Anthony Weiner Polls: NYC Split On Resignation, Against Mayoral Run

Anthony Weiner

First Posted: 06/ 7/11 08:00 PM ET Updated: 06/ 7/11 09:04 PM ET

WASHINGTON -- Two new surveys of New York City residents provide conflicting results on whether Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) should resign his office in the wake of admitting to sending lewd photos to women online. But both polls show New Yorkers giving a thumbs down to a future Weiner mayoral candidacy -- an outcome once thought to be a near certainty.

An automated survey of New York City adults conducted by WABC-TV and SurveyUSA finds the city largely divided, with 46 percent who think Weiner should resign and 41 percent who think Weiner should stay in office.

However, a second survey of the city's registered voters conducted with live interviewers by TV station NY1 and Marist College finds more support for Weiner: Just 30 percent of respondents told the pollsters that they want the beleaguered congressman to resign, while 51 percent want him to stay in office.

Both surveys were conducted entirely on Monday night, but differed in their methods. Among these, the most important differentiating factor may be that the Marist poll first informed respondents that Weiner had just held a press conference to admit "he sent lewd photos over the Internet to women other than his wife." Before asking the question about resignation, they also asked respondents to assess Weiner's actions. Most (61 percent) characterized his behavior as unethical but not illegal. Far fewer said either that they were either illegal (13 percent), amounted to having done "nothing wrong" (13 percent) or were unsure (14 percent).

Informing respondents about Weiner's admission and priming the notion that his actions were something less than illegal may have helped lessen calls for his resignation, but the many differences between the surveys makes it impossible to know for sure. The surveys differed in the populations sampled for the resignation question (Marist interviewed registered voters, SurveyUSA all adults), the use of a recorded voice (SurveyUSA) versus live interviewers (Marist) and -- unlike SurveyUSA -- Marist sampled respondents over both landlines and mobile phones.

Given the time constraint, both surveys also had to rely on relatively small samples with margins of error in the range of plus or minus 4.5 to 5 percent.

While the two polls show division about whether the congressman should resign, they yield far worse news for Weiner's future political ambitions.

  • The Marist Poll finds just 25 percent who say they want Weiner to run for mayor of New York City in 2013, while 56 percent say they do not want Weiner to run and 19 percent are unsure.
  • SurveyUSA finds 43 percent who say they would vote against Weiner should he run for mayor "no matter who else is on the ballot," while just 11 percent say they would vote for him and 45 percent say it is too soon to say.
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Keep in mind that both polls are taking on an exceptionally challenging task: They aim to measure public opinion in the midst of a breaking news story. Pollsters called voters on a single evening when many may have been unreachable. And the respondents all live in a city that opinion researchers consider to be one of the most difficult to survey in the nation.

So caution about these results is certainly in order. Methodological differences aside, polls may find very different results about Congressman Weiner in a few week's time when the full scope of the scandal -- and the political damage it produces -- is more readily apparent.

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WASHINGTON -- Two new surveys of New York City residents provide conflicting results on whether Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) should resign his office in the wake of admitting to sending lewd photos to...
WASHINGTON -- Two new surveys of New York City residents provide conflicting results on whether Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) should resign his office in the wake of admitting to sending lewd photos to...
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anothervoice2   08:18 AM on 6/08/2011
Wow! So many qualifier comments in the blog about the poll results. Not in alignment with what this site has been pushing eh? So many "reminders­" on how the poll results are "not conclusive­"? This is pathetic. Both this blogger and Linkins seem to have it in for the Congressma­n. Not a single mention in any article about the blatant hypocrisy of the GOPers  Read More...
04:01 PM on 6/12/2011
DNC should be supporting Wiener like the RNC supported Vitter.
01:34 PM on 6/12/2011
Kosher Weiner should resign asap
07:56 PM on 6/11/2011
A Weiner he is.
09:17 AM on 6/11/2011
Get lost creep. It doesn't matter what your crazy constituen­ts think. Its about ethics and how you behave in our capital in OUR HOUSE.
10:49 AM on 6/10/2011
All this outrage about lying - where was this outrage when Bush and Cheney LIED about weapons of mass destructio­n and invaded Iraq? That lie was perpetuate­d and has cost thousands of American lives and billions of dollars.

Contrast that with Weiner's lie - he knew that this informatio­n going public would be hugely embarrassi­ng to him personally and to his wife. He panicked. Human nature. Who was
harmed? Were you?

All this moral indignatio­n and outrage about his character is nonsense. Have you never told a lie? Weiner admitted wrongdoing­, apologized and promised to make amends. Move on.
09:28 AM on 6/10/2011
Anthony Weiner should be Fired by his voter for the simple fact that he is a liar. As Voters why would you want a liar as your Representa­tive. Americas Standard starts at excellent because we strive to be the best. Don't buy this Modern man cr_p which just leads us down the wrong path. We all should be screaming for him to resign because he dosen't have the Moral Fibre to recognize the high road. The road of striving to be the best you can be. Instead he will lie to you, right to your face! I do not believe he has a a inner voice that guides him as to what is right or wrong. As a AMERICAN cry out for him to step down, this is a cry to return to a better America.
FROM; a american with PRIDE in AMERICA
09:08 PM on 6/09/2011
Like this story should shock anyone! I'm sure you remember alot of powerful people that have lied, cheated, came out of the closet etc...etc.­.. I think this world/poli­ticians should be worried about fixing this world! or should i say the economy, poverty (in our own COUNTRY)
08:32 AM on 6/09/2011
Public life and private life are separate, but once you have publicly displayed a lack of honesty and integrity you should no longer expect others to take you seriously. Demonstrat­ing this level of poor judgement, and then lying about it to press, public, and colleagues proves beyond doubt that you are not worthy of a seat in the U.S. Congress
04:22 AM on 6/09/2011
Some of you may want to get off your high horses. Mr. Weiner is not the first to lie in Congress. On the contrary, most of your elected officials lie often and with total ease. Because this man had some tweets and photos on the internet does not conclude for me his dismissal. We too often, look to eliminate someone quickly and move on when it comes to these kinds of scandals. Clinton did not go anywhere, and apparently there are others who refused to walk away and went on to do a fine job representi­ng their constituen­ts. In essence, it's not that big of a deal - this was bad judgment and the male ego at­thing more, nothing less. It's a minor matter and does not deserve this much attention. Okay now, let's move on adults.
09:09 PM on 6/09/2011
I couldn't have said it better myself! Well put
We got OBL- not gop
06:42 PM on 6/08/2011
Did ensign? Did stanford? Did arnie? Did newt?
30 years working in mining 20 undergrou
05:32 PM on 6/08/2011
It's all just a distractio­n. Over 9% unemployme­nt, people unable to get healthcare­, and defunding schools. And what are we talking about? A Rep. tweets and facebook. C'mon folks grow up.
04:21 PM on 6/08/2011
why would anyone want this guy to have access to govt secrets or have a vote in congress when he could be so easily blackmaile­d because he is so weak and has no common sense at all?
Independent until the Patriot Act
04:25 PM on 6/08/2011
Oh my God! He's capable of lusting! And he has a sex drive!
12:30 AM on 6/09/2011
And he thinks nothing of lying to his constituen­ts. It's called the "truth as a last resort"
political strategy. cutting edge. Exactly what we need in Washington­.
Sandra Stipp
03:58 PM on 6/09/2011
He is a PIG.
I support your right to disagree.
04:02 PM on 6/08/2011
It's no surprise that New Yorker's aren't as prudish as many other parts of the country.
04:19 PM on 6/08/2011
You mean "New Yorkers." (I recognize that I'm being obnoxious, but I can't stand to see a misused apostrophe­).
Independent until the Patriot Act
03:44 PM on 6/08/2011
The sticking point of the story: This is public reaction at the height of the scandal- reaction is still being felt. And, yet, 56% of the respondent­s in the SurveyUSA poll hasn't ruled out voting for Weiner for mayor. 51% of respondent­s in the Marist poll want Weiner to stay in office.
Imagine what the results will be in hindsight 17 months from now.

No, I think Weiner's career isn't over and, if he's sturdy, can weather this storm.
11:39 AM on 6/09/2011
Imagine what the numbers would be on a poll of registered democrats, even higher.

He needs to stay put, lay low and let the voters decide in 2012.
03:27 PM on 6/08/2011
If Anthony Weiner had an actual physical affair, got caught, lied, divorced, remarried, did it all over again two more­ere wouldn't be near the news coverage or broohaha and all would be forgiven. And he'd probably run for POTUS.
Independent until the Patriot Act
03:45 PM on 6/08/2011
You're so right. Fanned.