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FAI Awards received by Jon JOHANSON (Australia)

This page presents a chronological summary of all the FAI awards received by Jon JOHANSON (Australia). Click on an award's name in the list below to get more information about that particular FAI Award.

year award (& citation)
2004 The FAI Gold Air Medal
This man is quite exceptional. An apprentice carpenter who became a nurse-midwife, he sacrificed and saved to learn how to fly and eventually became one of the bravest and most adventurous light aeroplane pilots of all time. He is the only person ever to have flown a tiny home-built light aircraft round the world 3 times, west-to-east and east-to- west, and to have over-flown both Poles. Some of the trans-oceanic legs of these flights defy belief. One took over 15 hours. He spent two and a half years and 2000 hours of work building his own Van�s RV-4 aircraft, completing it in 1992. He began setting and breaking FAI World Records in 1994. Currently he holds 47 FAI World Records in Classes C-1B and C-1C. The hard work, meticulous planning, initiative, and commitment he displayed when building his aircraft were rewarded when he flew that tiny aircraft safely over distances and terrains that would challenge the most intrepid and skilful aviators in much larger and better equipped aircraft. His courage, tenacity, and determination to succeed make him a very worthy recipient of the FAI Gold Air Medal in FAI�s centenary year.