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Changing your keychain password

You can change the password for your keychain at any time. However, if you want your default keychain to be unlocked automatically when you log in, make sure your keychain password is the same as your Mac OS X login password for your account.

If your Mac OS X login password is not the same as your default keychain password, you’ll be asked for the password whenever an application needs access to your keychain and your keychain is locked.

To change your keychain password:

Step 1

Open Keychain Access, located in the Utilites folder in the Applications folder.

Step 2

Choose Edit > “Change Password for Keychain ( keychain name).”

Step 3

If the keychain is locked, type the password to unlock it and click OK.

Step 4

Type the current password for this keychain.

Step 5

Type a new password, and then type it again to verify.

For help choosing a secure password, click the key button to the right of the Password field.

Step 6

Click OK.

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