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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | 03:58 Beirut Subscribe to NOW Lebanon RSS feeds
A Gay Girl in Damascus blogger kidnapped
Posted by: Angie Nassar   share
Tuesday, June 07. 2011

She has become one of the many ordinary, inspiring heroes of the Syrian revolution.

Lesbian blogger Amina Arraf captured the attention of the blogosphere for her fearless, blunt accounts of political turmoil in the country, and for her candidness about being gay.

Amina was kidnapped Monday night by armed men in Damascus, according to her cousin Rania who posted a message to Amina’s blog, A Gay Girl in Damascus.

“Amina was seized by three men in their early 20s. According to the witness (who does not want her identity known), the men were armed.” Rania said the men covered Amina’s mouth and hustled her into “a red Dacia Logan with a window sticker of [president Bashar al-Assad's deceased brother] Basel Assad.”

"We do not know who took her, so we do not know who to ask to get her back. It is possible that they are forcibly deporting her," she wrote.

Amina holds dual Syrian and American citizenship.

Any guesses as to how Assad’s thugs would go about “fixing” an openly Lesbian woman? Lots of non-consensual heterosexual sex comes to mind. I truly, truly hope she is not being raped, but I fear the worst for her.

Activists and supporters have set up a Facebook page to Free Amina. You can also follow #FreeAmina on Twitter for the latest updates and information.

On April 26, in a post on her blog titled ‘My Father the Hero,’ Amina wrote about her courageous father refusing to let two security agents arrest her at their home. She was accused of being a Salafist and a foreign agent.

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Posted by
June 10. 2011
hahaha! lmao @ Georges Azzi what a doofus, dont worry juju Im sure she is really safe in someones imagination hahaha!!
Posted by
Michael Reply
June 9. 2011
People are 100% free to do what they want.I said homosexuality should be allowed only in private.Articles like these only encourage it and create a new gay generation. Let there be at least some countries homosexual free. Im surprised nowlebanon are publishing such articles in the 1st place as im a daily reader. Homosexuality dosent really exist, it's just people who have pure lust. As a very educated and business owner, i dont need to listen to your feedbacks.
Posted by
June 8. 2011
syria is in trouble but its the US, Israek and their Aarb allies in the region who are the criminals encouraging violence and terror in syria. Amina is a tool - its a private matterml there is no gay pride scene in the middle east and this wasnt the right time to come out.
Posted by
June 8. 2011
To Michael, Encouraging others?? if you are not gsy, nothing can encourage you to become one. It's wether you are one, or you're not. The only "variable" would be to accept it and declare it, or hide it and and repress it.
Posted by
June 8. 2011
Michael, what are you gonna report to the authorities. One, which authorities, the Syrian dictators authorities or the Lebanese one and for what, for writing an article on a website.. It is called Journalism, it is called freedom of speech, quit being ignorant and if you fear gays so much then BOO!
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