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A new approach to Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Laura on June 17, 2011

Starting today, you'll notice something new about President Obama's Facebook page and his Twitter account, @BarackObama.

Obama for America staff will now be managing both accounts, posting daily updates from the campaign trail, from Washington, and everywhere in between. You'll be hearing from President Obama regularly, too; on Twitter, tweets from the President will be signed "-BO."

Why make the change?

As the President said when he launched this campaign a few months ago, he's focused on doing the job we elected him to do — so he's counting on all of us to lead this organization from the grassroots up, helping to shape it as it grows.

One way we're putting that idea into practice is by taking the reins of these Facebook and Twitter accounts. This change will give us new opportunities to make the most of these channels, using them not only to report what the President is doing every day but to connect to the millions of supporters who will be driving this campaign. We'll be asking for your feedback and ideas, updating you on ways to get involved, sharing the best stories that cross our desks, and maybe even retweeting you every now and again.

What else should we be keeping in mind as we make this switch? We're hoping you'll tell us. Let us know what you'd like to see on the President's Facebook page and on @BarackObama by shooting us a comment or tweet, or by leaving your thoughts below.


Have You Sent Your RSVP?

Posted by Mary on June 17, 2011
DWB for Blog

Have you replied to your invitation from President Obama for the chance to join him for dinner?

Thousands of folks all over the country have told us why they want to meet the President, like this city employee in Minnesota:

“I am excited for the future and I hope that my donation makes a difference. The ultimate surprise would be having dinner with the President of the United Sates!”

A homemaker in New Jersey told us:

“I would be honored to share this dinner with the President and be given the opportunity to show support and encouragement in some small way. Yes, we all have a story to tell, which is what makes this country so special.”

Don’t forget to send in your RSVP here.

No purchase necessary. Entries must be received by 6/30. Approx. retail value of prize: $1,075. Odds of winning depend on # of entries received. Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Obama for America, 130 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.


“Las Vegas: Hawaii’s ‘Ninth Island’”

Posted by Alex Andresian on June 17, 2011
Alex and Lynette

As an intern during the 2008 election cycle, I learned a great deal about the ability to educate and persuade. My work consisted of calling and canvassing potential voters throughout the day to ensure that each and every one had the right information they needed to support then-Senator Obama. During last week’s summer organizer training, however, I became acquainted with another art form—one-on-one meetings.

“Tell me a little about yourself. What makes you, you?”

Shaking in my chair, nervous about holding my first one-on-one meeting, it took a good amount of effort to put that simple sentence together. Persuading individuals is one thing, but relationship-building is in a world of its own.

“Well, my name’s Lynette and I moved to Las Vegas after living in Hawaii for five years.”

“Hawaii? One of my close friends at Columbia is from there.”

Connection made.

As summer organizers, we are taught to look at each person who walks into the office not as just another volunteer but as someone who can make a difference. Our stories and experiences as volunteers and organizers make up the fabric of our grassroots organization. In these one-on-one conversations, we’re not only finding out more about each other, but also why we've both uttered the words: “I’m in.”

I spent an hour speaking with Lynette about how she could get involved. We soon started thinking about how best to engage the Hawaiian community of Las Vegas. It turns out she knows local Hawaiian radio DJs and a member of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Las Vegas. With one connection, I may have just made dozens more.

“Tell your friend you live on Hawaii’s ‘Ninth Island’," Lynette said as we were leaving. "It’s what Hawaiians call Las Vegas.”

Community organizing at its finest.



June 17, 2011

“It's up to you & me & 1000s of people like us to carry the #Obama2012 message in your area & beyond”—@jeremybird

Photo of the Day—June 16th, 2011

Posted by Mary on June 16, 2011

A new album of official White House photos from May captures moments from the past month of the administration—some serious, some not-so-serious. Take a look as members of the UK Parliament listen to the President's speech at Westminster Hall, President Obama visits families affected by the devastating tornadoes in Missouri, and First Lady Michelle Obama takes part in a Pit Crew Challenge on the White House lawn.