Jeffrey Pine
Pinus jeffreyi

© Jerry Pavia

 The odor of crushed twigs defies exact description. The scent has been likened not only to lemons and vanilla, but also to violets, pineapples, and apples. This species was named for its discoverer, John Jeffrey, the 19th century Scottish botanical explorer who collected seeds and plants in Oregon and California for introduction into Scotland.

description Large tree with straight axis and open, conical crown of spreading branches and with large cones. Both bark and twigs give off odor of lemon or vanilla when crushed.
Height: 80-130' (24-39 m).
Diameter: 2-4' (0.6-1.2 m), sometimes much larger.
Needles: evergreen; 3 in bundle; 5-10" (13-25 cm) long. Stout, stiff; light gray-green or blue-green, with broad white lines on all surfaces.
Bark: purplish-brown, thick, furrowed into narrow scaly plates.
Twigs: stout, hairless, gray-green with whitish bloom, smooth.
Cones: 5-10" (13-25 cm) long; conical or egg-shaped; light reddish-brown, almost stalkless; opening and shedding at maturity, leaving a few cone-scales on twig; cone-scales numerous, raised, and keeled, ending in long, bent-back prickle.

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