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Chicago Cubs

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Front Office Directory

Chicago Cubs
Wrigley Field
Address: 1060 West Addison Street
City: Chicago, State: IL Zip Code: 60613-4397
Tel: 773-404-2827
  • Executive Management

    Tom Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Pete Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Laura Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Todd Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Tribune Company
    Crane Kenney
  • Baseball Operations

    Vice President/General Manager
    Jim Hendry
    Assistant General Manager
    Randy Bush
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Scott Nelson
    Senior Advisor
    Billy Williams
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Gary Hughes

    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Ken Kravec
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Dave Littlefield
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Greg Maddux

    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Louis Eljaua
    Manager, Baseball Information
    Chuck Wasserstrom
    Manager, Statistical Analysis
    Ari Kaplan
    Major League Advance Scout
    Brad Kelley
    Major League Scout
    William Harford
    Traveling Secretary
    Jimmy Bank
    Executive Assistant to Vice President/General Manager
    Hayley DeWitte
    Major League Video Coordinator
    Naoto Masamoto
    Video Assistant
    Mitchell Duggins
    Baseball Operations Administrative Assistant
    Safdar Khan
  • Minor League Department

    Vice President, Player Personnel
    Oneri Fleita
    Minor League Field Coordinator
    Dave Bialas
    Minor League Hitting Coordinator
    Tom Beyers
    Minor League Pitching Coordinator
    Dennis Lewallyn

    Minor League Infield Coordinator
    Franklin Font
    Minor League Catching Coordinator
    Marty Pevey
    Minor League Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator
    Lee Tinsley
    Latin American Field Coordinator
    Carmelo Martinez
    Minor League Training Coordinator
    Justin Sharpe
    Assistant Minor League Training Coordinator
    Chuck Baughman
    Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Doug Jarrow
    Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Tyler Evans
    Manager, Player Development Administration
    Patti James
    Coordinator, Player Development/International Scouting
    Alex Suarez
    Equipment Manager
    Dana Noeltner
  • Scouting Department

    Director, Amateur & Professional Scouting
    Tim Wilken
    Director, International Scouting
    Paul Weaver
    Special Assistant to the Scouting Director
    Steve Hinton
    National Crosschecker
    Sam Hughes
    Western Crosschecker
    Tim Kissner
    Eastern Crosschecker
    Charlie Aliano
    Midwest Crosschecker
    Steve Riha
    Coordinator, Pro Scouting
    Jake Ciarrachi
    Administrative Assistant
    Patricia Honzik
  • Media Relations Department

    Director, Media Relations
    Peter Chase
    Assistant Director, Media Relations
    Jason Carr
    Coordinator, Media Relations
    Dani Holmes-Kirk
    Specialist, Public Relations and Marketing
    Kevin Saghy
    Assistant, Media Relations
    Dusty Harrington
  • Medical/Training Staff

    Team Physician
    Stephen Adams, M.D.
    Team Orthopaedist
    Stephen Gryzlo, M.D.
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Michael Schafer, M.D.
    Director, Athletic Training
    Mark O'Neal
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Ed Halbur
    Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Tim Buss
  • Clubhouse Staff

    Home Clubhouse Manager
    Tom Hellmann
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Mike Burkhart
    Home Clubhouse Assistant
    Gary Stark
  • Business Operations

    Executive Vice President, Business Operations
    Mark McGuire
    Vice President, Business Development
    Alex Sugarman
    Executive Assistant to the Chairman
    Lorraine Swiatly
    Executive Coordinator, Business Operations
    Sarah Poontong
  • Accounting

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    Jon Greifenkamp
    Director, Finance
    Jodi Reischl
    Manager, Finance
    Jamie Norton
    Manager, Accounting
    Mike Van Poucke
    Manager, Disbursements and Collections
    Theresa Bacholzky
    Financial Analyst
    Drew Cook
    Senior Accountant
    Marian Greene
    Senior Accountant
    Aimee Sison
    Staff Accountant
    Mario Becerra
    Payroll Administrator
    Erin Gallagher
    Coordinator, Accounts Payable
    Millie Lucero
    AR/AP Admin. Assistant
    Derrick Fong
  • Human Resources Department

    Senior Director, Human Resources
    Jenny Surma
    Employment Manager
    Marisol Widmayer
    HRIS Coordinator
    Dino Stiris
    Human Resources Benefits Specialist
    Jorge Quezada
  • Ballpark Operations

    Vice President, Ballpark Operations
    Carl Rice
    Director, Event Operations/Security
    Mike Hill
    Manager, Event Operations/Security
    Julius Farrell
    Manager, Ballpark Operations Human Resources
    Danielle Alexa
    Coordinator, Exterior Stadium Operations
    Mary Kusmirek
    Ballpark Operations Management Assistant
    Russell Johnson
    Coordinator, Office Services
    Randy Skocz
    Head Groundskeeper
    Roger Baird
    Ballpark Operations Supervisor
    Bill Scott
    Assistant, Ballpark Events
    Stephanie Shaw
    Administrative Assistant, Event Operations
    Kelly Bilbrey
    Switchboard Operator/Receptionist
    Brenda Morgan
  • Information Technology

    Manager, Information Technology
    Sean True
    Specialist, Telecommunications and Audio/Video Systems
    Lucas Luecke
    Coordinator, Online Services and Data Administration
    Christian Hill
    Coordinator, End User Support and IT Purchasing
    Robert Ehlert
  • Legal/Community Affairs

    Executive Vice President, Community Affairs/General Counsel
    Michael Lufrano
    Assistant General Counsel
    Lydia Wahlke
    Manager, Community Outreach, Grants and Donations
    Jennifer Dedes Nowak
    Manager, Community Affairs, Fundraising, Development and Events
    Connie Falcone
    Coordinator, Community Affairs and Special Projects
    Vijay Tekchandani
    Administrative Assistant and Office Manager
    Abby Silverman
  • Marketing Department

    Executive Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
    Wally Hayward
    Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships
    Samantha Coghill
    Director, Corporate Partnerships
    Michael Kirschner
    Director, Fan Experiences
    Jahaan Blake
    Manager, Special Events, Player Relations and Entertainment
    Joe Rios
    Sr. Account Executive
    Andrea Burke
    Sr. Account Executive
    Jim Oboikowitch
    Account Executive
    Ryan Balogh
    Account Executive
    Piper Mead
    Account Executive
    Anna Rivera
    Coordinator, Special Events/Entertainment
    Katie Marta
    Coordinator, Brand Activation
    John Morrison
    Corporate Partnership Sales Coordinator
    Rina Martinez
    Senior Coordinator, Fan Experiences
    Brad Nagel
    Corporate Partnership Service Representative
    Remy Swain
    Corporate Partnership Service Representative
    Lauren Shadid
    Administrative Assistant, Marketing
    Jamie King
  • Ticket Office

    Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
    Colin Faulkner
    Assistant Director, Ticket Sales
    Brian Garza
    Assistant Director, Ticket Services
    Joe Kirchen
    Vault Room Supervisor
    Cherie Blake
    Coordinator, Ticket Sales
    Karry Kerness
    Senior Ticket Sales Representative
    Kevin Enerson
    Senior Ticket Sales and Service Representative
    Miguel DeJesus
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Brittany Burcham
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Michael Domingo
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Regina Nicholson
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Melissa Trinidad
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Jessica Carravallah
    Premier Seats and Services
    Assistant Director, Premier Seats and Services
    Andy Blackburn
    Manager, Premier Seats and Services
    Louis Artiaga
    Account Executive, Premier Sales
    Brittany Hilton
    Special Events Representative
    Ryan McDonough
  • Wrigley Field Gameday Personnel

    Public Address Announcer
    Andrew Belleson
    Gary Pressy
    In-Game Presentation Coordinator
    Andie Giafaglione
    Umpires Room Attendant
    Tom Farinella
    Phyllis Donnan