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Robert Christgau

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For the twenty-odd years I wrote rock criticism, I was generally also working on one piece of fiction or another, so there was leakage from both sides. The music got into both, too, but since for me this was mainly punk, the influence was more about rhythmic oddities, tone jokes, and DIY than anything recognizably hot, which could be one reason so little of the fiction saw print, though I kept writing it. Anyhow, the very recent deaths of several people I know have reminded me that if I have any plans to give this stuff a public life, for instance on this corner I already have, it could be now or never. So I'm going with now.

The debut is a relevant piece I wrote in 1999, Surviving Death. Other work will show up gradually. Meanwhile, I'll add some published but not posted material, including Inside Was Us: Women in American Punk, from Trouble Girls: the Rolling Stone Book of Women in American Punk, Dear Ann and Evelyn, which is an old statement of purpose about being a woman rock critic back in the day, and, gradually, some old pieces from the pre-computer era, when I composed on an Underwood upright.

For those who may have wondered about this squatter on the Christgau website, I've published rock and arts criticism in the Voice and a few other places, fiction in The New Yorker and The Paris Review, and live in the East Village with Robert Christgau, my husband of 32 years.