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News - Japan: Weekly software sales for 11/21 - 11/27

Posted by Josh Freund at 12:04:49 AM EST on 12.1.2005.

Japanese software sales for November 21 - November 27:

#. Platform - Title - Publisher - This week's sales (Total sales) - Weeks on sale

1. NDS - Animal Crossing - Nintendo - 325,466 (NEW)
2. NGC - Naruto 4 - Tomy - 122,322 (NEW)
3. GBA - RockMan EXE 6: Dennoujuu Grega - Capcom - 107,099 (NEW)
4. PS2 - Soul Calibur III - Namco - 106,920 (NEW)
5. PS2 - Ratchet & Clank 4th (Deadlocked) - Sony - 85,487 (NEW)
6. GBA - RockMan EXE 6: Dennoujuu Faltzer - Capcom - 65,560 (NEW)
7. GBA - Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Red - Pokemon - 57,143 (170,041) - 2nd week
8. PS2 - Ikusagami - Genki - 52,547 (NEW)
9. NDS - Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Blue - Pokemon - 50,309 (173,865) - 2nd week
10. PS2 - Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. - Bandai - 42,427 (340,791) - 2nd week

This was an unusually stellar week for software sales in Japan. Four games sold over 100,000 copies, with the top 10 adding up to an insane 1,015,280 copies sold.

For reference: Last week's sales (718,000)

Expect (big) hardware numbers tomorrow.

Source: Media Create


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+0 karma
ttfp 12.6.2005 at 01:07:44 PM
The last HMV I visited had more UMD movies than PSP games available.

As for AC, does anyone know if you can go online with import DS games, as the European release is ridiculously late in March 2006.
+0 karma
pixy misao 12.3.2005 at 01:44:51 AM
In retrospect, I am not impressed with DoS. The Symphony style formula is getting kind of stale, at least CoD had the jumbles (?) to mix things up with more outdoor areas. We all hoped that IGA would take CV into new frontiers, not keep retreading the same 2D formula. Looking at this chart, and it's repeatedly dull Akumajo performances, Castlevania definately needs new life... an injection of true innovation.
+0 karma
jayb222 12.2.2005 at 10:33:20 PM
None taken. ;)
+0 karma
lilhawke 12.2.2005 at 10:30:16 AM
"2. NGC - Naruto 4 - Tomy - 122,322 (NEW) "

They did on PSX :)

I wasn't too impressed with this game. SotN and DoS are where the Castlevania games shine. Make more of those, and the fanbase will be happy :)
+0 karma
pixy misao 12.2.2005 at 06:03:33 AM
I'm sorry but both Mega Man Legends games were awesome. However the Battle Network games is Capcom's attempt to keep the blue bomber alive in a trendy pokemon/yugioh kind of way... pathetic.

Anyway I notice that Akumajo Dracula (Curse of Darkness) didn't even chart during it's release week. Too bad, it's a great game with some lingering faults. I'm beginning to think that IGA is more concerned with quantity over quality. The best thing Konami could do would be to create a Castlevania Collection, no question.
+0 karma
monksabin 12.2.2005 at 04:53:43 AM
@ jayb 222 -- I want Nintendo games.

hahahahaha.... I am so funny.... hahahahaha....

In other news, it makes me sad that I don't have time to play video games nowadays, because I'm hungry for some Animal Crossing.

Sorry jayb, but that was just too good to pass up. No hard feelings. =P
+0 karma
jayb222 12.2.2005 at 02:51:54 AM
I'm a quirky game player, (Parrappa, Rez, Katamari, Gitarooman) But Animal Crossing never did anything for me. I never saw what the big deal was. I guess it the character design I can't deal with. Anyway congrats on the sales. But so what. I would love a megaman legends 3 though. I waited a whole generation for it. Still waiting. Maybe it'll look like a cartoon on the 360. I can dream.

Oh yeah and I agree with shippoyasha those aren't original IPs fanboys.

And cainkid what does "Animal crossing is an original spin on an old title." If it was on PSP it would be a port.

y0francis26, not having many platformers or RPGs at the moment doesn't mean the playstation doesn't have any games. I've got 8 and I've only bought around 25 Gameboy games for the the 15 or 16 years it's been out. GB and GBA combined. That says alot. Besides this is japans charts. They have alot more psp games than the US and Europe. I swear, what the heck do you all want? What games do you want on the PSP that would qualify it as a game?
+0 karma
MegaManX 12.1.2005 at 09:02:09 PM
A quick comment on the Mega Man series debate here;

Both Legends and Battle Network are awesome. Legends 3 desperately needs to happen, and while Battle Network 6 doesn't, I'm glad it is because Battle Network 5 was great (maybe the best in the series).

Apparently, however, Battle Network 6 closes the story, at least for a good while (just like Zero 4 ends the Zero series for awhile too, apparently). So all the anti-EXE whiners will have nothing more to complain about for awhile after the US version of BN 6 gets released. :P
+0 karma
y0francis26 12.1.2005 at 08:52:44 PM
+0 karma
oystergod 12.1.2005 at 08:41:30 PM
God... I knew that Animal Crossing would sell well... but sheesh...
Can't wait to get my copy.
+0 karma
cainkid 12.1.2005 at 07:36:00 PM
@ Shippo


Animal crossing is an original spin on an old title. But your mostly right.

Naruto is a refreshingly different fighting series that deserves the sales, even if this is the 4th on in that series (they seem like they come out like DBZ games anyway)

and The pokemon games don't count because they aren't normal pokemon games anyway, heck for all purposes they aren't pokemon games at all.
+0 karma
dmgice 12.1.2005 at 06:46:26 PM
Honestly, Mega Man Dash was bad. 2 was playable, but the series is not very well made. I don't count Tron Bonne's game as part of the Dash series.

The exe series is well made though.

Besides, Nekofrog is a bit of a troll as it is. :-P
+0 karma
shippoyasha 12.1.2005 at 06:42:16 PM
I find it hilarious that none of these are original titles. And a bunch of them being in the Nintendo territory.

And what do some fanatics say about Nintendo? That they are not a part of the growing stagnating trend of games? Shyeah right.
+0 karma
cubeenigma 12.1.2005 at 06:28:27 PM

+0 karma
y0francis26 12.1.2005 at 06:14:28 PM
psp isnt dead its just that they have no games AT ALL!!!

but hey you have a million movies for it! =)
+0 karma
d.lo 12.1.2005 at 05:40:11 PM
Suck that Namco and your PS2 exclusive Calibur 3. Should have put it on DS, it's the only way you can sell anything in Japan right now!

And jp PSP is so dead. They shoud cut the cord.
+0 karma
nickolai 12.1.2005 at 04:07:18 PM
Awesome for Nintendo.

Megaman Legends is the shiz.
+0 karma
jesusfreakdk 12.1.2005 at 02:38:27 PM

Okay, so you bashed a game series that apparently a lot of people like. Great, that's your opinion. But then you proceed to call someone a "stupid idiot" (which by the way is repetitive) for having a differing opinion than you? Tell me why that doesn't sound hypocritical, and highly illogical (if you don't like MML that means you're an idiot). -_-;;

dj tempora--

Hopefully that won't be so unusual in the future. ^^ I've heard mixed things about the Xbox360, obviously the opinions of a few of my friends don't represent the entire gaming community but if the PS3's reception is similar, then I really hope the Revolution takes the spotlight. Of course, games make the system, which is why the PS2 was more successful than the GC overall. But with many companies taking interest in the controller, hopefully we'll see more sales and third-party support. As for the DS, well, Nintendo continues to be the king of handhelds. :-)
+0 karma
stormfeather 12.1.2005 at 01:56:37 PM
blkstarr: I don't wanna know how it warms your hard, really :p

Anyhow, as to the topic, OH YEAH Animal Crossing. Just makes me want you even more, if that's at all possible. I'm seriously into counting down the days here, until that baby is in my beady little hands...

The only things I'm worried about are a) if the Wi-Fi is going to work with my router (apparently some routers have problems), and b) if the large numbers of people coming online at once are going to cause more troubles for the online system in general.
+0 karma
mahew 12.1.2005 at 11:21:20 AM
SC3, only 100,000? I'm surprised. Is it bigger in the west?
+0 karma
jspider 12.1.2005 at 11:14:39 AM
I agree with those who think MML is awsome ;) I honestly don't mind the battle network series but I do feel it started regressing after MMBN3 which was the best of the series so far

hopefully 6 is good or at least decent

anywho it's really weird to see a GC up there in the top sellers but it's cool and yeah who DIDN'T think Animal Crossing would do well :P
+0 karma
dj tempora 12.1.2005 at 10:01:58 AM
Top 3 sellers are for Nintendo systems... how highly unusual.

Oh and I want Animal Crossing like, yesterday. I can't wait.
+0 karma
absolutezero 12.1.2005 at 10:01:22 AM
Holy crap. I can't believe that AC sold so well. That is entirely awesome, on so many levels. And this is the kinda game that I think will have a REALLY long shelf life.

Kick ass.
+0 karma
nekofrog 12.1.2005 at 09:06:36 AM
MML awful?

Are you a stupid idiot?

Yes, you are.
+0 karma
y0francis26 12.1.2005 at 08:43:37 AM
i meant 3 times
+0 karma
y0francis26 12.1.2005 at 08:43:15 AM
also the a niaml crossing sales puts the mario kart sales to sold nearly 2 times as much
+0 karma
y0francis26 12.1.2005 at 08:41:04 AM
i want naruto but it wont work on my gamecube =/
+0 karma
skyelan 12.1.2005 at 08:12:37 AM
Megaman Legends: The game that gets bashed endlessly for no good reason. The only possible one is controls, but 2 fixed that up.

The actual thread subject: Jesu Kirst. I wonder how many people are going online with AC...
+0 karma
ttfp 12.1.2005 at 06:09:37 AM
How did Animal Crossing on the Cube and N64 sell worldwide?
+0 karma
dmgice 12.1.2005 at 05:42:27 AM
"nekofrog - 12.1.2005 at 04:10:43 AM


Then maybe we'll actually get Legends 3."

I read that and just busted out laughing. If no one sees the absolute irony in his comment.. hahaha.. then they've never played the awful Mega Man Legends series. :-P
+0 karma
hunterseeker 12.1.2005 at 05:40:03 AM
Yea, the AC:WW number is quite amazing, though it really isn't too unexpected.
+0 karma
blkstarr 12.1.2005 at 05:25:29 AM
Excellent numbers all around, but it warms my hard to see quirky, socially awkward little Animal Crossing pull off a big one.

I honestly can't wait to see what happens to the DS when the game that could really be a "system seller", Super Mario Bros. DS, releases.
+0 karma
nekofrog 12.1.2005 at 04:10:43 AM


Then maybe we'll actually get Legends 3.
+0 karma
reybrujo 12.1.2005 at 03:27:12 AM
The brain games dropped to 13 and 17, according to Dengeki Online. It would be interesting to see how they recover ground until they come back to the top position.
+0 karma
sharifad 12.1.2005 at 03:21:44 AM
and this:

Enterbrain reported that Nintendo has sold 350,000 copies of the NDS title Doubutsu no Mori DS [Animal Crossing: Wild World] for the first week. The sales of the NDS hardware is also increased to 160,000 units on the same week
+0 karma
thekow 12.1.2005 at 03:03:52 AM
Cheers to three games (well, two games) I want in Animal Crossing and Rockman EXE. Hot.

I wonder if the bigger drop in sales for the NDS version of Pokemon was due to the cart-erasure bit...? Wasn't it higher than the GBA version last week, and this week down almost 7,000?
+0 karma
reybrujo 12.1.2005 at 02:38:34 AM
It is not the first time the Brain games dropped out of the table, it has happened before.

As for AC:WW... wow...
+0 karma
MegaManX 12.1.2005 at 02:14:43 AM
Hooray for Animal Crossing and Rockman EXE 6 Griega/Faltzer. :D
+0 karma
jekku 12.1.2005 at 02:01:16 AM
I want Animal Crossing. Grr...
+0 karma
mikey 12.1.2005 at 01:42:13 AM
Bam, zoom, straight to the moon!
+0 karma
ninx 12.1.2005 at 01:33:27 AM
WOW! The Japanese Industry may be in a rut but damn this week sure should have been making the entire industy smile again. THose are some numbers and the real surprise is that 2 of the games are from Handhelds!

No surprse AC: DS came out #1 to me after all the great reviews and it challenging Nintendogs' record. Naruto 4 doesn't surprise me as we all know they love it. Overall a fantastic week that should leave the Japanese Industry Smiling as an astounding 1 Million was made out of a top 10. WOW.
+0 karma
swordsmanus 12.1.2005 at 12:57:36 AM
Whoa. Neither of the Brain Training games are in the top 10 this week :P
+0 karma
humbleish 12.1.2005 at 12:53:22 AM
Wow, is this the first time since Brain Training made the charts that it wasn't in the top 10? Not that it sold any less considering #10 this time around sold more copies this week than #5 sold last week (Brain Training was #7), but that was a *very* long reign.
+0 karma
tehrod 12.1.2005 at 12:48:09 AM
I love you so much nintendo.
+0 karma
king-rpg 12.1.2005 at 12:33:44 AM
Nintendo's gotta be loving that.
+0 karma
drakken 12.1.2005 at 12:16:22 AM

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