Staff Profile

Dr John Francis McCullagh

Senior lecturer
Building: Central Building
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 90 384 257


Background & Qualifications

       BSc Chemistry, QUB 1983
       MSc Analytical Chemistry QUB 1984
       PhD Physical Chemistry QUB 1988
       PGCE QUB 1989
       MEd Educational Management QUB 2004
       Chemistry Teacher 1990-2001
       Head of Chemistry Department 1995-2001


BEd Courses / M-Level Courses / Other Teaching :
             BEd Primary and post-primary Physical Science
             BEd & PGCE Curriculum Studies Science
             BEd Subject application
             M-level Contribute to 'Thinking Skills across the curriculum'


Completed Research
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             Corscadden, F., Bell, I, McCullagh, J. (2010). Teachers reflective practice via video enquiry: the usefulness of peers, teacher mentors and video as a method to enhance the enculturation and reflection of pre-service teachers. Critical and Reflective Practice in Education Vol. 1, Issue 2. University College Plymouth St Mark & St John
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             Burnett,M.G., McCullagh,J.F. (1990) The application of high performance liquid chromatography to analytical problems in the synthesis, substitution and linkage isomerism of cyanocobaltate (III) complexes. Inorg.Chim.Acta, 169(1), 31-37
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             Abou-El-Wafa,M.H.M., Burnett,M.G., McCullagh,J.F.(1986) The relative nucleophilic efficiency of water and the thiocyanate ion in the acid-catalysed substitution of azidopentacyanocobaltate(III) J. Chem Soc. Dalton Trans, 2083-2089
Research Interests
             The use of digital resources within primary science. I am the lead researcher for the DREAMS (Digitally Resourced Engaging And Motivating Science) Project, funded by The AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust
             The role of literacy within science education, particularly at primary level.I am lead person in the 'BASICS Project' (Books And Stories In Children's Science) funded by the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust
             The use of out of school centres within the primary science curriculum
             Curriculum development in Chemistry
             The use of digital cognitive tools in ITE (CETL project)


       Adviser of Studies
       School based work coordinator (Year 2)

External Interests / Community Service

       Member of the local committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry
       Lead organiser and contact person for RSC Analytical Division's 'Schools' Analyst Competition held here in Stranmillis
       Member of local committee of the Association for Science Education (ASE)
       Member of Northern Ireland Science Education Forum (NISEF)