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"If this sounds like the story of a life, okay." Raymond Carver


Welcome to the world of Raymond Carver, one of America's great practitioners of the short story and poem. Here you will find a wealth of information regarding Ray's world, including a detailed biography and chronology by Professor William Stull, photographs from Tess Gallagher's home photo album, a complete bibliography of Ray's work, even four working drafts of Ray's poem Shooting.

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Why We Love Ray
Why do we read Raymond Carver? Now you have a chance to answer this question (for a limited time) in our special section tribute about why we love Ray.

Main Contents

This is Ray's home page. It includes the introduction and main contents for the rest of the site.

Professor William Stull's excellent biography of Raymond Carver, originally published in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, is reprinted here. It covers both of Ray's lives, from childhood until June 2, 1977, and from that day until August 2, 1988.

Also written by Professor Stull, the body of this chronology is taken from Stull's introduction to Carver's book No Heroics, Please. Some changes and additions have been made, however, mainly by Tess Gallagher.

Straight from Tess Gallagher's home photo album, these pictures - many previously unpublished - show Ray fishing on the Strait, relaxing with Tess, and visiting friends.

Short Stories & Poems
This bibliography covers all 14 of Ray's major releases. It also includes the full table of contents for each of his books.

Hiromi Hashimoto, a student from Japan, has written a wonderful thesis on the common (and irritating) misconception that Ray was/is a minimalist.

Etc., etc., etc.
This page contains all the stuff that can't be put anywhere else. Sounds of Ray laughing and reading a poem, pictures of his grave, even the books he read as a child are included here.

Yakima Haunts
A project by Whitman student John Wiseley, this page points out some of Ray's favorite hang-outs in Yakima.

Port Angeles Haunts
Includes a map written by Tess, showing Ray's favorite restaurants, his old homes, and even his favorite fishing hole.

Drafts of Shooting
Four working drafts of Ray's poem Shooting.

Recent Additions & Changes

September 20, 1997
The Home page gets a face-lift, under the theory that faster is better.

September 20, 1997
Two new stories about Ray are added to the Etc., etc., etc., page.

August 18, 1997
A new essay by David Carpenter, including photo, regarding a hunting trip he went on with Ray is added to the Etc., etc., etc. page.

August 8, 1997
I begin a major-overhaul of the Carver page in an effort to speed things up around this joint. Tell me what you think of things by sending me an email.


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