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Coaching Using NLP

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Coaching Using NLP
is for anyone who wants to support themselves and others to be the best they can be in every context of work and life. And anyone who wants to experience NLP at work.

Course overview:

Coaching with NLP enables us to access the excellence that lies within each and everyone of us. It is a way of identifying and releasing unique talent and motivation to realise our outcomes and passion. Coaching Using NLP is a 2-day course where you will learn how to influence and coach by example, and how to equip yourself and others to powerfully manage change.

Course benefits:

By the end of the Coaching Using NLP course you will be able to:

  • discover your most influential and aligned state
  • recognise both enabling and limiting patterns in language
  • build a trusting relationship essential for working with others
  • give feedback in a rich development way that leads to learning
  • be open to feedback and learn from all that you receive
  • access the unconscious thinking by reading non-verbal behaviour
  • coach others to create and ultimately achieve compelling goals
  • learn how to equip yourself and others to powerfully manage change
  • coach clients to achieve win/win scenarios in all aspects of their life
  • influence/coach by example
  • create a development outcome for yourself.

Additional information:

Coaching Using NLP
course can also be provided in-house, which is a cost-effective approach if you have a number of people who require training. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We will also tailor the course content to suit your precise organisation needs.

To speak to an advisor about your particular requirements call our In-house team on +44 (0)20 8612 6202.

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