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Semenex sweetens the taste of semen. Unlike Semenax, whose product name was so obviously plagiarized from our own and whose claims to increasing semen volume are wholly unverified and unsubstantiated, Semenex is media-tested and proven to sweeten the flavor of cum.

The Patented Powder Drink for Men Proven to Sweeten Semen

nciently, semen was revered as the magical "Elixir Vitae," offering healing and rejuvenation to the adoring female devotees who drank regularly from the male "fountain."  

Today, sex research has proved that healthy semen actually possesses "as-yet unknown properties" that provide females with truly
"wonderful health benefits."

Remarkably, our erotic ancestors had it right all along.  

Now... if only it tasted better.

Ancient Semen-Sweetening Secrets Discovered

Anciently, men would first "make (their) milk sweet" in preparation of their lovers' oral attentions by using a pre-Sumerian formulation of certain reputed semen-sweetening ingredients.

Through extensive research into the original ancient texts of these erotic cults, the optimal semen-sweetening formulation was ultimately discovered then concentrated for even greater effect, and finally patented for use in the Modern Age.

Times More
Concentrated than in Nature

Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry, Broccoli, and Celery at nine times their normal concentrations together with 3 essential spices
and a select blend of vitamins and minerals, Semenex is the first and only all-natural, patented shake mix for men
that really sweetens semen --
and in only 24 hours!

To equal just the pineapple found in a single serving of Semenex, you would need to drink seven 8 oz. glasses of pineapple juice !

And after all that, you still would not have all the other essential ingredients essential to ensuring the very best-tasting semen possible, as only Semenex can. 

And you don't have to take our word for it. We have the independent Media tests to prove it.

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"Semenex is where to go for delicious sperm guaranteed. Finally, an answer to the 'I don't like the taste' argument."
MAXIM  Magazine                    (March 2002, Dec. 2000)  


How Does Semenex, Itself, Taste?

"(Semenex) tastes a lot like liquid pumpkin pie. I was really surprised!"

Rex Gabriel
"2 Guys in the Morning"
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 Putting Semenex to the Ultimate Test... in the Media

Magazines, Television, Radio -- all continue to request, sponsor, and conduct their own completely independent tests and reviews of Semenex.

Semenex Media Coverage Highlights
(and not a single ad among them)


DISCLAIMER: As with all forms of unprotected sex, the ingestion of semen can result in the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV.  Semenex(TM) makes no claim to help prevent the transmission of any STD.


Though Semenax has so obviously named their product after our own, Semenax does not and cannot do for semen what only Semenex can. Do not be fooled... Semenax is no Semenex. And only Semenex gives men the great taste women love!



The Truth is Out There...  and The Truth Won Out

On 10/29/2004, Osama bin Laden threatened to attack any U.S. State that voted for Bush. Yet despite Michael Moore and bin Laden, the American people saw through the lies and threats of its enemies and refused to back down. Instead, both were sent the strong message that the War on Terror will continue until all who deliberately target the innocent and defenseless are, themselves, targeted and brought to justice.

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