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Interview with Anne McCaffrey



Q: A while ago we had a question in our discussion forum; Is Anne McCaffrey just for young women? What's your view on this?

A: I don't write for any particular age group, nor specifically for gender.  Iwrite the sort of story I myself like to read.  So 'Anne McCaffrey' is readby girls of 10 and grandmothers of 90 - grandfathers and grandsons.   I haveparents who have given their children my books to read because they enjoyedthem in their teens.  There are no demographics on my books which indicatethe readers are predominately of an age or sex group.  Dragons have auniversal appeal!

Q: The latest news on the Pern TV series was kind of disturbing, can you give us an update on the project?

A: There have, indeed, been delays in the TV series but I am now quiteconfident that a very fine series is developing, with much creative andsuperb digital workings, meshing well with live action actors.

Q: Of your own works which one is your favourite and why?

A: THE SHIP WHO SANG remains my favourite story possibly because I put  much ofmyself into it: myself and the troubles I had in accepting my father's deathand a troubled marriage.

Q: Many writers with unpublished manuscripts despair of ever getting that first book sale. What's your advice to aspiring authors?

A: I know that it took  Stephen R. Donaldson 17 tries to get his book to thedesk of the editor, Lester del Rey, who would see its, and his, potential.There is also the fact that editors switch from one company to another, so,perhaps, you just need to catch the right editor  at the right moment whenthey need a book like yours.  Or, bluntly, it may be that your book isn'tgood enough for a field that is demanding more diversity, excellentcharacter development and fine writing skill to be published.  If at allpossible, I would suggest attendance at one of the Clarion SFWriters'Workshops - one is in Clarion, Penna., the other in Seattle,Washington.  6 weeks in the summer and worth the time, effort and money.Almost all those taking the course get published.

Q: What types of obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today?

A: I started writing s-f in the late 50's early 60's when readership waspredominantly male.  And their attitudes unreconstructed. When Star Trekbegan to gather a devoted audience, many of them were women:  when theycouldn't get their 'hit' of Star Trek, they began reading s-f and fantasy -and, by preference, women writers.  My stories had themes and heroines theycould relate to.  And did.  I never had any trouble with editors andpublishers.
I had trouble getting male readers to believe I was serious, and a goodenough writer to interest them.  I had trouble with journalists who wouldinvariably ask me how I found time for writing with my housework.  That's aquestion which I have not been asked in 25 years so there has been progress.[My answer to that question was invariably - "you got that wrong;  how do Ifind time for housework with my writing."  But originally there were'attitudes' towards women who wrote science fiction.  Not so much.

Q: When you're not writing, what do you like to do to relax?

A: I used to ride horseback - I finally retired my mare - and my saddle - two years ago when it got very hard for me to swing an arthritic leg across my mare's back.  Now to relax, I read - there are many, many good books out there, or surf the internet.  I particularly like the NASA science news.

Q: What has the Internet meant for you as an author?

A: An excellent place to get experts in various sciences to help me develop the specific information I need in my novels.  I have quick and easy communication with my children and friends.  And saves me a lot of money in postage!Bookmark and Share

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Hexed by Kevin Hearne
06-14 - Book Review
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