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Support pours in for dismissed Kerala professor Joseph

Kochi:  He may have lost his job but Kerala lecturer TJ Joseph isn't alone. His colleagues are rallying around him, a day after he was sacked by his college for allegedly insulting the Prophet, something that saw a brutal attack on him as well.

Joseph is yet to fully recover from the attack by fundamentalists who chopped off his right hand a couple of months ago for setting a question paper that had alleged derogatory references to the Prophet. But now, with the teaching fraternity standing firmly behind him, Joseph has decided to fight back.

"I am thinking of taking legal steps against my dismissal as I have no other means of livelihood. I have the support of my friends and colleagues," said Joseph.

Teachers' associations have offered financial assistance to Joseph and plan to organise protests in colleges across Kerala against his dismissal.

The church, which runs the college that suspended Joseph, has now taken a sympathetic view

"I don't think the action taken against him is in proportion to what he has done. He should appeal against this," said Father Paul Thelekkat, Spokesperson, Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

Joseph was shattered on Saturday when he knew about his dismissal. But now, with support from all quarters, lecturer TJ Joseph says he is determined to fight a legal battle.

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