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What's New, 23 September 2010
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A Special Thanks

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All pictures, except where noted, © Reserved, Tim Marshall.  Larry Leadhead displayed with permission.
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Thanks to RonK and DaveJ for helping me get this started back in 1998!

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What this Site is About & Contact Information
We are an informal group of friends who wargame the periods shown here.  If you are curious, please read the article, What is Miniature Wargaming?   You can then view pictures and reports of games played, related subjects and links by navigating the graphic site map above.  If you would like to know more, or even give it a try, contact Tim Marshall (note, this email is munged.  Please remove SCUMSPAMMER).  We'd also love to hear from any local or visiting players in or near the St. John's area. 

I sometimes provide access to a large seminar/training room at my work place for very large or multiple games. Here are directions to this location.

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Thank You 
This site was shut down for a period in Fall of 2004, due to an Irish journalist
using this site to smear the credibility of a book by a friend of mine (this link is a former version of
this page from the wayback Machine) because his name appeared here. 
The lesson learned was not to use friends' last names on my site!  It has taken me a little
while to revise the many pages of this site so that first names only appear. 
While my site was down, I received a large number of emails and, on The Miniatures Page,
expressions of support over the controversy.  I want to express my gratitude to the
people who took the time to write me.  It is reassuring that for every nasty individual like
the aforementioned journalist, there are scores and scores of considerate and supportive people. 
Thank you all very much.
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History of Tim's Toys
As mentioned at the top of the page, Tim's Toys came into existence back in 1998.

If you are interested, The wayback Machine has records of this page all the way back to 1999.

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