Aquino takes responsibility for bus siege tragedy

Posted at 09/03/2010 1:00 PM | Updated as of 09/03/2010 3:22 PM

MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III on Friday took responsibility for “everything that has transpired” in the hostage crisis last week.
President Aquino said he actually has direct supervision of the Philippine National Police at the time since he had previously asked Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Jess Robredo to concentrate on something else.
Aquino explained that when he offered the DILG portfolio to Robredo, Robredo was asked to address concerns such as coming up with a comprehensive plan on delivering social services to and relocating informal settlers in coordination with the local governments. Aquino, who held the DILG in a concurrent capacity when he assumed office, had the direct control of the PNP.
“When I got him, I did tell him, that at this point in time, we’re trying to consolidate especially with our security forces, I will retain direct supervision on the PNP, until such time that he has addressed other concerns, specifically our promises to the informal sectors of our country,” Aquino told reporters. 
Aquino said at the end of the day, he was responsible for everything that happened.

The August 23 hostage crisis saw a dismissed police officer, Rolando Mendoza, take hostage several Hong Kong tourists aboard a bus to demand for his reinstatement to the service. In the end, 9 died including the gunman himself.

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ang galing bumatikos kabayan...pinaglihi ka siguro sa sama ng loob hehehe..ang mga katulad mo ang himihilang pababa ang bayan natin. ikaw ang ehemplo ng "crab mentality" na karamihan sa kababayan ay may sakit na ito.
tsk, tsk, kawawang juan de la cruz.

Yeah P noy could be a weak

Yeah P noy could be a weak leader unlike MARCOS A STRONG MANgnanakaw.

Behind every great wealth is a great crime.



Mga mahal kong kababayan,

My heart bleeds for what is happening to the Philippines ...when I read articles about this hostage drama I feel so ashamed of my roots where there is so much to reason out!

I was there with my wife when the hostage drama was being held, we heard it on the radio, watched on television what was going on.... yet in the end the blow up the situation, there were so many ways that they could finish the job easily or negotiated in a very old fashion way.
All the foreigners during the early hours and some other guest in the hotels were asking me who was the negotiator? who was the head of the panel talking to the hostage taker? I was numb not a word to say, And that's the reason why all of HK people cries out for justice,there was nobody to care for their countrymen who were aboard on that tourist bus.. the vice mayor of Manila surfaced when it was almost over, the Mayor went to a coffee shop!"according to a China mainland news paper"

The President was not available for comment... they ignore the request of the hostage taker to be re-installed to his position? How can they be so selfish when there are so many lives were in danger? the guy was not asking for a ransom, he was merely asking for re-installation of his post to the force, they could have just fake him, promise him anything to save the lives of those people involve! The police force was not ready for this situation... one policeman says "it's hard to kill one of their former comrade"... even when the hostage taker was a certified target for the kill!

I don't know what happened to the SWAT TEAM? I knew the military were capable of doing this situation... one dignitary says; "WE DIDN'T SEND OUR BEST TEAM TO THE SITUATION" this is bullsh*t! ... why such a comment should be told to the press? like there is a price for every situation that they have to send the "GOOD" GUYS to the front!

These are remarked that makes people and the relatives of the fatalities fell so much anger.. too many WHY's but yet it happened through the very eyes of the world that the Philippines cannot handle and protect the lives of innocent people / tourist, even the countries own Banks, so many Filipinos throughout the world are being affected by this mania, specially Filipinos from HK, China, throughout ASEAN!

I'm sorry for the loss of those precious lives that perish during the nightmare of the incident, It should have been avoided if there was a "BIG BRAIN" individual to negotiate with the hostage taker; I think they've forgotten the word "COMPROMISE"! which is the most suitable term to put a hostage taker lowdown his aim to kill or terminate his hostages, but because the Filipinos by nature are kind of "taking it easy" most of the time', they always want to be seen for nothing...publicity? We'll it was a SHOCK! an AWKWARD situation!
If you've watch the video's of this crisis you really have to hold your grip.We knew what happened and we cannot change it, it is recorded and we have to accept what is reality...

So long for the heritage and Filipinoism, it will be there somehow, someday there will be ONE LEADER TO UPHOLD THE NATION IN THE FUTURE, BRING BACK THE FILIPINO NATION TO BE GREAT ONCE AGAIN!

Written by Overseas Filipino Entrepreneur

I feel sorry for you..

you are too cynical my friend, I am sure our president will learn from this mistake and judging him for this one mistake is uncalled for. If there is one who could bring this nation back to its sanity is: no other than president nonoy aquino himself, mark my words!

new hope!

undaunted move mr. president, keep it on. don't be like FM or GMA.

anyone of you who can predict the turn out of this incident?

Nobody knows how will this turn out it's just tragic it ended like that. So to a lot of all knowing Filipino just shut up and make noise if you know that your government official is making a lot of money that should be for the public.

Cause and Effect...

For every cause, there is always an effect and as what Ben Tulfo says, "Pag pumalpak pa, malilintikan ka, pero pag gumawa ka ng tungkulin nang tama, bida ka..." 'nuff said...

Hindi lang VOVO, TAMAD pa.


Hindi lang VOVO, TAMAD pa. Matulog ba naman ng alas-dos ng hapon at lunes pa! Baka akala ng mga supporters ni Noynoy imbento yan. Galing mismo yan kay best-friend Ric Puno na si Noynoy ay natulog ng alas-dos ng hapon habang kasagsagan ng hostage crisis.

Kaya pala walang press release habang nangyayari yun. At ito din pala ang dahilan kung bakit hindi siya matawagan ni Donald Tsang. Kasi ayaw siyang gisingin!

Natapos na tayo sa CORRUPT, TAMAD naman ang pumalit. TAKAW tulog pa! Eh huwag nang mag-expect ng asenso.

*** Ang pagsilbi sa bayan ay hindi dapat katamaran. Bayan dapat ang inuuna. Kalimutan muna ang pag-endorso sa kaibigan o pagbili ng mamahaling sasakyan. Nangako ka sa bayan. Tuparin mo. ***

We'll see if this move of yours will work

SuperMasa,We'll see if this move of yours will work.
Anong klaseng statement yan?
Trial and Error Move ng presidente? Anong palagay mo sa kanya VOVO?

Sec. Dinky Soliman nag tayo

Sec. Dinky Soliman nag tayo ng command post sa isang Hotel? Sinong kasama nya? sana hindi PenoY. Anong na accompish nya? Sino ang nagbayad? Sana hindi taxpayer money.
SuperMasa, Aling Balls ang sinasabi mo na meron si PeNoy? PeNoy (Bugok ng Balot)..TOOOOOOOOOOOOO LaTEEEEE.....