Metallic taste in mouth now being reported in Japan and US west coast — Telltale sign of radiation exposure (VIDEO)

Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed, Fairewinds, June 12, 2011:

[...] Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen explains how hot particles may react in mammals while escaping traditional detection. Reports of a metallic taste in the mouth, such as those now being reported in Japan and on the west coast, are a telltale sign of radiation exposure.

At 4:35 in

  • There have been reports from Japan of individuals tasting a metallic taste
  • It’s been detected after nuclear accidents and radiation therapy

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104 comments to Metallic taste in mouth now being reported in Japan and US west coast — Telltale sign of radiation exposure (VIDEO)

  • Off topic but I feel like when nasa says this, we should listen…

    Solar flares coming?

    More earthquakes???

    • rainyation

      2 sites i follow for solar flare stuff:



        • Heart of the Rose

          Plutonium tastes..
          Trying to find a link…..

        • cgrl

          In Hawaii I (and many friends) have noticed a metallic taste in our mouth. The strongest occurred for approximately three weeks around the third week of March thru April. It stopped for about five days and then started again for about a week. While this was occurring our throats were very sore, like a cold was coming on but it never happened (What was strange was it was sore to the touch on the outside of the throat too; to the sides of the trachea or approx. where the thyroid gland would be.

          Call it what you will, because there’s a need to name and define things properly, but it was not “normal” and I never experienced it before. And I didn’t feel well. There were also other “odd” sensations that I recall, like one day at the beach, on the way to surf, when I felt like I was walking thru waves of heat that made me want to fall to the ground. It wasn’t a particularly hot day. It was confirmed when some random surfer in the water, out of the blue, mentioned he’d experienced it. Frankly, I was hoping it was just something I ate ;)

          There could be some other explanation. These are simply experiential and unique occurrences.

          It did inspire me to buy an Austin Healthmate+ to clean the air while I was at home. And be realistic about the need to have a supplement regime and cleanse — and of course, no “Hot Hilo Milk!”. And I now watch the StormSurf link to see when the jet stream is pulling toward Hawaii. And I taper the outdoor activities accordingly.

          Though the jet stream typically moves ne>w Sometimes the lower portion of the jet stream pulls towards Hawaii. And it rains here…almost daily. During the summer there’s a weird circular air current that comes from the north, then swirls around the Hawaii island, and as it comes back around it brings the air from the south to the northern islands, and presently our exposure may coincide with when we see more vog in the air (Tho this wasn’t the case during much of that metallic taste period, so it’s not something we can blame on the vog). Vog is a whole other issue of serious health concerns for residents here, tho the cleansing “regime”, combined with lung supporting herbs, seems to help with both. Again, not a meteorologist or epidemiologist or expert on complicated tropical weather patterns here…just a semi-conscious observer.

          BTW, the thunderstorm in Hawaii, previously an anomali, has occurred regularly since late February. Who know what that is all about, but where we may typically see avg. 2-3 lightening storms a year, we have probably had 30 days/nights of them this year already – mainly from March thru June. That’s more than most young Hawaii residents had ever previously experienced in their lifetime.

          • cgrl

            typo on the jet stream direction – obviously


            On Oahu too, did not get sick or get the metal taste, but mostly indoors. Also got HEPA filter.

            Agreed, weather very strange, and even the clouds look weird. The lighting is amazing, more in 3 months than in 15 years.

            I created a radiation resource page on my blog, here


          • Al in Hawaii


            Awesome, I was looking for a jet stream website that included Hawaii, Mahalo.

            Regarding the metallic taste in the mouth, I have experienced it as well, but didn’t really think about it too much or connect it to potential radiation until now. Been fasting periodically, cleaning out, taking extra antioxidants and daily taking a mixture of apple pectin, baking soda and bentonite clay. Only so much a person can do as I plan on eating, drinking and breathing.

            The weather has been really weird, in addition to the lightning, we’ve been getting a lot more rain than normal and we live on the leeward side. Winter and the rains are usually pau by February here, but even last night got a brief shower, so something’s up. Take care, Al

        • Novamind

          Yes several times.

    • jump-ball

      We’re somewhere in one of the 10-12 day long EQ windows: perigee was yesterday Sunday, the full moon is Wednesday 6-15, and west coast high tides over 7 feet will be from today 6-13 through 6-15.

      Some of us living near the long overdue CA San Andreas fault leave the cars out of the garage overnight, have a bugout bag of supplies ready, and clothes and shoes by the bed.

      Desert cities CA fire departments have subscribed to a P-Wave alert system that signals them to open the firehouse doors and get the firetrucks outside before the later-arriving shock wave could damage the building or the doorlifts.

      We have a $35 P-wave detector on a wall stud and set just below the shaking level of busses and waste pickup trucks.

      Course, if you’re not looking for it, you won’t see any quake trouble coming.

      • Rica E

        The day before the japan quake I felt so weird I didn’t know what was happening. I woke up to tsunami warning the next day. I can see visual signs of small quakes all the time since then. Sitting at a restaurant and the water is moving in the glass, later I check the geo survey site and sure enough quake. If MN is the land of lakes this is the land of quakes as small faults criss cross this whole area on the 40th lat.

    • lhammer610

      A great example of the placebo effect.
      If the extremely sensitive instruments cannot detect the radiation, or it remains extremely low, then you cannot expect our tongue to detect it.
      For those living nearby, in Japan, that is another matter.

  • carbonflow

    Fascinating article from today about Fukushima including the story of plant manager who acted defiantly

    • NoPrevarication

      I just read that article and it seemed to me that it implied that our government was not fully informed. That is simply not the case. A more careful reading could easily lead one to an entirely different conclusion. Just another example of the MSM article designed to mislead and confuse.

    • tony wilson

      lies,lies and more lies.
      more post event re-framing of the disaster.
      now we have a filmic scenario of heroic kan surrounded by evil liars,fighting the system.
      that man kan,that government and that electric company.
      in the next 20 years will have killed more people than pol pot,Chiang Kai-shek,
      Kim Jong Il.
      who knows over time he could even best joey killer boy stalin

      • NoPrevarication

        It would have been so much better if the NYT had taken the trouble to enlighten us as to the amount of radiation we are experiencing and what type. Why waste our time with an article such as this? Why not present real information that is so obviously needed?

        Every MSM announcement regarding this crisis would be laughable if the situation were not so serious.

        • dharmasyd

          Right on NP, give us real info now on what is the situation, not some fluff piece about who did or didn’t know this that or the other thing 3 months ago.

  • milk and cheese

    The white thing on the top of the frame looks like a camera artefact. The images are pixellated, but I don’t see anything that looks more unusual than usual.

  • milk and cheese

    Thanks again to Arnold Gundersen for telling the truth. In this case, the truth will hurt millions. If Seattleites were breathing hot particles in APRIL, what are the rest of us breathing now?

  • jump-ball

    Anyone know what the white cylindrical object is at 1130, top of tepco live cam screen, which we just noticed for the first time minutes ago at 328am pdt?

    Some new part of the camera mount, or a reference device?

    In a few minutes as darkness settles in, tepco will turn off the color and go to black and white until morning.

  • milk and cheese

    I saw white flashes at Unit 4 for a few seconds, but it could have been the trees moving in the wind and revealing light near the bottom of the reactor. At least I hope that is what it was.

  • anne

    TEPCO’s live cam
    If you compare the two map plans:
    And TEPCO’s map plan of its camera, located under the live video:
    it appears that the building to the right of reactor #4 in the video shot is the Centralized Radiation Waste Treatment Facility, and that the Common Spent Fuel Storage Facility is not included in the Fukushima live cam by TEPCO.

  • chrisk9

    Sorry Arnie but you can not taste radiation. You are a very knowledgeable engineer, but you are not a health physics expert. With 15 years experience inside plants I know that many times you do sense a metallic taste in the air when there are repairs going on because the plant is basically made of metal. But enter the same area of the plant when no repairs are underway and there is no smell, but the same dose rate.
    When Chernobyl exploded large amounts of radioactive metal became airborne in tiny particles along with non radioactive particles. And TMI had major metal components being destroyed inside the core and gases from there were released.Radioactive particles are just regular elements like cobalt or cesium that are ionized, that are in an excited unstable state, and have exactly the same smell as regular elements.

  • sorry charlie

    Chrisk9 I think you are wrong about that. I think if people who have been subjected to radiation report that they have a metalic taste then they probably do. What’s the explaination…well the speculation can go on and on….just because an event has not been proven on paper doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. I believe in the not too distant future the mystery of the metalic taste will be reveal. Perhaps you will be one of the study cases…you can say, “I have a metalic taste in my mounth but I know it’ isn’t from radiation, cause it’s been proven radiation has no taste…I’ve also heard radiation in small doses of course, is good for you!”

    • Erin

      When I had a bone scan years ago, they injected me with some radioactive substance, and just as the doc told me I would, I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth soon after. I don’t know why this happens, but that was my experience.


    • Novamind

      It will not be from amalgam fillings in your teeth, although the taste is simular to a fresh metalic filling in a tooth. And welding on galvanized metal.

  • Pensacola Tiger


    Please provide a link for reports of a “metallic taste” being reported on the US west coast. Mr Gundersen does not say this anywhere in his video; he only mentions reports from Japan.

    Either that, or change your incorrect headline.

    Thank you.

  • Protracted fallout
    13 June 2011
    Naoto Kan’s government struggles to beat a bad press about nuclear power – despite the sector’s importance to Japan’s energy – and rebuilding delays the ruling party’s reform agenda, which perpetuates economic stagnation, writes…

  • BlackRain


    Sorry, I misread your post. Metallic taste in USA?

    Try this link: Metallic Taste from Japan to Seattle: Hot Particles in the Air.

    There aren’t many details. Believe Admin. and you won’t need to click on the link.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      Black Rain,

      Higgins is misquoting Gundersen. The headline is wrong, and misleading. The admin needs to correct it.

        • Pensacola Tiger

          In his video, Gundersen states that there have been reports of “metallic tastes” reported in Japan, as there were during TMI and Chernobyl. Nothing was said about the Western US. Higgins embellished (that’s journalistic doubletalk for “made it up”) Gundersen’s remarks to make it more sensationalistic.

          Now, whether people in the Western US are right now experiencing a “metallic taste” is not the point. The point is that we quite correctly lambast the MSM for printing slanted news stories, and so we should strive to hold ourselves to a higher standard. That there is enough radiation in Japan to “taste” is chilling enough. Reporting that fact is sufficient.

        • Pensacola Tiger

          “Original estimates of xenon and krypton releases remain the same, but a TEPCO recalculation shows dramatic increases in the release of hot particles. This confirms the results of air filter monitoring by independent scientists. Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen explains how hot particles may react in mammals while escaping traditional detection. Reports of a metallic taste in the mouth, such as those now being reported in Japan and on the west coast, are a telltale sign of radiation exposure.”

          First time I have seen that on the updates page, I normally just hit the Fairewinds home page.

          In the video, he makes no mention of the West coast.

          If people are reporting a metallic taste in Seattle, then we may be well and truly SOL.

          • extra knight

            you still haven’t proven nor shown your spurious, twisted and irrelevant conjecture and dangerously malicious ad soapboxium statements. still irrelevant, totally unreasonable and moot to boot.

  • Do these hot particles or others radiations produce the Metallic taste if in the mouth, are they constant taste or is it just when there is one in the presents of your mouth ?
    I have seem many on the boards here saying that they have had this Metallic taste but did not ask to elaborate on symptoms !

  • York

    Dear friends: First at all thanks for your opinions and thanks to
    In this video: ( ). Around 0:35-0:42 minutes I can see some men watering the green plants on the right. I’m surprised because of they have a big hard work on the back reactors 1,2,3,4 and they seem loosing short time of exposure to radiation simply watering plants with some liquid …This made me think … ¿Any replay about this matter?. Thanks a lot.

  • horseapples

    FUK US Hiroshima’s Immolated Multitudes Avenged

  • nomade

    I must say the headlines on Enenews do always tend to be spun to make any news items look as alarmist as possible. In this case words are added that were not said. Yesterday we had the discovery of radioactive mushrooms that had nothing to do with either Fukushima or Chernobyl.

    The situation at Daiichi is obviously very grave indeed and out of control. We are not getting the true facts out of Tepco and there is a definite time delay when they do release information.

    However I came to this site hoping for FACTS and informed opinions. I am worried about the long term effects and am interested in informed opinions by people who know what they are talking about and no offense, but the majority of posters on enenews obviously do not have a clue. It’s mostly wild speculation, the more catastrophic the better.

    We are going to have to face up to whatever the consequences are in the long term. Stockpiling food and living holed up in a basement are not long term solutions. They are panic solutions….something you do for a short term crisis, but not one that will persist for generations.

    Expert opinion is seriously lacking in mainstream media.It seems only good old Arnie is willing to explain things a bit. if you want to stay credible then please stick to the FACTS and refrain from adding spin.

    This site reminds me a little of a pseudo scientific news forum called Flu Trackers which encouraged people to freak out unduly about Swine flu outbreak.

    The flu epidemic, as we all now know, turned out to be a lot less deadly than either they or the WHO made out.

    And Big Pharma were profiting hugely from all the unnecessary panic.

    Tamiflu has no proven effect on either swine flu or bird flu but the scare was a great way of getting rid of all the expired stocks of this very expensive drug.

    Also many millions of $$ were spent by gov’ts on stock piling vaccinations that weren’t needed… including 3rd world countries who couldn’t afford it and got into further debt as a result.

    BTW Admin…you still haven’t introduced yourself or put up an “about” section.

    So who are you?

    The credibility of Enenews really needs to be improved if you want people to sit up and take notice of the nuclear threat. It’s so easy to dismiss “conspiracy theory” sites and I personally think that nuclear energy should be phased out as soon as possible. The spurious “wars on terror” should be stopped immediately. They do absolutely nothing to stop terrorist attacks and using depleted uranium weapons is just a convenient way of dumping OUR nuclear waste on other nations.

    If you need a break from watching the tepco webcam then I strongly recommend watching this video about the aftermath of recent wars we have waged. It’s quite a long documentary but well worth watching and I bet it doesn’t get shown on prime time TV in your country.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      If this were HuffPost, I’d “fan” you.

    • tony wilson

      listen except it.
      this is the biggest media cover up in history.
      apart from a few looneys on sites like this nobody cares.
      talk to people in the street,talk to friends nobody gives a shit.
      this is not a growth strategy here,it is a wide selection of information.
      some true some crackpot all good.
      variable quality info is better than none.
      do you think the bbc is not reporting this because the standards of quality are not up to scratch.
      no it is becuse from the top down to the editors they have been got to.

      this is the quite before the storm.
      only with more big bangs death and pestilence on the streets of tokyo.
      collapse of food supplies and food riots.
      only then will people in these stinking democracies that we live in will take notice.
      we live in an me me world run by monsters.
      dressed up as a benign people driven democracy.
      the cretinous man on the street is not directly affected at the moment in time even so called heroic cops turn bad.

      • extra knight

        oh please ignore the nonsensical and imaginary dimestore commentary. it’s usually good for a hearty laugh or two.. ;)

        • Elenin Velikovsky

          What do you have to offer “extra knight”?
          Don’t ignore the real people helping you to see the
          True EvilDoers of this Evil World,
          Thanks Tony Wilson,
          Righteousness Exalteth a Nation
          but Sin is a Reproach to Any People.
          That includes your Tribe, Knight…

        • tony wilson

          not so extra night..
          how would you explain lack of news.
          is it because this is not news.
          who the fuck do you think has the power to shut up billion dollar news companies.
          why no bono singing a song for the victims of japan.
          a concerted professional slick shut down.
          apart from russia today as putin has his own agenda play.
          extra knight take a prozac and go back to sleep : )

          • extra knight

            i think you have either misinterpreted my simple direct statements and/or misunderstood what i have stated.

            1) my comment was directed at nomade here :

            2) all the absurd, inconsequential, whiny and shapeless complaints and thinly disguised criticisms i can do without. complaining about the way a topic or new article is headlined is unreasonable and insensible. to the core. no one else is getting the message out there, this should exclude all other basically worthless and self-serving type complaints. this protracted shifting of the onus and blaming of enenews is really silly and is in itself ad soapboxium in nature.

            3) there is alot of disinformation and trashy misinformation out there. deal with it i do. that’s reality. :|

            4) i apologize for any careless and wrongheaded remarks made by myself. that is not my intention.

    • well, you make some valid points but I appreciate this site as a good place to get late breaking news regarding the situation.

      One thing I’ll dispute is that the moderator does have an “About” page:

  • California Dreaming

    I’m in Northern CA and had a metallic taste in my month in early April. I remembered walking around on a day where nilu predicted cloud covering West Coast, and thinking the air seems really bad — I was hoping it was just pollution. Then I developed metallic taste in mouth, also rashes on body. Rashes went away after about 80 days — maybe it was I 131 easing off. I felt really bad since whatever I ingested I probably passed to my baby through bm.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Via radio….I believe a levee on the Missouri River has breached.

  • California Dreaming

    @xdrfox — I don’t know if metallic taste came from ingesting hot particles in air, or ingesting I 131 or Cesium in food since I was eating a lot of leafy veg and cheese. The taste wasn’t always present, came and went. I read a post yesterday that strontium can be tested by urine analysis. I might get tested just to see how much shit I have.

    • tony wilson

      here is a story of a californian cover up.
      full of great information.
      the years change nuke lies satys the same.
      also of interest,since fuky is next to a large salty sea listen to what is said about the the sodium connection in the fuel cycle.

      reminds me of the old song

      fusion Ever and ever, forever and ever you’ll be the one then two
      That shines in me like an hiroshima sun.
      Ever and ever, forever and ever my atomic destiny
      Will follow your half life internally

      uncle arnie never mentions this one.

  • California Dreaming

    @nomade – agree no need to be alarmist, but stockpiling food is not a bad idea esp if you have kids. My baby developed rashes after eating local fruits. What might be marginally tolerable to adults could be extremely deadly to babies given the low body weight. I went out and bought tons of pre 311 seaweed, canned fruits, juice, and grains for my baby; went through the trouble of contacting the food manufacturers and checking dates when food was processed. Did the same for fish oil and supplements. I also suggested on ENE that expecting parents buy pre 311 jars baby food. Sure, the pre311 food will expire at some time, but at least it will give the babies a few years to cope with the onslaught of radioactive particles since our food sources are now compromised. Sadly, the cesium, strontium, etc will remain in our food for long time, just like those long-dated particles are still found in East European mushrooms.

    • Terranigma1

      Midwesterner here and I’ve experienced burning throat, headaches, lack of energy, and want to relate that the outside air just doesn’t seem right.

      I remember a local news story just a few weeks after the reactors blew up. Shocked, shocked that parents were calling and asking questions about giving their children milk. Not to worry, they replied, as these miniscule amounts of radiation in milk will do no harm to your children. Liars, I say.
      Stockpiling food is the way to go.

      If you visit the site you can now post a question to staff memebers. My question — “Why does the EPA refuse to test seafood for radiation in an effort to protect our health?”

  • Rica E

    I mentioned the metallic taste on here 2 months ago and got ridiculed for it. My water is not only metallic smell but feels different as well . My daughter noticed as well. I have been waiting for my filtration from a service here and Its been over 2 months as I assume the guy is handling higher paying customers. What I read somewhere that helped leach the taste and probably the elements out of my mouth was baking soda and salt for brushing teeth. weleda of germany makes that in a pleasant paste. I also am pretty sure that we have colloidal forms of many radioactive metals in this scenario i.e. radioactive lead, cobalt,strontium, look at the list of possibilities….. I was quoted a $600 fee for only testing for strontium 90, caezium 137, and Pu from a private lab in richmond ca. I declined ,and instead was just going to get the filter. Does anyone know if you can pressure or sue a municipality to test and or treat for rad contam?

    • Not sure if you can sue but you should pressure them to test.

      What type of filter system are you waiting for?

      I haven’t heard of any other filter that is designed specifically for radioactive particles besides the TRAP radiation filter, but I heard that U of NC has developed a method now using crustacean shells. Not sure when they may be available to consumers. If I had a metallic taste in my mouth, I’d get a TRAP. Actually, I do have a metallic taste but I think that’s because I went to the dentist today.

  • Elenin Velikovsky

    Lance at the Ready, Extra Knight!
    We are counting on You!
    Fortune Favors the Brave!
    DAMN the Devil!
    Huzzah! Huzzah! HUZZAH!

  • I have a son in Bellingham, WA on the coast. I am going to send him money to at least get some kelp tablets or spirulina. I just bought spirulina today.

  • California Dreaming

    @Rica – Do you have EBMUD if you live near Richmond? While you are waiting for a filter, you might consider getting RO water in bulk at Whole Foods. SF’s Rainbow Grocery used to carry RO in bulk took, but no longer.

  • Granny M

    Cooper Nuclear Station, NB has joined Ft. Calhoun nuke in being threatened by flooding.

  • WinikenekE

    Alo^HAAAAAAA~~~~~ Hi all locals and please pay attention, abroad! yes, there is various levels of radiation, confirmed, by accurate USAF and USN testing. there are a multitude of others, privately testing, with there own gear, that substantiates, already completed mil testing. most of the levels are LOW, but sometimes moderate, across various elevations on the islands. radiation particular to MARCH 22-25TH, was very evident, and the mil had planes up, spraying a unknown chemtrails. perhaps it was for testing the levels of certain kinds of GAS, and other isotopes. i am NOT_ A EXPERT, or a “insider”. but we like Alaska mil and civilians, understand that radiation is on the rise especially in Alaska. Hawaii has it much more dispersed, in lower levels, sometimes wrapping back in the high pressure systems, through the trades. i have personally seen, many different, fascinating cloud shapes, as if the “clouds were alive”, painting themselves! it is quite obvious to see that many new cluds are electrically charged, and moving by , as the entire Pacific basin fills up with ZENON 133, and other radiation pollution. the plants are showing signs of stress, drying out much quicker, and the greens are burning, more than just the “normal chemtrails” we had prior to Fuku. i notice i must water my plants more often, or they wilt and dry up, even in high humidity! yes, there is CESIUM’S AND other radiation, bio accumulating. here i ask, consider copy and pasting, networking this to as many as you can twitter or facebook, please. everyone deserves a chance to help there own health habits, in a challenging time such as this. normally we would expect, with all our taxes paid, that Gov would want to HELP us, with the integrity of the right information, warning the general public, but no. we have a cruel, eugenics administrated system, that is going stealth, even resorting to criminal acts, to suppress and cover up the real data. what can you do for your family, Ohana? go here: . buy the “NUTRIODINE”. it will do wonders for your health, and the bio accumulatin IODINE 131, which is adding up, slowly, in the islands eco and biological systems. stay away* from shellfish! yes, i have tasted a heavy metal tinge and heavier metallic taste, on 2 or 3 occasions, especially since March 23rd. i had metal taste here on Kauai’, only 2 weeks ago, and my energy level droppped flat for @ 12 hrs. it’s obvious. but of course, out own state of Hawaii, is being very quiet about this, as all “some” fascists can think of, is there next big pharma investment, and there next paycheck from those kinds of investors…like more vaccines. obviously people, wake up please, radiation, “irratates and aggravates ALL pathogenic responses, bacterial and viral”. so all your so called “cold symptoms” and beyond that, strong urine, and bladder or kidney infections, are somewhat likely to be rooted from hot particles, that are spreading, mainly through boxes, pallets, and shipping containers, from Seattle WA, and other ports in the orient. Mah^Alo, for your time. MALAMA PONO, NOW GO HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR! SENT WITH LOVE ~~~~~~

  • WinikenekE

    YES! Chlorella powder, spirulina powder IN BULK, tablets, YES YES, very important*! excellent choice! spread these kinds of ideas! save lives!! Mah^Alo’s….~~~~

  • Elenin Velikovsky

    Hey is still the best price for
    bulk spirulina and chlorella?
    I saw that their Chlorella is Korean grown, so don’t know
    if dates will be a problem,
    I need to check. I better go make my
    kale and berries and banana smoothie. with a heaping
    spoon of chlorella powder!

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