Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

E3 09: Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Interview

Capcom's Seth Killian brings the insider info on the game we never thought we'd play

Capcom Senior Community Manager Seth Killian stole some time from his packed E3 schedule last week to relax his feet and join us for a spirited Tatsunoko vs. Capcom jabber-thon. Find out what the game is like, what the developers are up to, who to expect in the roster, and more! Listen in below...

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Jun 8, 2009

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Cyberninja  - 2 years 7 days ago 
i wish it would coming to the ds like in japan ill still buy it though
riodoku79  - 2 years 7 days ago 
@Cyberninja: It's not coming out on the DS anywhere. It's Wii exclusive.
darkvare  - 2 years 7 days ago 
i want rei from evangelion pleaseeeeee
darkvare  - 2 years 7 days ago 
oh and by the way saki was on marvel vs capcom as a suport character
Ramen_Soup  - 2 years 6 days ago 
so this is coming to the U.S?
FalconMbuster  - 2 years 6 days ago 
@darkvare I wasn't aware that Gainax was in anyway related to Tatsunoko.
Japanjack  - 2 years 6 days ago 
@Cyberninja: Lolwut?

recaptcha: "Torment 1954" Eerie. .
FinalGamer  - 2 years 6 days ago 

Especially from the third game, Garr and Ryu double-team!
darkvare  - 2 years 6 days ago 
well they are you learn something new everyday
check the 90 series
Urbansamuri47  - 2 years 3 days ago 
sweeeeeeeeeet. i might dust off my wii for this. thank you sweet jesus capcom and seth. i love you.
jimmy22garcia  - 2 years 3 days ago 
Corsair89  - 2 years 2 days ago 
Looks fantastic. I just hope they don't try to explain why Capcom and Tatsunoko characters are fighting with a horrible story. *cough*MKvsDC*cough*
AntistaIsTheLight  - 2 years 13 hours ago 
@Corsair: Amen man.Amen. But i dont even know what any Tatsunoko characters are. Still excited for the game though.I mean, playing as Mega Man?WIN!!
sk8tingninjainda206  - 1 year 11 months ago 
is it going to come out to the states?
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