Eleventh Doctor Title Sequence

New Title Sequence

07th Apr 2010

Doctor Who has a tradition of thrilling title sequences but the new version exceeds all previous excitement quotas!

It dramatically depicts the TARDIS spinning and spiralling through the time vortex amidst jagged shocks of lightening. The iconic imagery is accompanied by Murray Gold's stirring new version of the theme music to form a high-impact start to the best 45 minutes of the week!

The new titles were finished and approved on the week leading up to The Eleventh Hour with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Executive Producer Beth Willis watching them for the first time whilst on tour (see our Tour Reports for more info). This meant that when the new titles accompanied The Eleventh Hour on 3 April on BBC One it was the first time they had been seen by an audience outside the BBC. Press screenings and previews for the series' opening episode used a version of the previous sequence.

You can enjoy the new opening titles (above) and don't forget if you want to experience them in full screen mode hit the icon on the bottom right of the player.

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