“Huge spike” in US infant mortality in the four months after Chernobyl vs. Is “dramatic increase” in US baby deaths a result of Fukushima Fallout? (VIDEO)

FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT -- Lessons from Chernobyl, March 18, 2011:

At 15:40 in, Huge spike in US infant mortality in the four months after Chernobyl

See also: Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?

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30 comments to “Huge spike” in US infant mortality in the four months after Chernobyl vs. Is “dramatic increase” in US baby deaths a result of Fukushima Fallout? (VIDEO)

  • SteveMT

    What is the infant mortality in Japan?
    Where are their numbers?

  • Rica E

    Being right (correct) has never been so wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarylAnn

    anyone think this will be reported in the MSM?

    what’s going on here? meltdowns still in progress, infant moralities increasing on the west coast, food & water contamination on the whole northern hemisphere, big problems with the Ft Calhoun reactor yet our government and media remain silent…..

    when will they begin to warn the public? what will it take to wake people up?

    • jwfuki

      My guess, is that the gubbamint WON’T!!!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi DarylAnn,

      Don’t forget about the Gulf Disaster and how that is/was taken care of.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Then on top of everything, we have the economy. People out of work..losing homes..high cost of everything even medical care…cutting costs for our education for our future adults.
        Seniors, child, and the people who need help, they want to cut those benefits, when they really need more just to live.

        Our officials sit back with their health spas, all their perks, high tech nuclear bomb shelters, and so on and so on.

        The rate this is going with all this nuclear, hazard materials, biochemical’s, germ bugs they have created, war, terrorists acts, the earth is going to turn into a waste land and they will close the doors while safe in their new habitats.

        Time for all Countries to be responsible adults to work together trying to fix what we did to this earth and help each other. Hate, lies, and chaos needs to end, there are more important matters at hand here.

    • sorry charlie

      When Linsey Lohan joins the Church. Stop waiting…start moving!

  • kx

    my 3 months old daugther thanks tepco, the nuclear power lobby and the rest of the scumbags for this nice perspective

  • Steven

    A modern day ‘canary in the mine’ story. Maybe this time around someone should collect all the dead birds (and fish?) and drop them off somewhere ‘prominent’.

  • jwfuki

    Anyone seen the live feed fox lately?

  • moonshellblue

    I saw him a few days ago movin mighty slow. I don’t think he’s feelin good.

  • Rica E

    Thankyou Whoopie!

  • alasanon

    Proud that 5 (!) beautiful wild baby finches were born healthy & nurtured right after the Fukushima blasts under the enclosed, protected rafters of my deck! :) I hope they are doing well out in the neighborhood. I will put out more uncontaminated water & bird food now!…
    These scientific findings are stunning!! (wow)

    • Rica E

      I have been feeding juvenile ravens for years. They hang in gangs for a while till they form mated pairs. I have not seen my crew for about a week now. Ravens are pretty smart , and I hope they headed inland which is what I will do very soon!

  • Bud Tierney

    Re’ spike: There is at least one small book on this subject, probably (from memory) tracking the nuke testing programs fallout clouds. I may have it noted somewhere; if I find it I’ll post it.
    IIRC, it has some tables on “premature deaths” above the norms, and may include illnesses above norms as well. Bud

  • I am interested now in the relationship between autism and ionizing radiation.

    I found research documenting that a particular kind of cell, a form of NK cell, critical for the immune system is especially susceptible to ionizing radiation.

    The particular NK cell at issue has been implicated in at least 1 study on autism.

    I’m a social scientist, not a biological researcher, but I hope to help put some of these relationships together for future research…

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Majia,

      I can tell by reading your posts that you must be intelligent. Nothing worth doing, is ever easy. Good luck in your research, you can do this.

  • shaktasna999

    I sincerely hope everyone is cross posting to the MSM. Yahoo,google,msn,CNN,Fox, local radio and TV stations etc needs to have Enenews mentioned in every single comment.

    I set my yahoo messenger status to http://www.enenews.com to make sure people check in here at least once a day.

    A formal statement to the government needs to be made now asking what did they know and how much did they know.

    I personally know of one baby coming into the world this year. If I find out The MSM burial has contributed to so much as one child being in a hospital for health issues from Fukushima water there is going to be a serious,serious problem.

  • Rica E

    I would ask everyone to contribute at least one task to initiate themselves as the adult cogniscenti of our time .

  • Steven

    The ’60 Minutes’ team are covering Fuku this coming Sunday 19th June on channel 9 here in Australia. Might be worth a look for the Aussies, and interesting that the MSM is starting to run with the story again.

    Also found this RT Moscow interview informative:


    ‘Fukushima media cover-up – PR success, public health disaster’

  • Fall out man!

    I urge people to take the time to watch that video right through. The implications of it are huge. Tens of thousands of unborn babies, will miscarry or be still born as a result of Fukushima in the USA alone. Then 9 months after the major radiation release, there will be another spike.

    Governments around the world are not ignorant of that. It is not the first time it has happened. It has happened after every major radioactive release. The Nuke testing of the 50′s, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima.

    The other interesting thing the professor points out is that a book has been written about it pointing out that after each major incident like this in the USA, huge revisions are made to births and death data. Normally small revisions are made, but the revisions for example after Chernobyl increased recorded births by 40,000 or so. Hmmmmm…. The professor could not say it on video, but I can in an anonymous chat room. Its an obvious cover up.

    The professor also points out the Petakau effect (pardon spelling) Small doses of radiation do far more damage than one would expect compared to large doses. All radiation does damage, and its the internal radiation taken in from food and breathing that is the big problem.

    Watch the video and … Wake up!!!!

  • tony wilson

    mox (plutonium) in america.

    for you obama loving tax payers.


  • farawayfan

    Ok, this link is to a major U.S. affiliate of FOXNEWS reporting on infant mortality in PHILADELPHIA. Jesus, this site freaks out over partial quotes from random scientists.

    Or maybe everyone just likes only obscure sources?

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