Sue Rostoni to Retire as Star Wars Editor

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June 9, 2011
For over 20 years, Sue Rostoni has played an integral part in shaping the Expanded Universe of Star Wars fiction, starting as a Lucasfilm editor during the publication of the Thrawn Trilogy, the influential series of books by Timothy Zahn that started the current Star Wars publishing program in the early 1990s. Rostoni will retire from her position as Executive Editor for LucasBooks as of July 2011.

"I have enjoyed the best job in the world with the most wonderfully creative people," said Rostoni. "I'm so grateful to have been a part of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones programs these past years -- it's been the most challenging and rewarding time of my life."

"Sue has been the soul of Star Wars spin off novels and comics for the past two decades. She has brought a unique blend of passion, patience and caring to her job, and she is beloved by all of us she has touched, colleagues and fans alike. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for her enormous contributions," said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing.

Star Wars publishing has expanded the storyline of the movies into hundreds of spin-off adventures. In 1991, LucasBooks embarked on telling new Star Wars stories that could interconnect within a larger fictional universe. The endeavor was immediately a huge success, and continues to this day, with Star Wars novels regularly landing on the New York Times bestseller list.

Novels -- first by Bantam Books, and later by Del Rey Books -- and comics from Dark Horse Comics make up the largest pieces of the Expanded Universe. Rostoni currently serves as editor for both the novel and comics lines, working with publishers, authors, artists and editors to help shape the Expanded Universe and create a growing Star Wars storyline approved by Lucasfilm Ltd.

"I have been the supervising editor on Dark Horse Comics' line of Star Wars titles for the past decade, and involved with them on and off for the ten years before that," says Randy Stradley. "The one constant during that time was Sue Rostoni. I know that the value of a single consistent guiding -- or helping -- hand cannot be overestimated. No matter what situation arose, Sue handled it with her usual aplomb and good humor. It has been my pleasure and my privilege to work with Sue for all these years."

While at LucasBooks, Rostoni helped launch such major Star Wars storytelling milestones as The New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force and the current Fate of the Jedi novel series. She often interacted with avid Star Wars readers on message boards, through interviews on fan sites and blogs, and with appearances at conventions.

"Sue taught me the Star Wars ropes when I first came on board 13 years ago, and since then I've relied on her to help me navigate the complex and exciting waters of the Star Wars Expanded Universe," said Shelly Shapiro, Editor at Large at Del Rey Books. "Her insight and vast store of information have helped our authors bring depth and accuracy to their novels, and her cheerful team approach has helped bring out the best in everyone involved. The Star Wars fictional universe is the rich and full experience it is largely due to Sue's guiding hand, and as we continue to grow that universe into the future, I am confident that the course Sue set us on will keep us on track for continued success."

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