GMR-MAHB to takeover airport November
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MALE, July 24, 2010 (HNS) – A consortium of India’s GMR Infrastructure and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) that won the Male International Airport bid will take over the airport’s management earlier than planned, Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) said Saturday.

Managing Director of the company, Ibrahim Mohamed said employees have been informed of the change and they will be transferred to the company to be formed by GMR and MAHB before November.

“[They] are trying to take over the operations before the previously set date. When the company takes over the operations, this company [MACL] will have a few administrative staffs,” he said.

GRM earlier said the company would start managing the airport in March 2011.

Mohamed said MACL would only consist of air traffic controllers and security officers. Security officers will be transferred to Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) next year, he added.

He further noted that the company would only oversee the management of GMR-MAHB.

“Our only task would be to oversee whether the company manages the airport according to the agreement and the company’s management,” he said.

Government signed an agreement to lease Male International Airport for 25 years on June 28. MAHB announced that the construction cost for the airport is about US$373 million.
I. Ahmed ( Hululé )
2010-07-26 17:06:42
And now, we see the pill swallowed by us, poor Maldivians. Can't we do anything against this Indian takeover of our assets? The worse thing there is that it is not with the money of the Indians but with the one of the airlines because what made GRM "win" was the increase of fuel price for aircrafts. Who will want to invest in Maldives resorts anymore with these fuel prices? I am sure that they will rather go to other paradise with no privilege and monopoly!! we should not believe that we are the only nice place for the world tourists and we are making our worst move with this Indian deal... Who will create jobs when tourism is dead? that's what makes me worried...
kipketer ( )
2010-07-26 17:06:45
why would any one talk abt IAS, and their staff. IAS staff would be much more happier to be free from slavery, does any one know how rudely and cruelly the management of IAS treat their staff? Every one thinks that Bangladeshi workers are doing forced labor, but in fact its Maldivians (IAS staff) on their own soil by their own ppl forced to do slave work with minimum wage and rude management.
Ahmed ( Male Airport )
2010-07-25 09:37:49
No one seems to talk on the fate of Island Aviation Ground Handling and Cargo staff. What happens to them.