition.
You are promised 100% genuine teaching and training as it was envisioned by our founder MacGregor Mathers. When you become an initiate of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn you will be part of a growing body of knowledge that will be shared with you at your own pace. Why limit yourself to the Regardie books and other materials found on and Ebay.

Principal & Promise #3 :
We promise you that your initiation will ignite the sacred fires of Light within your sphere of sensation. This will give you power and mastery now only in the spiritual world, but in the physical world as well.

Principal& Promise #4 :
We promise you that as an initiate of our Order that you will have the availability to achieve magical feats and attain magical knowledge and understanding as far as strong as your desire and will to have them and know them.

Principal& Promise #5 :
The sacred Law of Attraction as taught by the ancients and in particular Hermes will be unveiled to you. Our Order is not comprised of a few secrets from the last century, but ancient wisdom and knowledge. The sacred doors to the once locked temples of initiation are open to you within the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Brother, Sister,
We are absolutely certain that in our Order you will learn to put into practice the Magic of Light and that with this magic you can change your life, help others change their life, and ultimately have an impact on the world.

Move your life into a bright compelling future.

We are not about to make slick promises that once you are initiated, everything you every wanted will come your way instantly. What we want you to know is that if you apply yourself to learning the teachings of the Magic of Light, you will be able to first and foremost develop a deep and profound relationship with your higher genius or Holy Guardian Angel,
You will have the skills and equally important, you will be part of an un-broken line of descendants that stretch from our present Order, to the Golden Dawn, the age of the alchemist, the masters of the kaballah and the mystics and Hermeticist of ancient Egypt. Everything these masters have done, and created, and placed into the sacred vaults of hidden wisdom, is yours when you open the gateway of true and genuine Golden Dawn Initiation.

Thank You for your consideration,

G.H. Frater Pro Deo Et Rege, Imperator General of the Order worldwide
G.H. Frater T.D.L., Imperator of the Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother

Light in Extension!

P.S. We invite you to look at our curriculum, on our website, as we only cover the Outer Order grade on the site. As you grow and advance you may be invited into the Second Order where you will be given both the printed materials that stack up to over a foot high, but the oral tradition as well. This knowledge is priceless.

Examine what you will learn and apply for membership in our Order

Click here to download podcast... Golden Dawn Podcast (MP3 - 8.46 MB 18:29 min)


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