FOX: Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Deaths up 48 percent since radiation levels spiked in tap water (VIDEO)

Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philly?, Fox Philadelphia, June 16, 2011:

A researcher says the death rate among babies is up 48 percent since Iodine-131 was found in Philadelphia’s drinking water [...]

Joseph Mangano is is the executive director of the Radiation And Public Health Project in New York, which is made of up scientists and health professionals. [...]

Mangano said radiation combined with higher levels of iodine the EPAQ found in Philadelphia’s water two months ago may be killing young babies here. [...]

[CDC data] shows an average of five infant deaths a week in the five weeks leading up to the fallout in Japan.

Then, for the 10 weeks after Japan, there was an average of 7. 5. [...]

h/t farawayfan

Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philly?:

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113 comments to FOX: Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Deaths up 48 percent since radiation levels spiked in tap water (VIDEO)

  • farawayfan

    Wow, got this up fast.

    Let’s all hope this might represent the MSM finally starting to acknowledge the enormous radiation burden F.D. has placed upon this planet.

    • farawayfan

      Obviously, rabbit ear loss is a bad sign. Ummmm…human infant mortality rates eclipse that, IMHO.

      • Thank you farawayfan. And I totally agree with you. But these two stories are related as the negative effects of radiation from Fukushima is now starting to be seen on at least two different baby species in general. And it is clear that this is now happening all across the Northern Hemisphere of the world. Many babies were recently killed on the West Coast of the US as well. Most likely, in the near future, more types of baby species that are born deformed or stillborn will be discovered. Following that, 3-5+ years later, ALL species, young and old, will be severely effected. God help us all.

    • Anthony

      Freaky find Rod Fuel … kinda disturbing if true:
      ***Thursday, June 16, 2011
      Three Earless Rabbits Born in China
      Last month a Fukushima Deformed Baby Rabbit w/ No Ears was discovered in the town of Namie just outside the 18-mile exclusion zone of Fukushima’s crippled reactors. Since then, Namie has been identified as a radiation hot-spot.

      Now three baby bunnies with no ears were recently born in China. These rabbits were discovered in Chengkou County, Chongqing Municipality of Southwest China. The earless rabbits have bald heads and gray eyes instead of hairy heads and red eyes. The rabbits’ owner Aunt Geng was interviewed yesterday by CCTV:

      Reporter: “Did the previous rabbits given birth by the same mother rabbit have ears?”

      Aunt Geng: “The previous ones have ears. Only rabbits that were born this time don’t.”***

  • CaliMom

    FINALLY!! Now this will grab people’s attention. Most unfortunately, this will grab people’s attention. :(

    • farawayfan

      I almost couldn’t believe this segment happened, CaliMom! And just after your posts addressing the burden of disbelief we all face daily (yeah, right, I don’t face it simply because I’ve shut up, lol), this pops up on evening news (which was a tangential discovery, I had for a long time been flipping off TV news, given its clear lack of depth).

      I’d like to believe this is the start of real U.S. coverage of this…somehow……

      • CaliMom

        Perhaps the reality of this wil finally cause some renewed interest in this calamity. The words to George Michael’s song, (Praying for Time), keep playing in my head lately.

        ‘What was over there…is over here. And the wounded skies above…say it’s much too late. Well, maybe we should all be praying for time’.

      • Steven

        Australian Channel 9′s 60 Minutes is doing a story on Fuku this coming Sunday. I realise this would be of little interest to non Aussies but it’s definitely another step in the right direction, assuming an unbiased approach by the 60 Minutes team.

  • DarylAnn

    This is horrifying beyond belief. Each day I awake hoping and praying to read something positive but the news grows dimmer…….

    I am beginning to feel as though I’m in a nightmare that I will never escape.

    Prayers to all of the children both here and in Japan…… My heart is heavy and tears are many. Such sorrow

    • farawayfan

      We have only touched our lips upon this cup of woe.

      Such sorrow indeed.

    • Rosie

      Yes. I log onto this site every morning praying for better news but it never happens. 6am in London and as usual no mention on the news. Lives will be devastated, animal life will be devastated and I hope to God just one person in power will have the courage of their convictions to do something, anything. How can the MSM blackout be so total? I’d have said it would be almost impossible to achieve? What’s happened to the curiousity of most people? My tears are many as well this morning for all the innocent children and animals. It’s unbearable.

  • East Coast city’s tap water has highest radiation in US — Philadelphia only .8 pCi/L below EPA’s maximum contaminant level
    April 10th, 2011

    Top Massachusetts health official: Drinking water is ‘pretty safe’ because cities don’t use rainwater as a primary water source
    April 22nd, 2011

    • moonshellblue

      I remember Gov. Corbett stating “We don’t drink rainwater”
      And he’s the one who has brought all the Fracking to our state, tax free. What a guy.

  • patb2009

    what are the numbers for seattle, anchorage and LA?

    If we see a trend there, it’s a lot clearer

    • farawayfan

      Trend may or may not apply. Philly had enormous rain amounts during exactly the period where radioactive iodine what flooding the atmosphere, which is why the concentrations were likely so high, even though it’s farther away than LA, etc.

      Air carries radiation, rain brings it down. Don’t look for obvious inverse square distance relationships in a non-vacuum environment (i.e. earth’s atmosphere)….

    • CaliMom

      If it follows Chernobyl’s infant mortality rate spike in the year following their accident, we’re in for a gruesome year of statistics. Considering Fukushima is of a much greater magnitude of global contamination, the rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deaths can only be higher. It’s going to be a heartbreaking year for many. :(

    • I Think It was on here the other day.

    • arclight

      keep an eye on statistics for diabetes (type 1 i think). the stats for japan rose hugely after the bombs in 1945…very obvious

  • Rica E

    Please note that PA has a very leaky and dangerous nuke plant that has had issues recently and in the past. Refer to key words in enewes. This is likely the reason epa has quit testing and monitoring!

  • maaa

    I think the 5 baby deaths are attributed to radiation as well. Or at least part of it.

  • We will have to see if anyone will bring the numbers out here !

    California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131

  • ZombiePlanet

    As I view this latest arrangement, (assessment) … typo!

    so far I see:

    1. “A researcher says” (no name), *lacking credibility.*

    2. Is “Joseph Mangano” the aforementioned “researcher?”

    3. When did you last hear from the “executive director of the Radiation And Public Health Project…

    in New York,? ! ?”

    Currently I am recalculating the CDC “deaths a week” factor.

    Failed to mention “it” flows downhill.

  • Jebus

    Has anyone else noticed that they have some of the “steam” coming out the top of the hydrogen tower vents now…
    I made a little VB app that can magnify the tepco cam picture from 2% up to 1000%. It pixellates badly at 1000%, but at 600% you can see that they are venting through the three stacks. The first stack has a curious area near the top that you can see without magnifying…

  • SteveMT

    More info about Joe Mangano, epidemiologist. He is legit, IMO.

    From 4/19/11

  • Anthony

    We’re All Mutants: The Average Human Has 60 New Genetic Mutations By Natalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
    Thu, 16 Jun, 2011

    Ironically this was on Yahoo – had to share given our discussions here! Is this damage control via the media or just some random coincidence?

    • Fall out man!

      Each generation carries on average 60 more mutations than the last. The vast majority of those mutations do so little damage that they can never be selected upon, and so just accumulate. So collectively, generation after generation those mutations just build up.

      Eventually as a result of that accumulated decay, mankind will no longer be viable. That goes for all living creatures. Current best guess scientific estimates reckon it would be between 10,000 and 100,000 more years before there is so much accumulated genetic decay that mankind would be unviable. There have been a couple of popular science books written about it. Its one of the dirty little secrets of population genetics. The implication of this is that we started out good, and are decaying. The opposite of what the state religion of evolutionism claims.

      We are all in the bondage of decay, as Genesis says. But to our nuclear scientists who believe in evolution, all this extra genetic mutation can be seen as “just helping us evolve” as opposed to taking us closer to extinction.

      I’ve never heard of a parent leaping for joy and saying “wow, isn’t it wonderful, my earless baby is evolving!”. Nope, funnily enough, I haven’t heard of a case like that yet. Genetic decay is bad, and nuclear accidents increase it.

  • Philadelphia seems to be an unhealthy place to begin with:

    Philly has alternately earned the dubious distinctions of “Fattest American City” (Men’s Fitness Magazine,October 26, 2005) and “Most Depressed American City” (Men’s Health, March 9, 2005).

    These (perhaps undeserved) monikers were assigned by popular men’s magazines, but unhealthy impressions of Philadelphians are bolstered by data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, and the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation.


    the city as a whole compares unfavorably to the US (and to other urban areas) in infant mortality, the rates within Philadelphia range from lows of 0-8 deaths per 1,000 live births in areas of Center City, South Philadelphia, and Northeast Philadelphia to highs exceeding 20 deaths per 1,000 live births in sections of West, Southwest and North Philadelphia. These stark differences are driven in part by well-documented, persistent racial disparities in infant mortality: in Philadelphia, the infant mortality rate is 2.5 times higher in blacks than in whites.

    • Just to note, infant mortality rate (and life expectancy) are key social indicators of health. Philadelphia is sick right now.


      Profound differences in overall health status exist between developed and developing nations. Much of this has to do with the lack of the basic necessities of life (food, water, sanitation, primary health care, etc.) common to developing nations. Yet among developed nations such as Canada, less profound but still highly significant differences in health status indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality, incidence of disease, and death from injuries exist.[38]

      An excellent example is comparison of health status differences and the hypothesized social determinants of these health status differences among Canada, the United States, and Sweden.
      Scholarship has noted that the USA takes an especially laissez-faire approach to providing various forms of security (employment, food, income, and housing) and health and social services while Sweden’s welfare state makes extraordinary efforts to provide security and services.[39][40] The sources of these differences in public policy appear to be in differing commitments to citizen support informed by the political ideologies of governing parties within each nation.[41][42]
      Emerging scholarship is specifically focused on how national approaches to security provision to citizens influence health by shaping the quality of numerous social determinants of health. Nations such as Sweden whose policies reduce unemployment, minimize income and wealth inequality, and address numerous social determinants of health show evidence of improved population health using indicators such as infant mortality and life expectancy.[43] At the other end, nations with minimal commitments to such efforts such as the United States show rather worse indicators of population health.[44]

      Finally, poverty is an especially important indicator of how various social determinants of health combine to influence health. Using child – that is family – poverty rates as an important social determinants of both child and eventual health, Canada does not fare well in relation to European nations.

      • Also touches on how governing ideology affects the health of societies – with infant mortality a main indicator.

        This might be unscientifically summarized as:

        U.S.: doesn’t care
        Canada: doesn’t care
        Sweden: cares alot

        In other words, the land of Puritans and Bible thumpers are all words and no action. Really more devoted to liberal individualism (looking out for #1) than each other.

        This will compound the crisis as it continues.

        • BetaFlare

          Sweden Cares?! LOL

          Yes, the socialist utopia cares by even taxing over 100%, filling cities with sharia-diseased honor killers

          • Well, I was going to mention the taxes ….

            (at least they get something for their taxes).

            Sharia-killers or liberal democratic killers = killers. We know who the real terrorists are (it is us).

          • BetaFlare


            Swedish society is 100% sick; all you see is a pohotoshopped kenyan birth fucushite -version…

            Real terror – prog rammed for yall ppl who close the eyes, eta MSM 24/7.

            The ism is the most brilliant way to reap all gold teeth century after century.
            heres the main player, fmr Degesh AG gas salesman to Adolphs gaschambers – now elevatd into SAINT-status. (Gas-Saint?)

            The god of science helps his deeds very much so please, at laaaast chekc this repost issues

          • mikael

            Are you from Sweden, or are you just full of shitt.
            Tax, shittheads in a “comiandmuslimterroristloving schumbags country” like Norway. In a ordynary income is on 33%, thats it, in Norway you can live respectably on just one income, shitthead.
            The same in Sweden, just lower awerage income than Norway, some procents higher tax, but living is cheeper.

            What else rubbich do you have, and enlighten us with about Sweds, are you a “freind of Israel”.
            By the way.
            And to this racistic bull about muslim invasion, jesus, 80 000 imigrants mainly from countrys, we are bombing in our “war on terror”, and now they are been marginalized and hated.
            They dint start anything, shitthead, we started everthing incl. this event.
            Just waiting for the right waccoes to blame it on the Muslims, are you one of them, shitthead.

            “Nothing happens until something moves.”
            — Albert Einstein

          • BetaFlare

            Keep yours, Facts kill the stink from eurabi-malmö

   = ●

            ● /watch?v=_cFT3P4msOw
            ● /watch?v=6Ky7HZ-guR0
            honor killings
            ● /watch?v=XolQyKdyV0w
            ● /watch?v=y-SowWl_Oyk
            ● /watch?v=epyMUKF6oPs
            Vain muslimi voi olla syytön
            ● /watch?v=ky57zbSM_YY
            ● /watch?v=tniZoayKr20
            Mitä lännen tulee tietää (1/13)
            ● /watch?v=sbLfpqBx2TU
            Belgium the death of a nation
            ● /watch?v=bWTtMDI7GJU
            ● /watch?v=wRnP-XzB_U0
            ● /watch?v=AFAkmsszTD8
            The Stoning of Soraya M.; Trailer
            ● /watch?v=gHnv6I-Gvis
            Florida Security Council
            ● /watch?v=iTuGpkvy-rg
            ● /watch?v=2xL70DOh6G8

            …plus 1000 more. But will those help? No….

  • That each of us has mutations is not new news. Making this well known information into “news” is what makes it propaganda…

    Most of our DNA coding sequence is the same across all humans. 99.9% of one individual DNA sequences will be identical to that of another person. Of the 0.1% difference, over 80%” will be SNPs.

    An SNP is a single base substitution of one nucleotide for another, as illustrated by the polymorphism A/G across the two possible sequences GAACCT in person A and the sequence GAGCCT in person B. The difference between an SNP and a genetic “error” is decided by the frequency of the variation across the population.

    Although genetic errors or mutations are not uncommon, they can be detrimental.

    Children with autism have been found to have more than the average amount of micro-deletions in their DNA strands.

    Ionizing radiation is known to create problems with DNA replication and one typical error is microdeletion. Too tired to post cites…

  • I would like to re-post a comment found at common dreams explaining the role of radiation in cancer. I am not familiar with this explanation but found it fascinating.

    COMMENT BY “mcsandberg1″
    The main cause of most cancers in humans is upregulated tyrosine kinase enzymes. This is established scientific fact in the biological sciences. I don’t have the link now but you can google upregulated TKE and it’s all there.

    According to the offical documentation on ARS (acute radiation sickness), radiation from radionuclides causes UPREGULATED TKEs.

    So, you want scientific detail? Here it is:

    For what it’s worth, here’s a very brief layout of how radiation (the medical literature DOES NOT specify any level beyond the ability to ionize) produces cancer.

    Every cell needs energy to live. That energy comes in the form of ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). No ATP equals DEATH. Now there’s a family of proteins called tyrosine kinase enzymes that regulate ATP phosphorilation. They are immensly important to life. ATP is the energy package but tyrosine kinase enzymes do the leg work.

    Radiation upregulates tyrosine kinase enzymes (TKEs). The upregulated TKEs then “forget” to tell cells when to die (failng to activate by signaling pathways which deny cells of ATP and trigger apoptosis -cell death) so cells don’t die when they should and simultaneously “encourages” cell multiplication by putting the pedal to the metal on phosphorilation (lots of ATP energy). And so, the host gets tumors. Many cancers — leukemia, breast, lung, malignant melanoma, to name a few — contain mutations in tyrosine kinase enzymes that result in unregulated cell growth. A major breakthrough in cancer treatment was the development of Imatinib, marketed as Gleevec, which inhibits these tyrosine kinases, halting cancer growth. However, the cells do not die, but persist in a quiescent state, allowing some cancerous cells to evolve resistance to the drug and reemerge. Translation, poor prognosis.

    Malfunctioning TKEs in Leukemia, for example, are associated with cancer of the immune system.

    Please understand, the very basis of life is ATP phosphorilation. You cannot even twitch your eyelid without phosphorilation.

    All those cancers take time to develop. I am NOT talking about ARS (Acute Radiation Sickness) here. At the low and medium radiation levels, the attack is insiduous. At high levels, DNA disorganization is so horrendous that the cells in the bone marrow cannot produce red blood cells at sufficient quantities to prevent anemia and the several types of neutrophils in the immune system stop being made too. This leaves the person wide open to death by trauma or infection. It is not widely discussed, but radiation exposure combined with trauma multiplies the possibility of morbidity.


  • Noah

    I mourn for these lost lives.

    I lost my sister to radiation exposure. She was three months in the womb, and the doctors x-rayed my mother. They were wondering why she had nausea. After birth, on her third year of life my sister developed radiation induced leukemia. She died three years later at age 6.

    The truth

    The top cat ordered radiation testing stand-down, allowed free shipment of radioactive food, and the censorship of information and public health measures that could have saved these lives. This blood is on his hands. You all are witnesses. Do all you can to stop the killing. First protect your family, then friends and community.

    • Fall out man!

      Very sorry to hear what happened to your sister. That should be something others can learn from, appreciated the information.

      I second your comment about blood on the hands of our leaders. No testing in my country (NZ) as well. Japanese noodles, rice, and condiments are still being sold here. Second hand Japanese cars are still being sold here in large numbers with no testing. It will cost some people their lives. Tragic, and totally avoidable. But to stop those imports would cost influential people money.

      • Noah

        Thank You Fall out man,

        Our families experience with radiation effecting the developing human fetus is telling. May the readers benefit from our families tragic experience.

        Fall out man, can you imagine the numbers of pregnant females and their babies who are now being exposed to internal emitters right at this moment?

        Can you imagine the number of future mothers, who are having their ovaries which contain eggs, now being irradiated by internal emitters?

        If their babies come to term, and are born, like my sister, leukemia may develop within a 2 to 6 year window. I have seen the medical studies that have validated and confirmed the relation of fetal exposures and leukemia during early childhood.

        I have called this the Genetic Holocaust.

        I hear the cries of millions of mothers, weeping for their children.

  • Godzilla

    Concerning Philly, it’s important to remember that they already had high radiation levels before Fukus (probably waste discharge from cancer treatment centers illegally dumped into the rivers), so that was added on to it. Also, they’re in coal country and probably still use a lot of coal for power, and that’s a bigger source of radioactive fallout than an ordinary nuclear reactor.

    Concerning the mutant rabbit, well that one of itself means nothing. Any farmer or rancher can tell you that mutations happen occasionally. However the ones in China are starting to raise a red flag …… it would be good to keep an eye out for an elevated level of mutations.

    I don’t think people will start freaking out about Fukus unless something that happens giving people actual direct radiation poisoning in Tokyo. Elevated risks of cancer just aren’t scary to people, look at how many still smoke which is right now a vastly more potent carcinogen than Fukus fallout. Look at how many people still live downwind of Hanford and other Superfund toxic sites, or downwind of coal plants. Really, people just don’t give a shit about elevated risks, it has to be an explosion or a levee breaking and drowning people downstream, a tornado smashing up the town …… even then, people still live in tornado and hurricane hotspots like New Orleans.

  • BetaFlare

    Forget 99% of the science god’s “benefits” for human genome, dont speak of the half time of

    cobalt-60 5.3 years
    cesium-137 30.0 years
    strontium-90 29.1 years
    plutonium-239 24,065 years
    cesium-134 2.1 years
    plutonium-240 6,540 years
    plutonium-241 14.4 years
    iodine-129 15,700,000 years
    antimony125 2.8 years
    plutonium238 87.7 years
    promethium147 2.6 years
    europium154 8.8 years
    europium155 5 years
    silver110m 249.9 d
    krypton85 10.7 years
    uranium238 4,470,000,000 years
    americium241 432.3 years
    molybdenum99 66.0 h
    neptunium237 2,140,000 years
    tin126 10,000 years
    iron55 2.7 years
    uranium235 703,800,000 years
    technetium99 213,000 years
    europium152 13.3 years
    samarium151 90 years
    uranium236 23,400,00 years
    silver 108m 127 years
    plutonium236 2.9 years
    curium244 18.1 years
    plutonium242 376,000
    americium243 7,380 years
    uranium234 244,500 years
    zirconium93 1,530,000 years
    nickel63 96 years
    tritium (H3) 12.4 years
    carbon14 5,730 years
    curium243 28.5 years
    tin121m 55 years
    niobium94 20,300 years
    holmium166m 1,230 years
    protactinium231 32,760 years
    nickel59 75,000 years
    niobium93m 13.6 years
    thorium228 1.9 years
    actinium227 21.8 years
    curium245 8,500 years
    samarium147 106,000,000,000 years
    thorium230 77,000 years
    beryllium10 1,600,000 years
    curium246 4,730 years
    thorium229 7,340 years
    krypton81 210,000 years
    thorium232 14,050,000,000 years
    indium115 500,000,000,000,000 years
    lead210 22.3 years
    radium226 1,600 years
    gadolinium152 108,000,000,000,000 years
    radium228 5.8 years
    curium248 339,000 years
    californium249 350.6 years

    …but babble day in/out of the minuscle vanishing rad benefits of
    zirconium-95 64.0 days, xenon-133 5.3 days, iodine-131 8.0 days or iodine-132 2.3 hours …

  • If anyone is following the issue with the rigged Tepco webcam i have posted a third video that proves that the crane shown on Tepco cam yesterday is not the huge floating rig caught on TBS / JNN.


    Fukushima: It’s much worse than you think
    Scientific experts believe Japan’s nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public.

  • Godzilla

    Oh, in my post above, it may have looked like I was trivializing the effect of the Fukus fallout, but what I meant to say is that it added quite a lot to an already big burden.

  • Darth

    Japan has a long history of recording data on everything – including birth & death statistics.

    Why are we not seeing similar data coming out of the HOT SPOT itself?

    Could it be cover-up?

  • chemfood

    for the children who aren’t dead yet …. there is pre-fukushima powdered milk out there. i use my dehydrator at 115 degrees and my yogurt comes out like magic

  • tony wilson

    remember the japan explosion all those months ago says msm…

    who said.
    we will keep you informed,you should know what i know.
    no need to do anything this is safe he said.

  • Mr Dead Guy

    ALERT – This story has been pulled from Fox News. I captured the webpage but was unable to capture the actual video. As a person who lives in Philadelphia and works in an outpatient pediatric clinic I am shocked and appalled. I consider this proof that the MSM coverup of this story is intentional. How can we protect children and ourselves without information?

  • Mr Dead Guy

    Glad to see that enenews captured the video portion of this report. But as I reported the actual webpage has been pulled from the site. Nothing to see here move along now….

    • Kay

      Every time MSM reports on Fuku, the site miraculously disappears a short time later. I have seen this over and over now.

      It’s getting to the point where the way this is being handled is bothering me almost as much as the problem itself. I am not only concerned but I am also in the dark.

      They can’t scrub the entire internet. We have to keep mirroring these links as we find them.

      Watching this cover up unfold before my eyes has really challenged my thinking about how I receive information.

      I am now re-evaluating all the stories I once dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories.’

  • sweet pea

    about a week ago I got an email sent from Berkeley asking me to log in on June 8th and “be screened in case I have to pick up antibiotics for an anthrax [or other such] epidemic
    this might be closer to revealing the true crisis:

    “Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?


    U.S. babies are dying at an increased rate. While the United States spends billions on medical care, as of 2006, the US ranked 28th in the world in infant mortality, more than twice that of the lowest ranked countries. (DHHS, CDC, National Center for Health Statistics. Health United States 2010, Table 20, p. 131, February 2011.)

    The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) ..” read the rest here}

  • Gazzo

    It’s the collective connection of the whole planet, that can save the earth as we know it.

  • shockwave

    what about other places?

    seattle, SF, LA, … NY?

  • alasanon

    Boston took a hit! I’ve been watching the Jet Stream and lately it skewers New England. Why do so many of my favorite places have to get bombed out like this? The Pacific NW, Canada, Philly, Mass? UGH. Tokyo?…never been, but I can only imagine.

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