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Geckos grip via van der Waals forces (PNAS, Sept. 17, 2002) Propagation of an infertile mouse by nuclear transfer (PNAS, Jan. 4, 2005) Ferrofluid, suspension of magnetite in oil (© Felice Frankel) Gravity sensing by roots (PNAS, Mar. 4, 2003)

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About the NAS

Officers of the Academy

A historical list of the members serving in this position and their term dates appear below. Additional biographical information or a link to the member's biographical memoir is provided when available.

Ralph J. Cicerone (2005-2011)
Bruce Alberts (1993-2005)
Frank Press (1981-1993)
Philip Handler (1969-1981)
Frederick Seitz (1962-1969)
Detlev W. Bronk (1950-1962)
Alfred N. Richards (1947-1950)
Frank B. Jewett (1939-1947)
Frank R. Lillie (1935-1939)
William W. Campbell (1931-1935)
Thomas H. Morgan (1927-1931)
Albert A. Michelson (1923-1927)
Charles D. Walcott (1917-1923)
William H. Welch (1913-1917)
Ira Remsen (1907-1913)
Alexander Agassiz (1901-1907)
Wolcott Gibbs (1895-1900)
Othniel C. Marsh (1883-1895)
William B. Rogers (1879-1882)
Joseph Henry (1868-1878)
Alexander D. Bache (1863-1867)


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Officers of the NAS


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